The Bluescreen Project

Those who know me inworld or who follow this blog know that I love taking pictures. I do have way far over thousand SL pictures now and the best are in our slideshows to keep our memories alive. Also this blog is to save our memories. As even the Eurobrats do live in different time zones around the world we never mangaged to be all online at the same time during all the years we have been already in Second Life. Sometimes we were close to be complete for a couple of minutes but never ever all of us. And of course Jenny and I would like to have a picture of the whole family. But there are ways to fake pictures and as I learned a bit how to do it the thought of making a family picture is already in my mind for a long time. Now finally I began doing that. I took a picture of each of us with a blue background, replaced the background with transparency and thus was able to place everyone together in front of a new background (the software I used is freeware and called Gimp). The hard part is that replacing the background colour is not sufficient, i had also to work manually on the details to get it really neat and good looking. Then, what a shame, after beeing nearly done, Kitty had to take a longer time out for his RL and I couldn’t take a picture of him. I solved this by cutting her avatar out manually from another picture and there we are:

The offcial Eurobrats Family picture!

The Eurobrats Feb 2013: subtittia, Delilah, Kitty, Jenny, Diomita, Danii, Dana, Angelique and qt

The Eurobrats Feb 2013: subtittia, Delilah, Kitty, Jenny, Diomita, Danii, Dana, Angelique and qt

Yeah 🙂 As a little wit I placed us all at Central Park, NYC. The Eurobrats captured New York *grins. I certainly will go on optimizing my skills, but I am already quite content with the result.
P.S.: Yes, that is tittia on the most left side.  She is returning to us fully enslaved.

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