Art in Second Life 2022 (76) Ambre Singh’s Past Masters gallery

I got an invitation to see a new exhibition of Ambre Singh in her town gallery at Noir’Wen city: “Past Masters”. The invitation was quite well made. I was a HUD with quite some menu entries for landmarks also to her main gallery and to The Pink Dildo Museum, her biography, something about the exhibition and other links, like Ambre Singh’s own webpage, her store on the marketplace and her flickr page.

When I got the invitation I already had an idea what to expect as I have seen quite some of Ambre’s erotic and witty pictures. But let’s start with the text about the exhibition:

Look at the picture on the left. The original picture is also called “Prayer” and is be William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 – 1905). There’s a little extra though – a pink dildo in the left hand of one of the nuns.

Ambre Singh’s town gallery at Noir’Wen City

Ambre Singh’s town gallery at Noir’Wen City extends over 3 floors and is really packed with pictures. I didn’t count them but there are about 30 – 40 pictures to see. Even a tourist is there and takes picture of the pictures.

All pictures are based on real paintings and for every picture Ambre provides the visitor with the information who painted the orginal and often where the original is exhibited (in RL). Ambre’s particular style and wit is that she sees what might be hidden in these (for most people of today) boring paintings – or what might be added to them to transfer them into today.
Each and every picture is fun – and most are quite explicit. I was in particular excited about “The Mesh Body Clinic”, how funny. Or look at the crashed Icarus, a painting Ambre named “The paracute didn’t work”.

Impressions of Ambre Singh’s Past Maters (1)

Ambre Singh is in Second Life for over 15 years. She writes about herself:
‘It is your mind that creates this world’, said Buddha.
All you do in SL will subtlely change you and others in all worlds. So in my life and art, I thrive to add my spice, beauty and love.
I photograph people of character in beautiful places of SL or in studio. Sometimes, I create thematic images in SL, or I mix worlds… If the harvest is good, I make an exhibition.
Colorful or discrete, tender or erotic, my photos try to express the life and the soul of the people and places.

Impressions of Ambre Singh’s Past Maters (2)

I had fun visiting Ambre Singh town gallery Noir’Wen with her private collection of “Past Masters” and to get the real gist behind the classic paintings. Enjoy your visit yourself.

Landmark to Ambre Singh town gallery Noir’Wen
Landmark to Ambre Singh Main Gallery
Ambre Singh’s flckr
Ambre Singh Marketplace
Ambre Singh website