A farewell for Yasmin Heartsdale

20100521 Goddess Yasmin HeartsdaleYesterday I got the news that Yasmin Heartsdale has left Second Life. I admit that we had to expect this step as she disappeared more and more. Just last month she gave up Yasmina, her homesim. She left this virtual life for good and will move on. As she just left her virtual appearance here and is still well this is not at all an obit.
Yasmin was my owner for 39 months. She molded the first weeks and months in SL. Her family and her friends were Jenny’s and my stable base in SL. Being her brat made me to what I am in SL today and our Family here wouldn’t exist like it is without her. And there’s more that will remain from Yasmin Heartsdale in the virtual world of SL. For example the hundreds of pictures which i collected over the years and which are in our slideshow in Mount Everest. In addition the texts and the memories in our blog. Our family logo also keeps our roots being founded within her Brat Pack. And I still wear the Brat Pack earring, that I got once from her.
Yasmin will remain in my heart as long as I live not only in SL. She was part of my RL for about 5 years – and I hope that we stay connected outside of SL.

Farewell Yasmin Heartsdale

Farewell Yasmin Heartsdale

Thank you for our time together here, for your love and care.
Be well, Yasmin.
We will Keep you in our hearts and wish you all the best.

With love
Diomita, Jenny and the whole Eurobrats

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