Art in Second Life 2020 (21) Mario Helstein’s Spring Lightshow 2020

I visit Mario Helstein (Mario2 Helstein)’s lightshows, whenever it fits into my Second Life and I wrote already blogposts about them, for example about the Easter Light Show in 2018 (read here). As briefly mentioned in the Diary post for March 22nd/23rd (read here) I visited Mario’s Spring lightshow with slave Gwendi on Sunday, March 22nd. And of course I took quite some pictures again!

It was a fantasic show and Mario added new elements (at least for me) like projected figures dancing together – impressive. The light effects do fit to the selected music, which was not only intrumental this time but also included one of my favourite songs “Bridge over troubled water”.

Impressions of Mario2 Helstein’s Spring Lightshow 2020 (1)

But pictures can never replace seeing Mario’s show life as the 3rd dimension and the music is missing. The 2D pictures can turn out being very artful though – a moment of the fleeting virtual light art captured in a picture, unique in itself and hard to reproduce.

Impressions of Mario2 Helstein’s Spring Lightshow 2020 (2)

The lightshows, at least the last ones that I visted were presented at the Theatre on the Hill in Second Life. The Spring lightshow 2020 was very well attended, actually all seats were taken, more than 80 people were there. There was a wesite of the Theatre on the Hill but it is no longer active and I didn’t find a new link.

The best way to get a notice about Mario’s lightshows is to visit his store in Second Life named M2D and to join his group [M2D] Creations (link only within Second Life). Alternatively you can follow Mario on facebook.

Impressions of Mario2 Helstein’s Spring Lightshow 2020 (3)

Fortunately there are people who take videoclips or record the whole lightshow and upload it to youtube. I found a clip of the Spring lightshow 2020 recorded by Mohini MofuL that provides a good impression and is a real teaser not to miss the next event.

And if you want to see more, the video taken by Peter Auer shows the complete show. Enjoy!

Don’t miss the next Lightshow – whenever it is presented *winks*
Many thanks to Mario – I enjoyed your show!

Spring lightshow 2020 videoclip by Mohini MofuL
Spring Lightshow 2020 videoclip full show by Peter Auer
Mario2 Helstein’s shop inworld
Mario2 Helstein’s group [M2D] Creations (link only within Second Life)
Mario2 Helstein on fb


Simploring 2017 (44) – Light Thoughts 3

I had a look at the Second Life Destination guide again to select where to go this time. I decided to visit Light Thoughts 3, a combined art installation by Jo Williams and Mario2 Helstein within the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) program. The two installations are adjacent and have one shared landing point and flow smoothly into each other. The Light Thoughts 3 installation of Jo Williams is on LEA 20 and the installation of Mario2 Helstein is on LEA 21. Looking at Jo’s and Mairo2’s profiles I learned that they are partnered and are both creative minds, hence the combined realisation of their art.

Both art installations work with mesh forms, fantasy plants and animals, with light and light effects, particles and colours. I started with LEA 20 by Jo Williams. It is described as “a dark sim, expressing the feminine experience and principles -flow, darkness, power, wisdom, beauty, abundance, romance, seduction, love and destruction using shapes and lights with mythical and spiritual symbology…and pose balls (ha!).
The setting of LEA 20 is more on the ground and doesn’t go up into the sky like LEA 21. You walk over water or fluids in different colours in which geometric forms and fountains of particles and flowers are embedded like flowerbeds. Some flowers are recognisable like roses and mushrooms, others are jsut fantasy. A little brigde from one bed to another give the impression to be in a garden. In the dark sky there’re spheres looking like planets. Most impressive are the colours and the lights. It is like being in an explosion of colours. Just wonderful and a paradise for those who like to catch the impressions in pictures like I do.
Poseballs? I only found a pair of poseballs for dancing, but perhaps I wasn’t attentive enough as my attention was caught by the colours.

June 6th – Impressions of Leicht Thoughts 3 (LEA 20)

LEA 21 by Mario2 Helstein is described as “an exhibition of mesh and prim forms, lights, effects and innovative scripting. This LEA sim is a stimulating example of artistic creation and technical scripting and innovation in Second Life“. Although both art installations mrege into each other it is clearly different. LEA 21 is has higher forms that reach far up into the sky. There’s also a ceiling buildt of geometrical forms. You can recognize statues, big sculpture of large animals, an octupussy like animal with long tentacles flaots through the room. There’re two ballons with invite to take a ride (for me just one worked and the tour was just a short hop from one spot to another, not what I expected). LEA 21 is coined by these artful sculptures. Some of them are embedded in large grids or surrounded by light effects and particles. There’s also a control panel at one of these sculptures where you can selected about 20 different particle effects. Every viewing angle at LEA 21 provides another experience of light, beams, scupltures and effects.

June 6th – Impressions of Leicht Thoughts 3 (LEA 21)

And why is it Light Thoughts 3? Because Light Thoughts was an art installation back in 2015 and Light Thoughts 2 in 2016 – I didn’t see them unfortunately. That’s the downside of virtual art, it is temporary. You can capture some impressions with pictures like I do but the three dimensional experience can’t be reproduced.

I don’t know how long Light Thoughts 3 will stay open. So it you want to see it, you shouldn’t wait until next year. There are events held at LEA 20 / 21. To get more information you have to join the M2D creations group to find out when awesome Events, Light Shows & parties are on.
Mario2 Helstein also has a store inworld (M2D) where you can purchase particles and light effects, if you want to create your own colourful light show.

Thank you Jo Williams and Mario2 Helstein for this art installion. I enjoyed a colourful hour at LEA 20 / LEA 21

Landmark to LEA 20 / LEA 21
Mario2 Helstein’s shop inworld