Diary 2019 (154) October 3rd – A tour with Kitty to Autumn in SL

Thursday, October 3rd, I had some time for simploring in the morning as we had a national holiday in Germany. Kitty was inworld and we chatted in IM. I hadn’t yet decided where to go. Spontaneously I took Kitty with me on an Autumn tour to places that I had seen before. We started at “The Beguinage of Bruges“, a place that I had visited in November 2018 the first time (read Simploring 2018 (100) The Beguinage of Bruges). The place has not changed much and I enjoyed seeing it again. Kitty and I talked about Bruges and Kitty told me about her visit to Bruges in RL. We enjoyed the colours of Autumn and walked around a bit.

October 3rd – A tour with Kitty to Autumn in SL: The Beguinage of Bruges

Then we went on to Authors Point, that I had visited in Spring 2019 (read Simploring 2019 (36) Authors Point). Just recently I saw some posts about Authors Point again showing it in Autumn and I had seen it only in Spring so far. What changed with the season is the Fantasy plateau, where the leaves of the many trees glow in Autumn colours. Just lovely! Kitty found a new friend there, a unicorn that followed her as long as we were on the plateau. We had fun!

October 3rd – A tour with Kitty to Autumn in SL: Authors Point

Finally I took Kitty to Fleur Nederland [Dutch] (read Simploring 2019 (102) Fleur Nederland [Dutch]), a place I had visited just a few days before.

October 3rd – A tour with Kitty to Autumn in SL: Fleur Nederland [Dutch] (1)

I gave a quick tour to Kitty, we had a drink at the dinner hut and we visited the town & harbour. To my surprise, there was a change since my visit -we came across an haunted house, an addition for Halloween. We didn’t go in there though as my time was up and I had to return to RL.
And that’s it about my Kitty-Autumn-morning.

October 3rd – A tour with Kitty to Autumn in SL: Fleur Nederland [Dutch] (2)

Many thanks to Jaysun Dagger (The Beguinage of Bruges), to Weed Bombastic (Authors Point), and to Sammy Recreant (Fleur Nederland [Dutch]) for creating and sharing your lovely (Autumn) places.

Landmark to The Beguinage of Bruges
Landmark to Authors Point
Landmark to Fleur Nederland [Dutch]

Simploring 2019 (102) Fleur Nederland [Dutch]

For my simploring tour on Monday, September 30th, I picked Fleur Nederland [Dutch] from scoop.it SL Destinations. It has become autumn in RL and the foliage arrived in Second Life.

Fleur Nederland [Dutch] is a moderate homestead, owned and created by Sam (Sammy Recreant). As the sim is supposed to be in the Netherlands the landmark’s description is in Dutch but provides an English translation. For me as a German I could understand it without the translation *winks* “Magisch en kleurrijk dat is herfst op Fleur, welkom op Fleur, onze muziek is altijd goed – Magical and colorfull that is autumn at Fleur, you are welcome to visit, the music is always good”

Fleur Nederland [Dutch] – overview and around landing point

The landing point is at the entrance gate of a residential house. The gate is decorated for the autumn. What caught my eye was a tree with a trunk formed like a woman. As there were no “Private” signs I went over to the house and had a look inside. The house is not only decorated for autumn on the outside but also inside where you find some decorative pumkins and some colourful leaves beside a very cosy interior with many other details. I could sense that Sam has selected the furniture and decoration with love for the detail.

Impressions of Fleur Nederland [Dutch] (1) – the residential house and the dining hut

Exploring Fleur was a particular fun. The leaves of the the trees were overwhelmingly colorful and I took many pictures. The next place I visited was a pond with a larger hut used for dining, maybe for weddings or other celebrations. Outside the trees were illuminated as well as the terrace where I sat down, had a drink and enjoyed the view. I turned my windlight to night to see the nice illumination.

Impressions of Fleur Nederland [Dutch] (2) – at the dining hut, the Chapel and along the shore

Illuminations and fantasy elements as well as some pieces of art are spread over the sim. You also find many spots to sit and enjoy. There’s a gazebo, of course decorated for autumn and it is raining there, which makes sitting dry inside even more cosy. On my way through the forest I also saw some animals and some birds.

Impressions of Fleur Nederland [Dutch] (3) – gazebo and Stonehedge

Finally I got to an ensemble of foundlings arranged in a circle like Stonehedge. Again there’s illumiantion and according to the place Sam added some magic fantasy elements and people. It does look peaceful and it is not too much.

I enjoyed walking through the forest surrounded by the colourful leaves, I visited the chapel, came along another hut and a caravan, saw art and simply had fun. Fleur is wonderfully designed for autumn!

Impressions of Fleur Nederland [Dutch] (4) – wounderful autumn

The Dutch touch comes with the little town and harbour in the south of the island. A large court, again decorated according to the season, some Dutch flags (so that you know where you are), many opportunities to sit and enjoy invite to explore and discover. Have a look inside of the houses, one houseboat is used for the local radio station. The ambient sound is fitting and changing depending where you are and you can listen to easy listening music if you like.

Impressions of Fleur Nederland [Dutch] (5) – town & harbour

I really liked Fleur Nederland [Dutch]. I could feel all the love that went into its design and the result is just beautiful. For me personally a perfect start into autumn. Someone else wrote: “Fleur celebrates autumn with a touch of magic!”
Thank you Sam (Sammy Recreant) for sharing your world with the public!

Landmark Fleur Nederland [Dutch]