Diary 2020 (158) November 12th/13th A visit to the teddies at Ralf’s Dark Paradise

Thursday, November 12th, I met Mistress in the afternoon at home and we caught up quickly with our mutal news. Mistress intended to ensure that I get addicted toher and to my fix and took me over to her seat. Yes, I needed it. Did it work? Of course it did, steadily I get deeper and deeper into submission to her (is that possible?). Anyway, it was a nice start into this day inworld.

We went to our house where Ebony and Lucy (MissLucyWales) had cleaned. The house was clean but what about our boots? Mistress and I, both got our boots cleaned and some shine added. Lucy had to leave into her RL though afterwards. We took Ebony to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club to show our shiny boots and spent half an hour there, then it was time for us to tend to our RL for a bit.

November 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home / at home with Ebony and Lucy / at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Ebony

We had a varied night. Angelique, slave Flo and Alessi (Alessi20) were at home. We first played a greedy together. Then we went to Ralf’s Dark Paradise, a sim that we know from our first years in Second Life (read the post of 2010 here). Great that it still exists! There’s a castle with funny teddies that great fresh slave meat and process it in ther dungeon. It is well scripted and Mistress and I we both had a lot of fun there in our early years. For Alessi that was all new and we brought her near the teddies and she got processed. Unfortunately she only go the short tour (what specific treatement you get is random). Anyway we had fun watching.

November 12th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and Alessi at home, at Ralf’s Dark Paradise and at Mesmerize Dungeon

After this tour we went to Mesmerize Dungeon for a while to wind down before Angelique and then Flo had to leave for bed. Mistress Jenny and I went to Puerto Esclava for another 30 minutes before we called it a night ourselves.

Friday afternoon, Mistress Jenny and I had an hour together, that we spent at Puerto Esclava and BDSM Lifestyle Club. We talked, read profiles and enjoyed. I changed into something white while we were at Puerto Esclava. Later, when we returned home, Mistress also changed into a white dress before she left to tend to her RL.

November 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava and at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club

Why white? Because we had set the theme for our Friday night party: “The Winter is coming but so far we still enjoy quite warm weather. Let us scare off Winter and come in something white, no need for snow then … or come as you are of course”.

November 13th – Friday night party: slave Flo, Diomita, Mistress Jenny, Alessi20, Angelique, Ebony MAssey, Sarah Fhang, vero Hartmann (upper row), Starbright Wingtips, Sara (SaraRandall), Alaunirra (ams684), Claire (maddh4tt3r), Della Randt, Baroness Capelo, Virgo Babii (lower row)

Diary 2020 (50) April 5th/6th Enjoying our Second Life (II)

I had a relaxed day in both worlds, RL and SL, on Sunday, April 5th. I was online several times during the day, spent time at Heavy Bondage Club, checked landmarks and even re-visited Ralf’s Dark Paradies, a sim reminding me of my first years in Second Life and it still exists. Finally in the early evening I went to peek at a new exhibtion, that was going to be opened some days later.

I met with Mistress at our usual time at night and we first caught up with our mutual news before we went seeing slave Flo, slave Gwendi and Ann. Mistress was up for a skipee and hence we played while Ann watched us most of the time. It was fun as the game was close in the end. And Mistress teased me in IM as her cards were not fitting that she will blow off her anger with me later. Knowing that she can made me sweat – and thus I fulfilled what Mistress had intended *winks*

April 5th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo, slave Gwendi and Ann at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

After our game we went to Mesmerize Dungeon for half an hour and we had fun reading profiles and chatting. It was full and some people we know were there. Mistress came up with the idea of a blog entry about profiles and appearances and started a list:
1. A hat means you want to be looking like being a very strict Domme, stricter than all the rest
2. Pushy subs are not subs at all but needy people with attitude
(to be continued, we will aork on that list as well as on the point system for subs/slaves that I presented here a week or two before).

April 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at home

At Flotime we returned home and said good night to the slaves. Mistress Jenny took me to club Domme a domme for a few minutes and started teasing me again. Finally we returned to our skybox and Mistress spoiled me with allowing me to lick and spoil her. Thank you, Mistress. It crowned a relaxed night.

Monday, April 6th, Mistress Jenny and I could meet in the afternoon. Mistress made me wear a straight jacket and took me to Heavy Bondage Club where we caught up with our news. slave Luci joined us there. I enjoyed being close to Mistress and talking with her, she enjoyed her power and my full submission. We talked about our plans for the night and for our next Friday night party. Back home Mistress had a present for me, a new and very daring short skirt. Mistress left me leashed and restricted in our skybox.

April 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home in our skybox and at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Luci

At night we had a full house at first. Angelique, Ann, slave Flo and slave Gwendi were present and we took them to our fetish club to entertain us. slave Flo and slave Gwendi danced for us in the golden cages, Mistress Jenny, Ann, Angelique and I chatted. Ann and Angelique left quite early, slave Luci joined us. I ordered slave Gwendi to me and slave Luci replaced her dancing in the golden cage. I removed the shield of slave Gwendi’s belt and allowed her to have some fun with the dildo cushions at our fetish club. slave Gwendi gave us a nice show.

April 6th at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, Ann, slave Gwendi, slave Flo and slave Luci

We left our club and had a game of greedy, then slave Flo and slave Gwendi went off to bed and Mistress Jenny and I had some time at club DeLust before we went to bed ourselves.

April 6th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust and at home

And that’s it about two more days simply enjoying our second life.

While the mouse is away

Diomita has written many posts about her explorations while I am off line for work or other reasons.

Diomita likes to visit artistic places and she has reviewed and posted links to some lovely places. So this weekend while Diomita is away I had a chance to explore a new sim that involves a fully automated prison.

If you have been to Ralf’s Dark Paradise you will be familiar with the Teddy bear prison.

The Teddies perform all the functions that a guard would and take you on a tour of imprisonment for a couple of hours. I remember taking the tour a few times to see the different variations and when alone for a couple of hours it passed the time nicely.

Move forwards a few light years and you come up with the Dedendz Prison. There are many similarities with the intake process but here you get to confess to a crime that determines how long your sentence will be. Trespass is about 2 hours, drunk in public is about 3 and the more serious offences can be over a day so be careful what you wish for.

To enter you have to take off all RLV items that might interfere with the process but normal collars are fine (just use add for the second).  They recommend using their relay but be aware it locks on and you have to log non RLV to remove it.

Having said all that the 2 hours were very well spent. The work that has gone into scripting it all has made for a great experience. I met a girl called eve and we decided to try the punishments for not returning to our cells. Again well scripted and I won’t spoil your fun if you go there. The punishments do not add time so feel free to be bad.


I fully recommend it if you have a couple of hours to pass and you get a free trendy orange dress as a momento

Me in cell 14 just before the doors open for a social break.


Ralf’s Dark Paradise

Here is another report from slaveboy who explored Ralf’s Dark Paradise and wrote a report for us and for you to read and hopefully to enjoy your visit there. Thank you, slaveboy!

Ralf’s Dark Paradiese is a very unique sim and begs to be discovered and explored. The landing area is in the main square of a medieval village, which is situated in the center of the island. It has a chateau nearby and also a large tower.

The chateau is elegantly furnished and has many rooms to explore for play or just curiosity. The tower belongs to Miss Marcy, a very clever magician. She uses it to conduct experiments. Have fun checking it out – it provides a nice, authentic play space and some cages.
The village has a number of stores which are worth exploring. It also has a church for those who need to say their prayers before venturing out into the sim.

When you come to Ralfs and you want to enjoy more than just the shopping area, bring some time with you because you will need it. Take time to explore the small alleys and walkways around the village. There are many little surprises hidden in the area. For general navigation, look for the blue tp-map in the village square. Of course, you can always use the green call button in the center of the square to get a ride. As is the case with Miss Marcy, this little village doesn’t come without some mystery and magic. On its outskirts are secret doorways to be discovered.
Behind Miss Marcy’s tower are the docks. Don’t play around on the ships unless you have a good friend who you can bribe into rescueing you and don’t go through the Gate to Hell – if you happen to find it.
To visit one of the main residences, cross the bridge near the docks but be aware of active traps. In the front yard of the residence (which has a soapball arena in the backyard) is the entrance to a tunnel, leading to an underwater dome. The dome is a beautiful place to party, chill, observe marine life or simply pod.

For the cage and cell lover, a visit to Miss Aanne’s is a must. The skybox is accessible through a tp pad on the outskirts of the village and has one of the most diverse collection of cages and cells. Outside of the village is a large fortress-like castle which is a gem and certainly worth a visit. It has a myriad of floors and rooms and is a popular hang-out. The locals know the place very well and it is advisable that you go with one of them when visiting for the first time. If you don’t see one around, go to the center of the village and find a green call button to summon one of them. Once you have been familiarized with the facility, there will be lots of opportunity for fun and play.

Around the fortress is dense brush and forest which is used regularly to stage slave hunt games. To participate in slave hunts, both subs and dommes need to register first (if not, no hunt. Make sure you bring some friends along with you to see the sim). If you still want to do something daring, go to the BDSM tower. It is a large steel structure near the fortress.
In case you couldn’t do the Eiffel Tower in Paris, here is your opportunity: Climb to the top level, pick a chute and base jump! (For all others, there is an elevator).

For any applications, filings or complaints, you can visit the island administration. Next door is the Dark Rope Club to dance and party hard. Should you not be in the right mood for that, the island offers you the opportunity to go fishing. A small boat, bait and tackle are available in front of the island administration offices. Crossing the large suspension bridge brings you to Homestead, where you can find not only a number of beautiful private residences but also Jacky’s world famous teddy and gadget factory.
As long as you bring time and an open mind with you, you will find Ralf’s to be a very diverse sim with lots of wonderful surprises.  Enjoy the friendly locals!