Diary 2022 (102) July 23rd/24th Missing Mistress Jenny (1)

Saturday, july 23rd, I found an offline message from slave Holly in my messages. She had been inworld and enjoyed just being in her personal room and watching the slideshow that we had installed there on the occasion of her first collaring anniversary.
slave Holly wrote: “My addiction, the sign, the bells, everyday my place as Maurer’s slave is re-affirmed. I love it, I need it, I cannot imagine life any other way.
Thank you slave Holly!
Our Kitty was inworld as well but had to leave. She reported that she’s doing well and that she is (once again) in a prison. It seemed to me that she’s having fun.

July 23rd: slave Holly at home

I had a strange time in Second Life on Saturday. I was inworld quite a lot roaming from one place to the other and tried to distract myself. Mistress Jenny had left no message and didn’t show up all day long. I knew there would be a simple explanation, but nontheless I worried.
At night Flo was present and I spend 2 hours with her playing skipee. Then we went to Carnal Intentions and slave Alessi and slave Sakura joined us. All of them distracted me a bit. Finally I spent some time with Alessi at club DeLust .. before I roamed again until I was too tired to stay inworld anymore.

July 23rd: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Alessi and slave Sakura

Sunday, July 24th, was a bit alike. I went on a nice simploring tour in the morning visiting a lovely place with a lovely name “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day” (read here). The tour and writing did distract me. In the afternoon I spent some time roaming again … and I also went shopping, which is always good to get to other thoughts too. I spent my time mostly at club Domme a Domme and at club DeLust.

July 24th: Diomita simploring visiting “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day” / Diomita at club Domme a Domme

At night I met Angelique at Heavy Bondage Club and chatted shortly with her. Flo came inworld and I returned home to play skipee with her. That is always nicely distracting. While we played, a domme and her sub were exploring our homeplace in details, trying out cages and furniture and traps. I had some fun watching them with my cam while I played with Flo.
When slave Holly came inworld and we had finished our game, we went seeing our visitors and chatted a bit with them. Then we returned to the skipee table and had a game with three (Flo, slave Holly and I). slave Alessi came to us right in time for visiting a club .. and Flo left us going to bed. We went to Carnal Intentions. We had “lost” slave Sakura (SakuraMatsumoto) there the night before and she was present. Hence I got nicely decorated by three slaves.
Finally I took them all to club DeLust for 20 minutes before it was time to head home and to prepare for the night.

July 24th: Diomita at home with Flo and slave Holly meeting our visitors / Diomita at Carnal Intentions and at club DeLust with slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Sakura

It is really strange without Mistress Jenny not knowing what is going on. *sighs*

Simploring 2022 (14) Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day

Sunday, July 24th, I went on a simploring tour. I picked “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day” from the SL Destination guide.

Breathe. Be free. It IS a wonderful day. Takes a few minutes to rez all in. Shared environment is best. Listen to the music and the sounds. Respect others! What is your favorite kind of day? Peace and love to you!

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – at the landing (welcome) point

Upon landing please activate “shared environment” and turn your sound on. I also turned shadows from sun/moon + projectors on for my visit. “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day” is a moderate homestead and it is another great example what you can realize with this limited amount of prims. Really fascinating! It is owned by Faith (proverbs312014), who is in Second Life since 2009.

There is a notecard with a description that you can grab upon landing. It is a perfect wrap-up of what you can do at “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day“:

Thank you for visiting Peaceful Moments. I create places that I feel are filled with peace and that allow my visitors to immerse in a safe and hopefully helpful or enjoyable way.
This sim is like a compilation of my previous creations. There are four colored spheres on the sim, each with a different theme: Always Christmas, Lavender Folly, The Merlife, and Butterfly Woods. On this sim, you can always frolic in the snow and celebrate Christmas, be like a mermaid, spend time in a forest with butterflies, meditate in a Zen garden, and relax on a peaceful serene beach. I have also added a special spot to dance to The Beatles. My sim is a welcoming and safe place for all. The unicorn themed house has a Straight Ally LGBTQIA+ flag on the front. I am such an ally. Last but not least, you can even enjoy the scenery from the sky by sitting on the whale up in the mountains. There are many inviting places to meet up with friends, talk, maybe cuddle, and dance. Or come by yourself and find a special spot. It is designed for singles and couples. For everyone.

At the landing point you find a teleporter that I used to travel around. I visited all of the above mentioned spots.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – Hideaway (upper left) / Butterfly (upper right) / Christmas (lower left) / Umbrella (lower right)

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – Lavender (upper left) / The Beatles (upper right) / Serenity (lower left) / Ride the whale (lower right)

A few simple requests…
– Be nice. Bullying is not tolerated.
– Wear clothes to cover your private parts. Nudity is not acceptable here.
– Reach out if you have questions or if something does not work on the sim. I try to make sure everything is accessible for you.
– Have fun, relax, and find your peace.

Please take a moment to visit if you have a chance. Let me know what you think! There is a guest book in the geo dome on the beach. Thank you again!

There is not much there… let’s add some pics!
Peace and love to you,

The last spot from the teleporter menu that I used to to travel around was “The Merlife”. First it is a beautiful spot on the shore of a laguna. But there’s more. When you walk through the turquoise gate you get down into a bizarre and colourful underwater world.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – The Merlife

After travelling around with teleporter I continued exploring on foot. As Faith wrote there are countless spots to sit and enjoy or to take pictures. I felt like in a dream, a fantasy world, in particular when I saw the transparent big mushrooms or the unicorns. I also spent some time mediating.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – The unicorn themed house / Meditation

There is much more to discover. With the sound turned on, you will notice that Faith has selected the music and ambient sound according to the spots you visit. Hence you get music from The Beatles when you visit The Beatles hut, you get Christmas music visiting the Christmas sphere and you get chill-out music at the beach, the place I sat down and listened to the music while writing my simploring report. I once zoomed out to get an impression how this beautiful sim was made. In the overview you can recognice the spheres, that dive the according area of the sim in another light.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day – more impressions / at the beach / zoom-out overview (lower right)

Thank you Faith for creating “Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day“. You really designed a peaceful place with a lot of different spots for every mood. I was in another world during my visit. Just as it should be. I enjoyed my visit a lot.

Peaceful Moments – It’s a Wonderful Day
Flickr page for Peaceful Moments