Simploring 2019 (42) Two sides of Japan – Tokyo Street and Umi

Lately I saw pictures of Tokyo Street on SL Destinations several times and I read a bit more about it in some blogs. I learned that Tokyo Street is part of a (moderate) sim created by Paradox Ivory. It’s located on a seperate platform in 2.000m altitude. On the ground level of the same sim is a Japanese costal village named Umi.

Paradox Ivory says about herself that she’s a dreamer, a prim addict and a sim designer. In her picks I found a comment about Hinansho, a Japanese sim that I visited last year (see Simploring 2018 (98) Hinansho): “I love this Sim, its one that has inspired me since I first visted“.
And I found pick about SSOC, another sim that I have visited before (see Simploring 2017 (78) A Metropolis in Second Life): “Another Amazing Sim that helped inspire me before I even realized I wanted to create my own

Impressions of Tokyo Street (1)

In the landmark profile Tokyo Street is described as follows: “As the sun goes down the streets come alive. Nothing sleeps in the city. Enjoy a walk through lantern lit streets or take in some tasty street food while you enjoy the unique atmosphere of this densly packed tiny Tokyo city.”
I started my simploring at Tokyo Street using the teleport to Subway Entrance NW.

Impressions of Tokyo Street (2)

It is an amazing place to visit. When you leave the subway station you enter a small street lit by lanterns, full of life, restaurants, shops and clubs. It really looks busy and it looks how I expect Japan to be (I never was there in RL). It is really packed full with details and ittook some time to load the textures but it was worth the time!
Once I left this area, I entered what a large town with skyscrapers, some smaller buildings which seemed to be leftovers from a long time ago. The city has everything, a police station, a train station, parks, a fair, many shops and restaurants and another area with small streets with a second subway station Entrance NE.

Impressions of Tokyo Street (3)

The city is really impressive and I took many pictures. I zoomed out to get an impressions of its size. It feel way bigger inside than it is actually. I love all the details. Many shops and buildings are furnishedand you can walk in and sit down. Tokyo Street is a further development of SSOC with a touch of Hinansho. Great!

Impressions of Umi (1)

I continued my simploring tour visiting Umi. What a contrast! And yet it is still Japan. Umi is a fisher village. It has two rows of houses arranged in a half circle. While one row nestles up against a huge hill, the second row faces the see and every house as sea view and most a pier for small boats. Again I enjoyed the many details. The houses are small, they are all furnished and every square inch is used (just as I picture Japan to be).

Impressions of Umi (2)

I explored almost every house, I just left out 4 houses that were marked as private residences. After visiting Tokyo Street I enjoyed the peacefulness of Umi. But there’s more. I dared to climb the hill, I enjoyed the view from the radio tower on the top ofthe hill and I disovered a nice fisherman hut at the other side of Umi.

Impressions of Umi (3)

My short visit to Japan was impressive. Having these 2 places with it’s connecting and opposing elements combined in one sim is really outstanding. I recommend that you switch on your sounds to hear the noise of Tokyo Street and the peace of Umi.

There’s so much to see, so many details to discover that time really flew by.
Thank you Paradox Ivory for sharing your sim with the public. I really enjoyed my visit to Japan.

Landmark to Tokyo Street (Subway Entrance NW)
Landmark to Umi

Simploring 2017 (78) A Metropolis in Second Life

I went on a simploring tour today and selected to visit a metroplois that is stretched over 3 full sims. There’s a very detailed description in Inara Peys’s blog “Taking a drift through Tokyo in Second Life“. I started my visit at “Morpire City“, which is in the middle of the 3 sims “Morpire City“, “MitsumiTown in Tokyo” and “SSOC“. It takes some time to rezz and to load all the textures, at least it did for me. You land in the heart of a really big city, roads and transport systems block your view when you’re on the ground level. The 3 sims are embedded in a sim surround that provides more skyscrapers.

Visiting a Metropolis in Second Life – Views on Morpire City, Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo and SSOC

I began exploring and walked around. You can enter the skyscrapers and discover the inside. There are many bars and cantines and restaurants as you would expect it in a working environment. I was impressed seeing floors of desks and offices like in RL. It is like walking through a design metropolis, as there’re just a few cars and trucks on the streets, there’s no dirt or garbage and most important there’re not thousands of people. The metroplois is sleeping, ready to be taken by the masses.

Visiting a Metropolis in Second Life – Inside views of Morpire City, Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo and SSOC

There are also some nice little corners of quietness, places where you can catch your breath and relax in the middle of this mega city. “SSOC” is the headquarter of the company selling gear for combat games within Second Life (as far as I understood, as I’m not at all into it) and “MitsumiTown in Tokyo” is the headquarter of R2 Fashion. There might be more business coming into this city.

Visiting a Metropolis in Second Life – Modern offices at Morpire City, Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo and SSOC

I just peeked in, there’s much more to explore. But I got an impression. Thank you Eripom Moonwall, for providing these 3 sims for us. They are outstanding!

Visiting a Metropolis in Second Life – Cantines, bars and restaurants at Morpire City, Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo and SSOC

Inara Peys blog post “Taking a drift through Tokyo in Second Life”
Landmark to Morpire City
Landmark to Mitsumi-Town in Tokyo
Landmark to SSOC