An unexpected event

Last Wednesday my dear friend Tyra asked me to lock her and Virgo. She had a free wish from Virgo so she took the opportunity to get into trouble with her. How could I resist? But it shouldn’t be just locking … so where to put them? Sarah, our neighbor, has recently refurbished  her island from the scratch and added a nice house with a large porch where she installed a patio that reminded us a bit of the old Stonehaven patio. The right place to lock and store my victims. We had some fun watching them and stripping them, two real beauties …. these long legs! Jenny and I went shopping and found two nice latex discipline suits to encase both – and so we did. The wall still needed some more victims and we all had a lovely Thursday night chatting and having nice banter around various victims. Sarah seemed to be pleased having her patio and “the wall” filled.

Friday nights are party nights for the Eurobrats and Virgo is our disc jockey. So I had to move her to the dance floor in her latex bag. And thus the theme for the night was set – bondage gear or come as you are. That Friday Jenny felt in a domme mood and that fitted well with my mood so I took my cuffs on and granted a green light. Then Jenny decided to give my keys to Sarah …. Well, I had a restricted night as Sarah took advantage. But that wasn’t all. At the end of the party I had to take Virgo back to the patio and when she logged off ….. Sarah locked not only me but also Jenny at her wall.
This unexpected event isn’t over yet and was just the start of a great weekend.

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