Backflash January 2020 – Domme a Domme (January 10th, 2012)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
Eight years ago, in January 2012, I wrote a post about “Domme a Domme”, it was the 100th post in this blog. I sorted it under the category “Exploring sims in Second Life”. There was just one single picture in this post. Club Domme a Domme has changed a lot ever since, gone through several full refurbishments and moved. Mistress Jenny and I still visit it quite often, although it is mostly a S&M (Stand & Model) nowadays. But the concept is still the same and sometimes there’s also something going on.
Here’s the post from January 10th, 2012:

Domme a Domme

I can not remember exactly how I found Domme a Domme (DaD), but as far as I remember it was a group that I joined as Yasmin has been a member and it was not free to join it. It was a small select group of Dommes that met to explore their secret side once in a while or just to escape from the pressures of being domme. At first it was my  personal retreat and I didn’t take Jenny there for a long time. And I had some nice experiences with Leighrayne Ninetails and others. The first club house was a small house with a limited number of props. As the group developed it was time to get a bigger plot and the group moved to Long Lost Bay.

The plot there consisted of a landing zone next to a lounge and some small traps. There was a club house with private dancing and some other buildings that Mina kept on developing. Leigh provided the main attraction and a lot of  banter was going on in IM. DaD was a good place to visit but then more and more people mainly stood around the landing area and did not explore anymore. There were also a lot of dommes looking to break everybody they saw and some of the stand offs and banter became humerous.

Quite recently a lot of work has been done to develop DaD into an urban area around a courtyard. There is a museum, a diner and some areas to RP in but the main meeting place is still at the main square.  Nowadays you will encounter a mixture of dommes and subs although subs are requested to not actively search for an owner there. The balance of people is similar to the way Stonehaven used to be when the patio there was a great place to visit, watch, have some banter or make friends.

So although you may feel a little frustrated at first that nothing is happening, just say hello to everybody and very soon you will begin to make friends.  That’s how I met people there, people who got close to me or were close to me for a while – and three of them are collared members of the Eurobrats today.

Beware some of the traps are cruel so keep your relay on ask unless you have a friend to rescue you close by.

P.S.: This is the 100th post on this blog 🙂


Some further remarks:
The three above mentioned members of the Eurobrats, who I met first at club Domme a Domme and who became our collared slaves were Dana (Dana Drezelan), tittia (Mistress Cuttita) and Delilah (Delilah Ormidale). We miss Delilah since June 2014. slave Dana is still arouned and we still see her every once in a while although she’s not our collared slave anymore. tittia is also still around and we see her and are in touch with her.
Leighrayne Ninetails is the founder of the Domme a Domme group and cares about it and about it’s home ever since. Thank you, Leigh!

Link to the original post:
Landmark to the current club Domme a Domme

Diary (16) Feb 13th

20160213 Mistress Jenny in control_001Saturday was a mixed day for me. First of all, Mistress took control and fitted the heavy collar around my neck again. We spent some time at Dommes on Display, then after latex slave nun Flo and slave Dana came online, Mistress took us all to Puerto Esclava to expose us.

Feb 13th: Mistress Jenny with slave Dana, Diomita and latex slave nun Flo at Puerto Esclava

Feb 13th: Mistress Jenny with slave Dana, Diomita and latex slave nun Flo at Puerto Esclava

Saturday night was quiet. Right in time I became aware that it was Flo’s 7th rezzday. And it was time to deliver her spanks. My niece, Angelique the brat, was also around. I wonder, if she’s eager to deliver spanks? Anway, Flo got her 7 rezzday spanks from me and then Angelique didn’t hesitate to deliver another 7 from her. As Mistress Jenny was not around, slave Flo still has 7 spanks on stock 🙂

Feb 13th: Celebrating slave Flo's 7the rezzday (1)

Feb 13th: Celebrating slave Flo’s 7the rezzday (1)

Feb 13th: Celebrating slave Flo's 7the rezzday (2)

Feb 13th: Celebrating slave Flo’s 7the rezzday (2)

After the ritual spanking we visited some shops before we went home. There I asked slave Flo for her rezzday wishes. She came up with a wish – having her sister Angelique as a nun. Angelique did fulfil this wish and grabbed a white nun dress. Together we went to the monastery at the Island of Pain.

Feb 13th: Celebrating slave Flo's 7the rezzday - Angelique becoming a sister nun of Flo

Feb 13th: Celebrating slave Flo’s 7the rezzday – Angelique becoming a sister nun of Flo

At the monastery we had some prayers, and some banter who or what we pray for *winks*. The night was completed with a visit from Argi who had fun with the nuns.

Diary (12) Feb 4th: Introducing the celibated latex slave nuns

Feb 4th: Jenny and Diomita posing for slave Flo's story

Feb 4th: Jenny and Diomita posing for slave Flo’s story

After two more quiet nights last night was quite busy due to several activities. slave Flo wrote a fantasy last year which is still in this blog as a drafted post ready to be published. So far we had no pictures to illustrate it. slave Flo wrote already sequels to the fantasy. Right before she began writing, she asked us if we mind to appear in her story, of course we didn’t. In the sequels other persons appear and we proposed to add more of the family members to appear in the story. What was still missing were pictures to illustrate the story. That said, we began taking pictures last night, so that now we have at least one picture per sequel. That took quite some time and was fun in addition. So now, slave Flo’s newest story will be published here very soon.

As mentioned already yesterday we intend to get our slaves in a new outfit. We selected to dress them as nuns, or more precisely, chastitied latex nuns. slave Nina got her outfit the  night before and if you follow her dA site you might have seen it already. Yesterday we put slave Flo and sklavin Gebby in their new outfits. Honestly we don’t know yet how to go on with our celibated latex slave nuns but i’m pretty sure that we can come up with some kinky ideas for them.

Feb 4th: Jenny&Diomita and the nuns slave Flo and sklavin Gebby

Feb 4th: Jenny&Diomita and the nuns slave Flo and sklavin Gebby

It was a busy night and we enjoyed it to the fullest. Last night ended with a visit from slave Dana, who was sold on New Year’s Eve. We’re committed to take her back if she doesn’t fit to her new owner and right now the probability is not low that she will return under our wings soon again. In the meanwhile slave Dana is allowed to enjoy some freedom for a change. While she was with us we also had slave cecy with us. slave cecy is so far the last living latex doll standing *winks* and she’s an outstanding colourful object for every picture.

Feb 4th: Jenny, slave Dana, slave cecy and Diomita at home

Feb 4th: Jenny, slave Dana, slave cecy and Diomita at home


Dana sold again

Good deals need patience and time. But sometimes deals develop quickly and unexpectedly. On December 31st I visited slave Dana at Heavy Bondage Club, where we stored her with a hover sign above her head “slave for sale”. So far we got no good offers. While I was at HBC teasing the slave and remembering her of her rules, her do’s and dont’s, I got an IM from Alyanae (Alyanae.resident), who was interested in purchasing the slave. Alyanae is in the same timezone as Dana and she is in contact with her for more than 2 years. Alyanae could satisfactorily show that she will treat the slave strict and fair and for her own pleasure, not interested in slave’s opinion or needs.
I took slave Dana home to our dungeon and invited Alyanae to inspect the merchandise. She warned me beforehand that her appearance is a bit strange. A bit? Her appearance is absolutely weired! Actually to be honest her appearance put me off. But then, a good deal is a good deal. And you shouldn’t judge anyone by appearance, Alyanae is a shapeshifter and she likes to provoke. Quickly we agreed on 10 L$ for selling the slave. As we did the last time, we gave full warranty for the slave and will take her back within the warranty time. As we won’t reimburse the money, that’s always a good deal. So slave Dana’s new year will begin with a change. There are still some keys for all of slave Dana’s gear in my pockets and somewhere around in the house, that I need to collect and hand over to slave Dana’s new owner in the following weeks or just as I find them.

December 31st, 2015: slave Dana sold to Alyanae (left)

December 31st, 2015: slave Dana sold to Alyanae (left)

P.S.: Alayanae will at least satisfy slave Dana’s kink for large boobs :-). As slave Dana loves extremes and weired things, we’re condfident that Alyanae is a good fit for her. And in case that it doesn’t fit, we always have a cell at home for slave Dana. Good luck, slave!


Dear diary

Time for writing a bit into the diary again. During the last weeks Nina (snina93.resident) appeared in this blog. Nina was exploring our island after reading in our blog, met us there and first just modelled in different full catsuits and restraints. According to her personal profile and to what she told me, she was seeking control, not permant care. She loves to roam and to get into trouble but also likes the thought that she could be summoned any minute, anywhere, anytime. I decided to take this control as it is one of my favourite kinks and implanted a secret chip into her body. Just to get her more used to being controlled, I am keeping her leashed and restrained and silenced on our island. So if you see her here on our island and she can’t talk with you (or what she says is just garbled and makes no sense), that’s Nina.

Enjoying some quiet moments with Nina (1)

Enjoying some quiet moments with Nina (1)

Enjoying some quiet moments with Nina (2)

Enjoying some quiet moments with Nina (2)

Nina is beside her addiciton to bondage a passionate photgrapher (seems we share two passions) and she publishes her pictures on deviantArt. Her account there is sgunjin (Shikara Gunjin). I added a link to the other links sections. Together with her pictures Nina writes what she had experienced in Second Life. This way, her deviantArt account is also her diary. I recommend taking a look.

Nina in "her" Cage (picture by sgunjin). Original tite: "behind bars"

Nina in “her” cage (picture by sgunjin). Original tite: “behind bars”

Nina wrote as description for this picture: “Nina the way she wants to be: restrained, gagged, chained, belted, and caged. Featuring RealRestraints Elegance cuffs, RealRestraints Deluxe gag, *KaS* Chastity Belt, and PoC Sheer Latex catsuit.”
We will see what the future brings for her, so far Nina is controlled as the first step. *winks*

Since several weeks our former slave Dana (dana.drezelan) shows up at our island every once in a while. She feels a bit lost as her owner is busy in RL and had not locked her nor rented her out for her absence. Today I caught her again roaming around without any goal and unrestricted. This had to be finished. I took Dana home and she handed all of her keys to me without any resistance, knowing her position and most probably feeling released from making decisions on her own. We will have to get her used again to the rules of an enslaved life. Until further notice I took control of Dana, locked her tightly and will store her somewhere. If anybody inworld is interested in aquiring the merchandise, please give me a call. I’m open to take offers. She is on sale for the best offer (not the highest bid necessarily).
So for the next weeks to come: “Welcome back home (in your next nightmare), slave Dana”

Nov 7th - Diomita with slave Dana: "Welcome back, slave Dana" (1)

Nov 7th – Diomita with slave Dana: “Welcome back, slave Dana” (1)

Nov 7th - Diomita with slave Dana: "Welcome back, slave Dana" (2)

Nov 7th – Diomita with slave Dana: “Welcome back, slave Dana” (2)