Art in Second Life (2)

Dragon Curves by Mac Kanashimi

Dragon Curves by Mac Kanashimi

Again an entry in the “Living in a Modemworld”-blog brought me to visit an other LEA sim. This time it is LEA26 – Dragon Curves. The Dragon Curves exhibit showcases sim-wide variations of dragon curve art. The spectacular script-controlled dragon curve landscape changes continuously. Dragon Curves is Mac Kanashimi’s largest work until now. The project will be online until June 30th.

I’m not a mathematician. The learn more about the algorithm behind this kind of art, look it up at
Being at the sim you are surrounded by colourful blocks that change, raise, decrease, appear and disappear. You can walk upstairs to the top of it and downstairs. As the creator notices, there are 108 Kilometers (!) of walkable Dragon curves. Considering that is changes permanently, my impressions of Mac Kanashimi’s art are unique.

It’s another prove of what Second Life can provide regarding digital art.
Thank you Mac Kanashimi!

Dio's visit to Dragon Curves by Mac Kanashimi

Dio’s visit to Dragon Curves by Mac Kanashimi