Dear Diary

20130930 Miss Jenny and dioJenny is on vacation right now. Before she left, she was in a very domme mood and she made sure that my sub side is taken care off so that she could leave without a care in the world. Yes, I know you all love this picture of myself kneeling to Mistress Jenny.

So now I’m caring about our brats and toys alone.
Good that Argi returned to help a bit. Well, you know when you’re alone, you can’t care about all simultaneously. But SL provides some helpful toys and ways to stay in control and to care one after the other. One night I had Flo, Nat and Paige at home. Slave maid Natalia enjoyed exploring our newest potential Paige, who I tied nicely spreaded open for her tongue. And our little doctor Florence watched the scene longing so hard to get her pussy touched herself.

Bondage fun with Flo, Nat and Paige

Bondage fun with Flo, Nat and Paige

Our brat Danii is also enjoying bondage right now. Argi will care about her together with me and we will make sure that she can’t wiggle even her little finger. And Dana is preparing for her upcoming adventure becoming a cow at D-Zone. Once she’s transformed you will read about it here.

Today I had fun with an irregular slave zephaney (zephaney.resident) and another girl who I both met while standing around at DaD (Domme a Domme). I had fun preparing Zeph as a deco and exploring Rina (rina.apfelbaum). Rina turned out being a horny slut who enjoyed being bound in ropes and used. Later a friend, Clara Spice (mistressspice.resident) visited me as well, so we had a pleasant time together watching Rina and then spanking her together. So life is good 🙂

Enjoying the morning: Dio, Rina, Clara and Zeph

Enjoying the morning: Dio, Rina, Clara and Zeph

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