Simploring 2017 (40) Another World

Saturday, May 27th, late afternoon, I decided to make a simploring tour. I picked “Another World by Solkide Auer” from the Second Life desination guide. The title already reveals a lot about this simploring tour. I went into another world, created by Solikide Auer. He writes about himself: “I’m italian  and I am a citizen of SecondLife. Everybody has a dream and I can give a form to your dream as I am a builder and artist too, as I create sculptures.” The landmark description gives more information: “Another World is a flight in a pure geometric ambient where shapes and colours try to give a momentary lapse of relax. Nothing else than stay in peace with yourself.
Another World consists of different geometric forms piled up into the height. The forms are all different, stars, spheres, spirals, cubes, bows and grids. There no sky, the enviroment is black and dark and all forms are artificially illuminated in different and constantly changing colours. No viewing angle, no colour composition can be easily reproduced. Everyone sees another world different, as a personal expierence. There are 3 ways to explore Another World. You can take a little  spaceship, a flying sofa which will lift you up to the top of Another World and back down. This roundtrip takes about 15 minutes. During the flight up and down you can relax, enjoy the lights, the different impressions, you fly peacefully through space, time, lights and forms. You get views from inside of the geometric forms as well as from outside. The second way exploring is taking one of the seven doors next to where you land. Each door teleports you to another part of Another World from where you can walk or fly around and enjoy the view. And the third way to explore it is to simply fly.
I was very impressed by Another World. Of course I took tons of pictures, so what I selected for this entry is just a small excerpt, a teaser. It is another way to relax. I visited already many lovely sims, where you just relax by admiring the (virtual) nature. Another World is also very relaxing and peaceful. In particular the flying sofa tour provides great impressions that you can simply enjoy without being activ.
Thank you Solkide for your artful installation. I enjoyed it a lot.
If you want to see more of Solikide visit his blog Solkide Auer, where you can learn more about him and his art. There are also some videos (taken within Second Life) to watch in this blog.
Landmark to Another World by Solkide Auer
Solkide Auer’s blog

Art in Second Life (2)

Dragon Curves by Mac Kanashimi

Dragon Curves by Mac Kanashimi

Again an entry in the “Living in a Modemworld”-blog brought me to visit an other LEA sim. This time it is LEA26 – Dragon Curves. The Dragon Curves exhibit showcases sim-wide variations of dragon curve art. The spectacular script-controlled dragon curve landscape changes continuously. Dragon Curves is Mac Kanashimi’s largest work until now. The project will be online until June 30th.

I’m not a mathematician. The learn more about the algorithm behind this kind of art, look it up at
Being at the sim you are surrounded by colourful blocks that change, raise, decrease, appear and disappear. You can walk upstairs to the top of it and downstairs. As the creator notices, there are 108 Kilometers (!) of walkable Dragon curves. Considering that is changes permanently, my impressions of Mac Kanashimi’s art are unique.

It’s another prove of what Second Life can provide regarding digital art.
Thank you Mac Kanashimi!

Dio's visit to Dragon Curves by Mac Kanashimi

Dio’s visit to Dragon Curves by Mac Kanashimi