The Assignment – by slave Nina aka. sgunjin

Today I want to call your attention to a story that your slave Nina is writing on deviant art. I already have the link to her dA account listed in the “other links” sections: Nina’s art at Deviantart.
The story is called “The assignment”. Here is a direct link to chapter 1. As the title indicates the story is about an assignment and of course it is a particular assignment. The leading character Nina is a journalist and shall explore a quite secret Island. Here’s a teasing snippet:
“I don’t suppose you have ever heard of Kahle Island?” Helen asked. “Relatively few have,” she said without waiting Nina’s answer. Leaning back in her chair, she continued: “About a decade ago a conglomerate of wealthy BDSM enthusiasts purchased an entire island in the South Pacific. During the subsequent years they transformed it into a private resort, where they can freely indulge in their various kinks, safely out of the public eye. Many rich and powerful people also frequent there: politicians, celebrities, executives, high ranking officials; the movers and shakers of the world. Rumors speak of pop-princesses pulling carts in pony gear, actresses being walked on a leash like dogs, heiresses being spanked on the town square, and much more… “

I don’t want to tell too much here, you should read it yourself. I really like slave Nina’s way of writing and the idea of the story. For my taste it is very well written and I’m curious myself about the next chapters. So far slave Nina has published 2 chapters but I know that the 3rd is close to be published very soon. Enjoy reading!
No blog entry without a picture: And of course for this post it has to be a picture of slave Nina.

slave Nina aka. Maurerien Orja aka sgunjin

slave Nina aka. Maurerien Orja aka sgunjin

Dear diary

Time for writing a bit into the diary again. During the last weeks Nina (snina93.resident) appeared in this blog. Nina was exploring our island after reading in our blog, met us there and first just modelled in different full catsuits and restraints. According to her personal profile and to what she told me, she was seeking control, not permant care. She loves to roam and to get into trouble but also likes the thought that she could be summoned any minute, anywhere, anytime. I decided to take this control as it is one of my favourite kinks and implanted a secret chip into her body. Just to get her more used to being controlled, I am keeping her leashed and restrained and silenced on our island. So if you see her here on our island and she can’t talk with you (or what she says is just garbled and makes no sense), that’s Nina.

Enjoying some quiet moments with Nina (1)

Enjoying some quiet moments with Nina (1)

Enjoying some quiet moments with Nina (2)

Enjoying some quiet moments with Nina (2)

Nina is beside her addiciton to bondage a passionate photgrapher (seems we share two passions) and she publishes her pictures on deviantArt. Her account there is sgunjin (Shikara Gunjin). I added a link to the other links sections. Together with her pictures Nina writes what she had experienced in Second Life. This way, her deviantArt account is also her diary. I recommend taking a look.

Nina in "her" Cage (picture by sgunjin). Original tite: "behind bars"

Nina in “her” cage (picture by sgunjin). Original tite: “behind bars”

Nina wrote as description for this picture: “Nina the way she wants to be: restrained, gagged, chained, belted, and caged. Featuring RealRestraints Elegance cuffs, RealRestraints Deluxe gag, *KaS* Chastity Belt, and PoC Sheer Latex catsuit.”
We will see what the future brings for her, so far Nina is controlled as the first step. *winks*

Since several weeks our former slave Dana (dana.drezelan) shows up at our island every once in a while. She feels a bit lost as her owner is busy in RL and had not locked her nor rented her out for her absence. Today I caught her again roaming around without any goal and unrestricted. This had to be finished. I took Dana home and she handed all of her keys to me without any resistance, knowing her position and most probably feeling released from making decisions on her own. We will have to get her used again to the rules of an enslaved life. Until further notice I took control of Dana, locked her tightly and will store her somewhere. If anybody inworld is interested in aquiring the merchandise, please give me a call. I’m open to take offers. She is on sale for the best offer (not the highest bid necessarily).
So for the next weeks to come: “Welcome back home (in your next nightmare), slave Dana”

Nov 7th - Diomita with slave Dana: "Welcome back, slave Dana" (1)

Nov 7th – Diomita with slave Dana: “Welcome back, slave Dana” (1)

Nov 7th - Diomita with slave Dana: "Welcome back, slave Dana" (2)

Nov 7th – Diomita with slave Dana: “Welcome back, slave Dana” (2)