Diary 2021 (11) January 21st/22nd A new Yasminia

When I came inworld Thursday afternoon, January 21st, Mistress restricted my ability to see locations first thing after we had hugged each other. She took me to a winterly sim. My goad, I wasn’t dressed for that! We took two skiing lifts up to a mountain, where Mistress and I sat down in a chair by a campfire (at least that gave a bit of warmth). She asked me if I knew where we were – of course I didn’t yet I had already got a notecard of the sim greeter when we entered. I first thought, that Mistress wanted to take me there for skiing as I couldn’t do that this year in RL. But no, she had got the landmark from a profile or whatever, she couldn’t remember. But she had tried it out …. the place Aspen Fell – Whistletoe, is a Ski resort, with a lot of menities such as snow skiing, snow boarding, snowball fights, exploring, snow mobiles, ski lifts, snow sledding, animals, live snow that sometimes changes, a beautiful lodge with poses, bar and other games, many outdoor lounging areas and chalet rentals for the Winter season. But the real funny thing is – it is built on a homestead names Yasminia!
Yasminia is a place where Mistress and I spent a lot of time during our first years in SL when I was owned by Yasmin Heartsdale. I had seen other places built on it later when Yasmin had given up it – but I didn’t know of this one!

January 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Aspen Fell – Whistletoe (Yasminia) and at Puerto Esclava with slave Lucy

We went to Puerto Esclava next and caught up with our news there. Mistress summoned slave Lucy (Miss LucyWales) to us, who presented her new catsuit and hood and knelt at our feet decorating us nicely.

At night Mistress was running late. I had a skipee with slave Flo first. She must had rigged the table and the cards as she got many fitting ards and jokers and the game was quicker than usual. slave Flo went cleaning the house while I had an interruption by RL. When I returned slave Irene (AdlerIrene) was present and I took her over to the house and to our office desk. Time that she gets her office desk christening *winks*. Flo and later also Mistress Jenny watched and cheered slave Irene up a bit.

January 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at club Domme a Domme with slave Irene and Flo

When I was done with slave Irene we went to club Domme a Domme, where it was full that night. We chatted amoung us and read profiles. Argi joined us there. She is always entertaining. And before we went to bed, we shortly also saw Faye.

January 21st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Flo, Argi, Faye and slave Irene

Friday afternoon, January 22nd, Mistress and I went to Puerto Esclava after we had caught up with our mutual news. We spent more than half an hour there. Not much (nothing) was going on there, that way we had time to talk and to read profiles. I read one interesting profile and grabbed a landmark. We also fixed the theme for our Friday night party later: “It is Friday again … weekend… TGIF … Did you notice that the days are getting longer already? Let’s say goodbye to the short and dark days by wearing something shiny – anything but black, Let us colour the world – or come as you are of course. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes.”

January 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava and at our loft skybox

We went to our loft skybox as my fix was overdue again. And I was lucky that Mistress granted it. I enjoyed serving her and getting my fix. After Mistress had left for dinner, I decided to have a quick look at the landmark that I grabbed before. To my surprise it was really worth the visit and I wrote a simploring post about it (to be published soon).

Nothing really to report about Friday night. Mistress, Angelique, Flo and I played a greedy before our party started. And, you guess it already, we had fun at our party as every Friday – celebrating the start into our weekend in RL and SL.

January 22nd – Friday night party: Diomita, Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Flo, Ebony, Faye, Irene, Baroness Capelo (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Zarra Fluffpaw, Claire (maddh4tt3r), Talos, Virgo dressed and topless (lower row)

Simploring 2019 (94) Silly by Cica Chost at Yasminia

Sunday, September 8th, I got an invitation to visit Cica Ghost newest installation called “Silly”. I visited right away. The first thing though that caught my attention was the name of the sim where Silly is located: Yasminia!

I connect a lot with this sim. It was the homeplace of Yasmin’s brat pack, the family of my first owner Yasmin Heartsdale. It was the place where I spend most of my time in 2011 and 2012, a place with which I associate many fond memories and many friends. That Yasminia is long gone and I revisted another Yasminia in 2016, when it was a pastoral peaceful place. I wrote a blogpost about my visit in 2016 and added also links and a picture of the first Yasminia here: https://themaurers.me/2016/09/16/yasminia-2/

And now Yasminia is the place where Cica built Silly! What a coincidence!

Silly by Cica Ghost – inviatation Card / at the landing point

Silly by Cica Ghost is great fun. Those who are familiar with Cica’s art and her animals and beings, sense Cica’s humor at once. The environment is kept in green, blue, purple and yellow. Huge mushrooms provide some shadows, at the corners are huge (green) cooling towers (well, that’s what these objects looked like to me *winks), there’s a lake and there are many of Cica-ish huge animals and beings with their big eyes. They are looking at the visitors with curiosity and as always, they are peaceful and bear with the visitors.

Impressions of Silly by Cica Ghost (1)

Instead of flowers, arms and feet grow out of the ground, they wave and move up and down, just as if humans would live under the surface, some of them sticking their arms trough the ground to feel how it is outside and others as if they are stuck in the ground upside down and stick their feet out. Silly .. and funny.

Impressions of Silly by Cica Ghost (2)

At Silly by Cica Ghost you can be childish or simply have fun. You can grab a gift, a purple bug, sit on it and fly around. You can sit on some of Cica’s beings. For that just hoover your mouse over the boxes which you find close to some of them. But be careful, some of these boxes are traps and you vanish in them, just your feet stick out, so that you can be a part of the above mentioned feet and hands sticking out of the ground. I had fun!

Impressions of Silly by Cica Ghost (3)

There’s a lot more to discover or to look at, like the butterflies that fly around. Or you “sit” on the big Cica-being which lives on a seperate island next to one of the cooling towers (the one that is shown on Cica’s invitation card). Or you watch the Cica octopussy who lives in the lake. As always, Cica provided also a short idea in the landmark’s description:
Q: What is a cat’s favorite color?
A: PURRRR-ple.

Silly by Cica Ghost is what the name implies – silly. For me one of her best installations. I had great fun. Thank you Cica!

Landmark to Silly by Cica Ghost


Following Inara Pey’s blog I came across her post titeled “Yasminia: pastoral peace in Second Life“. For those following this blog for a longer time, or who have read back into the first years, the name Yasminia rings a bell. I really couldn’t believe it to see Yasminia in a blog title of Inara and even more together with the words pastoral and in particular peaceful! My last blog entry about Yasminia is from February 2012 and was sort of a farewell post.
A view in Yasminia - February 2012

Yasminia in February 2012

Yasminia was the homesim of Yasmin Heartsdale who owned me during my first 3 years in SL. Yasminia was named after her and being Yasmin’s brat it was my second home. Yasmina at that time was full of traps, bdsm gear, spots to cuddle and I certainly took a lot of inspiration from it when building out homsim Mount Everest. And it had most of the time the character of an Caribean island. If yo want to know more about the Yasminia of 2012 read more about it here.

September 9th: Diomita visiting Yasminia's farm

September 9th: Diomita visiting Yasminia’s farm

No doubt, I had to visit new, pastoral and peaceful Yasminia. I wonder if the owner and creator of it, Busta (BadboyHi), knows about Yasminia’s past. Yasminia was an adult sim while the new sim is rated general. The new Yasminia is a lovely rural sim with a lot of nature, horses and everything you would expect when you visit a pastoral and peaceful sim. As always I recommend to read Inara’s detailled description. I roamed over the whole sim and climbed up to the lighthouse for an overview. Finally I sat down, enjoyed the peace and my thoughts went back to 2012 and before. What a long, exciting and various life we had and still have in Second Life.
September 9th: Diomita at Yasminia - thinking back

September 9th: Diomita at Yasminia – thinking back

The new Yasminia is for sure worth a visit in particular for those interested in taking pictures and in exploring, like myself. I enjoyed walking and discovering Yasminia. Thank you Busta for providing it for all of us!
Landmark to the (new) Yasminia:
Inara Pey’s blog about the (new) Yasminia:
Last blog post in this blog about the (old) Yasminia:

A farewell for Yasmin Heartsdale

20100521 Goddess Yasmin HeartsdaleYesterday I got the news that Yasmin Heartsdale has left Second Life. I admit that we had to expect this step as she disappeared more and more. Just last month she gave up Yasmina, her homesim. She left this virtual life for good and will move on. As she just left her virtual appearance here and is still well this is not at all an obit.
Yasmin was my owner for 39 months. She molded the first weeks and months in SL. Her family and her friends were Jenny’s and my stable base in SL. Being her brat made me to what I am in SL today and our Family here wouldn’t exist like it is without her. And there’s more that will remain from Yasmin Heartsdale in the virtual world of SL. For example the hundreds of pictures which i collected over the years and which are in our slideshow in Mount Everest. In addition the texts and the memories in our blog. Our family logo also keeps our roots being founded within her Brat Pack. And I still wear the Brat Pack earring, that I got once from her.
Yasmin will remain in my heart as long as I live not only in SL. She was part of my RL for about 5 years – and I hope that we stay connected outside of SL.

Farewell Yasmin Heartsdale

Farewell Yasmin Heartsdale

Thank you for our time together here, for your love and care.
Be well, Yasmin.
We will Keep you in our hearts and wish you all the best.

With love
Diomita, Jenny and the whole Eurobrats

Dear Diary

It’s time to write a diary entry as nothing specific happened the last two weeks, nonetheless there are themes and events to write about to keep the memories.

First of all after returning of my spring vacation I put Jenny into a longer red light which lasts now for over 2 weeks already and is still ongoing. I admit it is great to have her at my feet again and i admire her patience. She tries hard to be a role model.
Danii is still enjoying her pony training with Arka as her trainer. Just yesterday she wrote a new text in her own blog about her progresses (see http://daniiszydlowska.blogspot.de/2013/04/more-strict-pony-training.html). Dana is also a pony right now. She stays at SnR being a so called class III pony.
We found several new places that we explored. I want to mention “sexy”, a full sim with a lot of different areas. We’re still exploring it and we might publish an entry about it soon. Also Fortriss Martice has changed over the last weeks and we just began to explore it again.
Fae Howlett, my little sub sister from old days withing Yasmin’s Brat Pack, returned being online more again and visited us. We had a good chat and she selected Mount Everest as her home base. We might have found a good place and company for her just yesterday and we look forward to hear how that is developing for her.
Last but not least Yasmina, Yasmin’s homesim, doesn’t exist anymore since April 1st. We will keep it in good memory as we have so many good memories to it and to the fun we had there. Bye, bye Yasminia.  You know you are all welcome to visit our home any time. As a side effect we also lost “our” place to play another dice game – “pentadee” (known as Yahtzee outside of Second Life). So we bought a table for Mount Everest now. So that’s in short about the last two weeks. As a little teaser and for our diary I a picture of Sarah and us exploring “sexy”.

Jenny (transformed into a rubby teddy), Sarah and Dio exploring "sexy"

Jenny (transformed into a rubby teddy), Sarah and Dio exploring “sexy”


Yasminia has been sort of our home for close to 3 years. We saw it developing, we saw it changing, and we do have tons of pictures and a lot more memories from it. The sim will stay in our mind always. Thank you for the time and the passion with which it has been built – and thanks everyone who provided the good time we spent there.

At our first visit at Yasmina - March 2009

First visit at Yasmina - March 2009

I remember when Yasminia was created. it was spring 2009. Yasmin had left Rivers Rock and she and her left-over family were looking for a place. We tried several … then all of a sudden somone close (you know who you are!) provided the sim and gave it to Yasmin as a present. Yasminia was born. First Yas built a large house and provided room for every brat. Thus I also had a room there. And the sim grew further with nice cosy areas, with a landing area and a patio on the deck.

On the first deck - November 2009

The deck at Yasmina - a place to gather and play

The first big remodeling was when Yasmin built an even larger house, a castle, Caer Heartsdale. There the patio was on the upper level of the castle. The Eurobrats were already born and again we (the Eurobrats and myself) had a room for ourself. It was on the 1st floor and the entrance hall had a big sign of the Eurobrats as well. And the hotel (Hotel California, some would call it prison) which was provided by us was in the cellar. And below the cellar was Yasmin’s mean pit.

The roof terrace of Cear Heartsdale - May 2010

The roof terrace of Cear Heartsdale

The 3rd big remodeling was the change to a Caribean island. I admit this layout is the one that I will keep in my memories as my favorite. The modern house, the pool with the patio, the pixies, the new small hotel, the lighthouse, small islands, some skyboxes, the game room. That sim was really my beloved 2nd home. And it was the last Yasminia where I was as Yasmin’s brat. I will keep Yasminia in my memories exactly in this layout.

Overlooking Yasmina in November 2010

Overlooking Yasminia

Yasmin and Diomita at the pool

Yasmin and Diomita relaxing at the pool - Yasminia September 2011

When Yasmin moved the sim from Mozingo Straits she built a swamp, the swamp of despair, and a cart track and some other levels. That was not “our” Yasminia to stay honest. The last and if I count right the 5th big remodeling turned Yasminia back into a Caribean island. Although we didn’t spent a lot of time there and although I even don’t know all of its skyboxes as I wasn’t allowed anymore to go everywhere, it felt like a 2nd home again. The sand, the lighthouse, the hut of the games rooms, the 2 kidnap huts (we really loved playing in Yas’ Shack) gave a bit of an impression of my favorite layout. And lately Yasmin even built a patio again, unfortuantely we never used it.

A view in Yasminia - February 2012

Yasminia in February 2012

Yasmin announced that the sim will be closed soon. So now it is time to say goodbye to another good old friend of ours – to Yasminia. The sim may vanish soon – our memories and those of a lot others will never vanish as long as we live.

P.S.: As for right now (Feb 10th, 2012) Yasminia will stay online for at least several months 🙂

August 8th, 2011, So I sit here in Yasminia

So I sit here in Yasminia on the small island with the yellow anchor, settings to sundown, listening to the music chanel that Yasmin as chosen and look at Yasmin’s house, the lighthouse, the tree with the pixies. I feel strange beyond all the support and love I expierenced yesterday and today. The collar around my neck is off. Strange my collar is off, Yasmin is wearing a collar now.

So I sit here in Yasminia at the edge of a different SL for me and my family. My view goes over to the house and memories come alive, pictures, scenes, beloved people who left. What did I do? Why? I had crying attacks today. Shall I really write about this? Is this my way to get it off my chest? Do I need to justify? My collar lays in Goddess’ lil skybox on the table. A piece of steel that companied me as a part of my avatar and my SL for 39 months.

I had a great time as Yas’ Enforcer. Goddess reputation, my sisters, her family, the innumerable friends were base of my SL and helped me to become what I am here. All gone now? ‘Life is a bitch’ is one of Goddess’ (now Yasmin for me) most favorite sayings. Moments can’t be held forever, people change, preferences change. Our yearning for new kinks, for progress, for fun and for love keeps us going and moving on. Life is a bitch, everything changes with time. Over the last couple of months I began to question my role in Yasmin’s family. My SL went well, hers went well as she said but they went parallel. Different timezone and RL did add to it. To make it very clear for everyone: It is not Yasmin’s fault, nor is it mine, nor anyone’s else!
My decision to ask for release was facing reality as it is and when I did ask Yasmin expected it. I felt that she was prepared for it. It might be our both fault not having talked earlier.

So I sit here in Yasmina very thankful for what the Eurobrats and I had. Thankful for the respect and dignity with which we ended one chapter and began a new one for both of us, for both families which are and will stay connected. No bad word, no reproaches but sort of mutual understanding that Life is a bitch.

So I sit here in Yasminia my thoughts go back over these 39 months…. Stonehaven, Samatha, Mises West, Rivers Rock, Bratz Club, Teyonas, rabea, Yasminia, Caer Heartsdale, the patio in SH.. the deck at Yasminia, Hotel California, my wedding, Chez Maurer, Yar, Jill, Valerie, the new Yasminia, the pool area, Greedy, the clock with the falling numbers….hundreds, thousands of pictures spring alive. Innumerable family charts still on my harddrive – and now a families chart with 2 families on it.
Thank you for our path together, Yasmin. Thank you for all you provided for me and Jenny and for our subs. I hope and I am confident that our way is not finished but just got a new direction .. and moving on as sisters.

I’ve once been told that my loyality and devotion to Yasmin is undyable. And so I sit here in Yasminia and realize that it is still there, maybe the emphasis has changed. My thankfullness, my love and my trust in my sister is undyable.

I love you Yasmin
August 8th, 2011

Talking about ….. Goddess Yasmin Heartsdale

Writing about Goddess Yasmin Heartsdale is difficult. Where shall I begin? What shall I write that hasn’t been written already? I met her during my time at Pandora’s box. I worked as a Mistress there in February/March 2008. I have only little memories to this first meeting. I was busy trying to control a riot when she showed up and according to her memory, ‘I treated her very arrogantly’, at least badly enough for her to remember me and my name.

I was also often at Stonehaven. Stonehaven was at this time the meeting point for the English speaking bdsm community. I looked for a place to settle and found a home at Stonehaven. What a coincidence, my home was next to her home. Just a short fly away. That’s where we met again. The first time we played she locked me into a cage and stripped me. Then she exposed me to her subs and friends obviously proud of her catch. I felt bad and humiliated and I told her in IM. She released me still in a playful way. I assume that was the moment where my trust began. I searched her nearness. We had some nice conversations. Then she and her family moved to Mises West. A whole sim for her family. A huge house. Several Areas to play. I was impressed and felt honored being welcomed there. It must have been during my first or second visit. Yasmin gave me a tour and we were up at a hill. A magic moment in my memories. She took my keys and I knelt in front of her. And it was the first time that I called her Goddess. That felt strange for me those days as much as it would feel strange not to call her Goddess now. Goddess leashed me at her office. What I didn’t know was that this marked the begin of my trial.

Goddess in 2008

I had a sub these days and I wasn’t sure how I should handle her but Goddess told me that would be no problem. I was moved several times during my trial. Most of it I spent in a tube cylinder cage at Goddess’ house in Stonehaven. The trial lasted over 3 weeks. I had another sister who was with me in trial but who was dismissed shortly after my collaring. My dear friend Tyra, who was sub of my sister to be Samatha, spent many hours at my cage. This was the base of our friendship that lasts today.
The weeks of my trial left a deep experience. I did something for myself. I submitted. I invested a lot of myself to become hers. And today I see this as the deeper sense behind a trial besides that you meet family and beside that you get the time to talk and to think and to adjust your position. Without having invested anything you’ll leave quicker. I see many people here with short relations who change their dominants and subs like others change their clothes. Having invested you’ll think twice, you’ll consider upsides and downsides.

good times in Rivers Rock

Oh, wasn’t this entry about Goddess? It seems that my thoughts and my writing are distracted in between again and again. Goddess’ family grew quickly and I saw a lot of changes. Up until today only my sister Yar and myself are left over from these days. Goddess collared and released subs. To some she made the impression of being a collector and I heard a lot of critic. The family moved to Rivers Rock, a sim operated by my former sister Samatha. As Sam and Goddess parted we had the first sharp change in Goddess’ family. In her grief Goddess wanted to release all of us except her former wife Teyonas and Yar. I felt really bad. My SL world broke down. I didn’t understand what was going on. And even now I can only speculate what I won’t do here. But I remember that I begged Goddess to keep me as some other sisters did, some sisters left. I stayed with Goddess. We had several moves in the following weeks and months in the search of  a new home. Goddess kept her core family together. During all these moves I stayed in Rivers Rock and Goddess allowed that although she herself did not visit Jenny and me there. For her RR was tabu for a long time.

Wasn’t I about to write something about Goddess? See, I have so many memories that I want to write down that I lose the subject again and again. But maybe all these episodes characterize Goddess.

Goddess is a very caring family head. When I needed her she was there for me. Her family is large and I could experience several attempts to treat us all equally, to distribute her limited time fair between us. And keeping in mind that we all live in different time zones around the world that is a hopeless task. We had “office hours” where she was in her home sim open to visit her and we had great hours together chitchatting. She tried to arrange fix appointments but too often was restricted to keep them herself or her brats couldn’t be there in time (as RL comes first it is sometimes hard to keep appointments). I know, that Goddess cares about each and everyone in her family. But nowadays she doesn’t try to be fair anymore. We know each other well enough and she cares about those who need her the most at that moment. And I think that’s the best way to share her.

Goddess can be very consequential and strict. When she’s upset, no one can really stop her. Then she insists of her position as our Goddess. You are for her or against her, you follow her or you leave. That was the case when she broke with Sam. She can rule harshly, although this happens on rare occasions, but I keep this in mind always. She can and she does rule.

Goddess is a kinky weired dominant. We all are weired and most of us a proud to be kinky. Her play likes reach from very sensitive loveplay over roleplay to hard and strict bondage. Goddess loves to see beautiful avatars and high quality realistic animations. She also has no reservation regarding science fiction, pony play, nekos, heavy rubber, fucking machines, dolls, unrealistic toys or endless arousal. She loves to restrict her subs and playmates totally by taking all their abilities, to make them depending her her. Until today, when Goddess locks me, she takes often everything – names, locations, inventory, tp … everything. Thus I am aware who owns me. And why? Because she can!

Goddess is spoiled and knows that she is. She’s spoiled by our love and our support of her. Yes she’s human, she certainly makes wrong decisions but there’s no difference between RL and SL in this relation. Our love and support is what she gets in return for her never ending care about her family.

Goddess is one base of my SL while my love Jenny being the other. Wearing her collar protects me. I built my own SL often similar to her, tried the same things, introduced similar rules for my subs. She allowed me doing that, she allowed me to grow, allowed independence and an own SL for me. I am proud to be hers and I hope that I can wear her collar many many years to come.

I love you Goddess

Dio’s 2nd year in Second Life Feb 11th 2010

My second year in SL is over today and I’ll start my third. It seems to me like yesterday when I remember my first days in SL. And it also seems like yesterday reading what I wrote in my letter to my family and friends on the occasion of my 1st rezz day. And now the 2nd year is already over.
I am happy that I can say that the base of my SL hasn’t changed in this 2nd year:

– I am still owned by Goddess Yasmin Heartsdale
– I am still spoiled by the love and devotion of my partner and Ehesklavin Jenny
– I am still part of a lovely large family
– I am still running my own family branch
– I am still exploring SL and myself
– I am still happy to be here

Now let’s have a look back to this 2nd year – just a short one. What did happen beside having fun together? What are the events that I want to remember when I’ll read these lines again after my third year.
There have been some changes in my family branch of Yasmin’s brat pack.

– My sister Fae vanished suddently and didn’t return a long while. She had been in hospital being seriously ill but she returned after several months. She left again very quickly as she fell in love in RL. That is a happy reason to leave and we’re glad for her. She’ll be back and explore herself on her own now. Well, at least I hope that she will be back as she told us.

– My sister Claire who is living in the Euro Brat timezone became closer to me and with permission of Goddess she submitted to me like Fae did before. Claire is a lovely sweet girl as her permanent tag expresses “Goddess’ sweet girl”. She is always smiling and I feel spoiled by her. Her happiness and mostly good mood is infectious.

– Pike and her wife Danii were my subs for about 3 months and they are still close friends of us. Unfortunately our focus in SL and some play preferences didn’t fit and Pike and Danii left us again consensually and friendly. And we see eachother from time to time. I still love you both and will not stop feeling close to both of you .

– During this 2nd year Goddess collared rabea – a new sister for me. Rabea is from Germany. We had a bad start as sisters and some arguments but later we became close as sisters and very close friends. And rabea is now a permanent part of my family branch. Jenny and myself are often together with rab and we enjoying playing together, shopping or sometimes just talking.

– rabea suddently left and we didn’t know what happened to her. Siobhan, her sub, spent a lot of time with Jenny and me and became part of my little family. Finally and without knowing about rabea’s return I collared Siobhan October 4th 2009. On rabea’s return – she has had a serious accident and spent several months in hospital – we didn’t turn time back and Sio stayed mine. Welcome to me and welcome to us, Sio. We love you.

– vanessa companied us during my 2nd year in SL. She is a very loyal sub and always a reason to smile. We don’t see her often enough unfortunately. But when she’s online her ways, her devotion and her constant demand for love and play is a very special expierience. Thank you, vanessa … Maurer’s Joy!

– Recently Goddess approved that Allana Mikadze may join our family. End of November 2009 Jenny and me found Alla helplessly at “Love hurts” and took control of her. Allana is a slave, owned and forced. Now she’s also officially our sub. Welcome to the Eurobrat family, Alla (who is from the US btw.). Welcome to Yasmin’s Brat Pack as a grandbrat.

– Last but as everyone know definitively not least, Jenny. Jenny was with me all the time in this 2nd year. No day where we didn’t talk or had contact per other media. I can’t imagine my SL without her and there’s no reason to imagine that. Thank you so much my dear wife and Ehesklavin.
So my part family did grow a little bit. It was one major part of my SL in this 2nd year and has become very important for me.

There have been some changes to Goddess’ family which I call my greater family. Besides rabea, who is from Germany, I got 2 other new sisters. Anna form the US and Valerie from Germany. Valerie was Goddess’ slave before. She was the observant of the decking in Yasminia and she grew until Goddess collared her has her brat. It is still simply great to be part of such a great family. Thank you, Goddess. I do love you and I would submit to you immediately again if I weren’t owned already.

Goddess and her brats

Some of my friendships have cooled down a little bit unfortunately, some became more intensive and I made some new friends. Any list might not be complete so I better don’t mention you all by name here.

What else is new and related to this 2nd year in SL? Maybe it is my life in two home sims. There is our beach house and our retreat Chez Maurer in Rivers Rock. And there is Yasmina. My sister Yar gave that sim to Goddess who establish our family sim there. I was permitted to build Hotel California in Yasminia. The hotel has provided some nice hours for play and we go there regularly for playing or visiting guests or introducing guests.

I could fulfill my intention to get back to Pandora’s box. Over several weeks I was there again quite often but then I couldn’t anymore …. and now I’ll intend take a next try.
Jenny and me got very close in this 2nd year. We had some nice adventures together. Particulary we love to do quests.

Jenny knows me very well and she now gets green lights. During a green light I switch and submit to her. She has always a new treat in stock for me. And together with rab or any other sister or friend …. well, it can be hard but also very exciting once I’m fully caught by roleplaying and switching to the sub role. As a sub Jenny brought me over some limits that I had before. Thank you, my love. Nonetheless once the green light is off Jenny is again my beloved slave.

I continued to collect pictures and my slideshows have quite a lot pictures in the meanwhile, several hundred and sometimes when it is quiet in SL.. well it is rarely… then I am content just to sit and watch the sildeshow. With the date and a short text displayed with each picture, that is really a journey into nice memories.
Friday nights are your Club nights. We spent them at the Bratz Club in RR. Virgo, a former sis and close friend, makes a perfect party of it each time.
Dancing leads me to intan. I replaced all dances that we had on the roof of “Chez Maurer” with on intan controller and now we can dance everywhere on our plot and choose the dance from the controller. A great invention !

During my 2nd year in SL I could celebrate a lot of anniversaries beginning with my 1st collaring day with Goddess, my one year collaring of Jenny and vanessa and my 1st wedding anniversary.

I am curious of my third year. Before all I wish that my little family stays together and I wish that I can celebrate 2nd anniversaries with my owner Goddess Yasmin, with my Ehesklavin, with vanessa and some 1st anniversaries. I am looking forward to further explore SL, to meet new friends, to intensify old friendships, to having exciting play sessions, to adventures, to enhance my bdsm expierence, to nice talks. There will be changes as life goes on in RL and SL. I just hope that I can avoid any drama as far as possible – let us always remember that we are here to enjoy and to live beyond the possibilities of our RL and that we are humans with emotions. I just hope that the base of my SL will stay like a solid rock.

Dear Jenny, Dear Goddess, dear family, dear friends, let me heartfully thank you all for your love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be “Dio” without you. I couldn’t relax and enjoy SL without you. Thank you all for a great 2nd year in 2nd life. Many thanks!