Diary 2019 (77) May 25th/26th – Ok, I am a smurf

I met with Mistress Jenny Saturday afternoon, May 25th. We spent some time at club Domme a Domme chatting amoung us and enjoying togetherness. Back home, Mistress allowed me to lick her again .. and we also spoiled each other.

At night Mistress wasn’t inworld. I made a longer simploring tour and met with slave Flo later. We had a guest at home, Paige Umino. I forgot that I had locked and leashed her on our porch several weeks before. She hasn’t been inworld ever since, at least not when I was present. I unleashed her, but kept her locked. Now she can roam around in case her busy RL allows her getting online.
slave Flo and I visited Puerto Esclava and Mesmerize Dungeon, where I had a tiny bit of fun with a rubber slave, who asked me to load his batteries. I fulfilled the wish, but I also turned on the nerve gas of his gas mask ….

May 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme (left) / Diomita with slave Flo and Paige at home (upper middle) / Diomita with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (lower middle) and at Puerto Esclava (Right)

After slave Flo went to bed, I visited Mistress E (the owner of slave Lexie) and we chatted a bit. and that’s it about Saturday.

We had a varied day with quite some time inworld on Sunday, May 26th. Jenny and I met already in the morning and caught up with our mutual news before we tended to our RL again. In the afternoon we had a little adventure together. I won’t go into details now nor will there be pictures of it at least for right now. Some things have to stay a bit secret. But Jenny and I will for sure remember it. We had almost 2 hours of fun and excitement.

May 26th: Diomita and Jenny catching up at home Sunday morning / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave slut cecy at home Sunday night

We spend Sunday night with slave slut cecy and slave Flo and took them to Mesmerize Dungeon. We had fun there, there was a little bit of main chat that initiated some banter between us. Mistress Jenny had fun teasing slave slut cecy and set a titler for her “I am no smurf” .. and a renamer for her gag “Ok, I am a smurf” – poor slave slut cecy (lucky slave?). This inspired me for today’s title for this diary entry.

May 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave slut cecy (the smurf) at Mesmerize Dungeon / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

After slave Flo had left we brought slave slut cecy to Psi’s realm where Jenny stored her. Then we retreated to our skybox and I got my daily dose ….mmmm yummy *winks*
And that’s it for this diary entry.

Diary 2018 (151) August 16/17th – slave P

Thursday, August 16th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. slave Anne and Paige were around and we went seeing them after we caught up about each others news. Mistress proposed that Paige shouldn’t hang around dressed and without restraints. Paige confirmed have restraints but they needed an update. Hence we took Paige and slave Anne to Marine’s little shop where Paige could update her gear.
Unfortunately slave Anne had to leave and I brought her back home. Mistress Jenny ordered Paige to wear her restraints ready for us to use when she visits our island. With this assignment we left Paige at Marine’s litte shop and spent a few minutes of togetherness at club DeLust before Mistress had to leave.

August 16th: Diomita at home storing slave Anne in her Display box

My night was relaxed. I went on a simploring tour (see yesterday’s entry about “Island of Trust” here) and later I met with slave Flo at home. Paige came by and she was wearing her restraints. Of course I locked them, I added a gag, I pulled off her dress and teared of her lingerie. Then I went inside and grabbed a chastity belt from my desk drawer and fitted in on her. That’s all she gets to wear for now.
And slave Flo? She also got something that night. I went to Lochme with her and bought a set of nipple rings for her, it’s the same set slave kelly is wearing and we can add a board with text to it if we see fit. For now I just added bells to the nipple rings.
After all this “work” I had to take a picture of course ….

August 16th: Diomita at home with slave Flo (prodly presenting her new nipple rings) and Paige (left) / Diomita with Paige at Mesmerize Dungeon (middle) and at Psi’s realm (Right)

It was already slave Flo’s bedtime and after she had left I took Paige to Mesmerize Dungeon and to Psi’s realm to get her used to being exposed. I left her leashed at home before I retreated to bed myself.

Friday, August 17th, I met with Mistress in the afternoon and she summoned me to club Domme a Domme. Mistress Jenny announced a few days ago that she is going to take me into a red light after the Friday night party and she gave me a little taste of that at club Domme a Domme, so that I am aware of her mood.
Paige was present and after we had caught up we went to Psi’s realm with her. Mistress Jenny asked Paige what rules she got from me so far and she wanted to be greeted by her with a footkiss. It turned out that the open collar Paige was wearing doesn’t have this couple Animation (all newer open collars don’t have it anymore). We spent some time trying to enhance Paige’s open collar to provide this couple animation but we failed.

August 17th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave P at Psi’s realm

Finally we found an older version of an open collar on the marketplace, but this one didn’t have the footkiss animation either. But with adding the animation from an old spare collar in my inventory and with some changes in the collar’s notecard I finally got it working. This way we have a nice free collar for the slaves who we don’t own officially (yet?).

As Paige will be more around now, mostly tied up and restricted as we see fit, I will furtheron refer to her as slave P and hence the title of this diary entry.

August 17th – Friday night Party: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo and slave P

And Friday night … party of course: “We’re going south tonight, so all you cowgirls, rednecks and southern belles come dance with us.” Mistress and I had to change into something fitting and even slave Flo found a hat for her red hooded head *winks*

Diary 2018 (150) August 15th – a quiet day

Wednesday, August 15th, turned our to be a quiet day. I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon for an hour. She was at club DeLust and summoned me to her. We caught up with RL and SL news, then we went shopping and didn’t get anything. And I made no pictures.

August 15th: Diomita and Angelique at Psi’s realm with slave Flo and Paige

At night, Angelique, slave Flo and Paige were inworld. slave Flo had dusted the house and the Shangri-La. We decided to have a game of Skipee first. Paige had to watch as she doesn’t know the rules. The game went quite quickly. I won it and Angelique and slave Flo were a bit annoyed thinking that I rigged the set of cards. I didn’t – but it is the Chair I’m sitting in (but don’t spread that).
We went to Psi’s realm for a bit and enjoyed the crowd there, but there was no real conversation running. Angelique crashed, slave Flo went to bed – and I went shopping again. And again I didn’t get anyhting.

August 15th: Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm and at home

I was about to go to bed early, when slave kelly came inworld. As she’ll be off for one week I took her out of the decoration box and spent some time at Psi’s with her. I had some fun teasing slave kelly although no real conversation with the bystanding crowd started this time as well. Back home I locked slave kelly into her display box so that I know where to find her upon her return.

And that’s it already about a quite day for me in Second Life.

Diary 2018 (148) August 13th – slave kelly’s nipple board

I had an enjoyable hour in the afternoon with slave Kelly on Monday, August 13th. I took her out of her cage and to The Apostasy. Her pear plug and her nipple clamps are from a shop there and slave kelly was scared that she gets something else from there. Instead I took her to a house at The Apostasy, well just to the fence around it and she had to look inside. In this house Anne had seen her “rubber project” and at the time I visited with slave kelly there was one “rubber project” object present, sadly just one. But the one was enough to scare slave kelly a bit about what might be in for her and the other slaves.

August 13th: Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm

Then I went to Psi’s realm with her. I added a board to her nipple clamps saying “I love my pear plug” and I exposed her to the crowd there. I had fun! We discussed the up and downsides of plugs and in particular we discussed about slave kelly’s pear plug. I must have been quite embarrassing for slave kelly. slave kelly was desperate to know what I wrote on the board as she couldn’t read it herself because of her viewing restrictions and forced mouselook. At the end of our discussion about the pear plug, I even let one guest try her pear plug – poor slave (happy slave?).

My time was up quickly and hence I brought slave kelly back home into “her” display box. Paige (Paige Umino), who had already followed the conversation at Psi’s realm came by too. I don’t know if anything else happened as I had to tend to my RL then.

August 13th – a relaxed night: Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Diomita and slave Flo playing skipee and slave kelly cleaning and licking boots / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

Our night was relaxed. Angelique, slave Flo and slave kelly were present. We had allowed Angelique to change and she had decided for one of her new outfits. slave Flo had cleaned our house and slave kelly was decorating our porch. Mistress Jenny wanted to wind down with a round of skipee. She played with Angelique against slave Flo and me. And slave kelly had to clean our boots while we played (slave Flo and I on btw.). It really seems to me that when slave kelly gets excited she has to pee. And again, cleaning our boots did excite her that much, that she had to pee again.
After the game Angelique went to bed and Mistress and I took the slaves to Mesmerize Dungeon where slave Flo and slave kelly attracted quite some attention. Hence our 20 minutes there were entertaining. But as always when you have fun time flies.

Diary 2018 (82) May 11th/12th – slave kelly on the fucking machine

Friday, May 11th, was a quiet day. Mistress Jenny and I were inworld late afternoon for a bit and we met with Angelique, slave kelly and Paige. Angelique got a new set of inflatable plugs and I tested them neglecting her protests.

May 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Angelique, Paige and slave kelly at home / Diomita with Angelique, slave Flo and slave Kelly at our Friday night party

Mistress Jenny was not able to attend the Friday night party due to her RL. The party was fun like always but we had not many guests. slave drone Flo, Angelique, slave kelly and myself were present from the family. We had time to chat a bit and later, when Angelique and slave Flo had aready left, I teased slave kelly who couldn’t hold back and peed. She was more than lucky that she had not to lick clean the dancefloor.
And that’s it already about Friday, May 11th

Saturday, May 12th, Mistress Jenny and I spent an our at Heavy Bondage Club in the afternoon while we caught up with eachother’s RL and SL news. Angelique joined us there. Just before we had to leave and to tend to our real life, we went home and teased slave kelly a bit.

May 12th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at Heavy Bondage Club

Mistress Jenny was not inworld at night again due to her RL. My night become quite varied nonetheless. I took slave drone Flo and slave kelly to Bondage&Storage Project and used one of the roleplay rooms there. I sat into a chair and ordered slave kelly to stand with her back to me and to bend forward. Then I slowly unlocked her plug, released it and took it off.
I stood up and lead her to a double dildo fucking machine, the one slave slut cecy had been on several months ago. When slave kelly was fixed and locked on the machine, I went back to the chair, sat down and began playing with the remote of the fucking machine. slave Flo knelt next to the chair and watched. Well, there’s not much else a slave drone can do.

May 12th at Bondage&Storage Project: Diomita preparing slave kelly for the fucking machine, slave drone Flo watching silenty

slave kelly got fucked merciless in two of her holes simulaneously by the machine and she was allowed cumming twice. When I stopped playing she was fully exhausted and her ass was widened a bit more then before. I pushed the butt plug back in and could spread it a bit wider than before which was my intention.

May 12th at Bondage&Storage Project: Diomita and slave Flo watching slave kelly getting fucked by the machine

May 12th: Diomita at Bondage&Storage Project with slave Flo and slave kelly / at home with Angelique

Just before we were about to leave Bondage&Storage Project Angelique came inworld. I first had in mind including her to the session but she lagged badly and hence we headed home. I decided to relax and to play a round of Skipee with Angelique and slave drone Flo. slave kelly was ordered to kneel at my feet and to lick my high heels.
During the game Angelique had an accident and peed all over her chair …. she was lucky that slave kelly was present as I ordered slave kelly to clean up the mess she made. slave kelly licked up Angelique’s pee without hesitating and she would have licked even more and other spots of Angelique but I didn’t allow that. slave Flo won the game and left afterwards as it was already way over her bedtime.

May 12th: Diomita playing Skipee at home with Angelique and slave Flo, slave kelly cleans Angelique’s mess / Diomita and Angelique with slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

I went to Mesmerize dungeon with Angelique and slave kelly and we spent some time there winding down. Overall, I had a nice varied night with a bid of everything.

Diary 2018 (81) May 10th Call Kitty – the helpful!

When I came inworld Thursday, May 10th, I found an offline message from Kitty, that conjured a smile in my face:
Kitty helped Karina’s male slave divert his gaze away from Karina
Nano: “We need a song about Kitty the Helpful”
Nelo: “yes Mistress.. of coarse Mistress.”
Kitty: “Kitty is always helpful, Nano, it’s a great virtue”
Karina: “kitty was a very helpful cow as I remember”
Kitty: “just one of Kitty’s great virtues but an important one nonetheless”
Nano: “Call Kitty – the helpful! Call Kitty – the helpful! Faster than a rocket, swifter than a jet. She’s the bratty subby, she’s the one to get!”
I replied (offline): “good girl, Kitty ….. soo helpful … even taking keys that are left out so that they don’t get stolen *winks*”

May 10th: Diomita with slave kelly and slave Flo at home and at the Apostasy checking Angelique’s progress

I also found a complaint about slave kelly in my messages. A domme complained that slave kelly glared at her and that she walked back without permission. As slave kelly and slave Flo were present I asked slave kelly right away about this incident. She told me that this domme spit on her before she glared at her. slave kelly confirmed that she had been polite.
I expect a slave to be very polite, even more than polite. But I can’t hold against her that she stepped back after being spitted on. Nonetheless I punished slave kelly with one electric shock just because I had to deal with this issue.

Angelique joined slave kelly, slave Flo and me and together we went to the Apostasy where I checked Angelique’s progress as a maid. She’s still ranked #2 and did dust a lot again the last days, quite impressive, I admit.

May 10th: Angelique giving a fashion show for her aunt Diomita and slave kelly and later also for Paige

We went home as Angelique spent time on the marketplace and had some demo and asked for permission to get some of them. We went inside and I enjoyed a nice fashion show together with slave kelly. slave Flo had to leave unfortunately. Later Paige (Paige Umino) came by and joined us. It was quite relaxing for me and I selected several outfits for our niece and gave my permission to her to get them.

May 10th: Maurer’s at HBC (from left to right: Paige, Angelique, Diomita, slave kelly, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at club DeLust

Our night became busy. I took slave Flo, slave kelly and Angelique to Heavy Bondage Club where Paige joined us again and Mistress Jenny. We stayed close to two hours just chatting and teasing. Time flew by. After slave drone Flo and Angelique had left, Mistress Jenny and I went to club DeLust with slave kelly for a bit before we retreated ourselves.

Diary 2018 (42) March 12th – Naughty girls II

Monday afternoon, March 12th, Mistress Jenny took me again to Domme a Domme and had me kneeling at her side while we caught up with our news. When our niece Angelique came inworld, Mistress took me back home and summoned her. Angelique was still dressed for dusting at the Apostasy from the night before. Knowing our answer, Mistress Jenny asked us if we wanted our Chastity belts unlocked and removed. Of course we did.
Mistress leashed both of us and took us the her new “naught girls room”. She locked me into my cage, sat down on her queening throne, removed her top and skirt and revealed the openings of the catsuit she wore below the top and the skirt, then she ordered Angelique to sit in front of her.

March 12th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme / Mistress Jenny taking her Ehesklavin Diomita and her niece Angelique to the “naughty girls room”

Mistress Jenny: “you are both going to get the same punishment”
Angelique: “punishment?”
Mistress Jenny: “for leaving me out of your fun together you both owe me an orgasm”
Diomita Maurer looks over to Mistress and Angellique
Angelique: “for being nice to each other?”
Diomita pulls at her armbinder
Angelique: “oooh.. gosh”
Mistress Jenny: “Angel first”
Angelique inhales deep softly moaning
Mistress Jenny: “I want you to lick me to an orgasm Angel”
Mistress Jenny tugs Angel’s head pulling it close between her legs
Angelique blinks crawling a little higher
Mistress Jenny: “then Diomita”
Angelique smells the lovely scent licking her lips
Mistress Jenny: “and finally I have a treat for you both before I unlock your belts”

That said, Mistress Jenny enjoyed getting licked by Angelique and I had to watch. Mistress’ remark that she now knows why Angelique is her favourite niece confirmed how much she enjoyed it: “I should take advantage of your tongue more often”. After she had her first orgasm, it was at me to lick her in front of Angelique, who had to watch this time.

When Mistress was satified, she released me and ordered Angelique and me to clean eachother’s face. Her particular treat, that she had announced, was that she peed on our faces, while we cleaned eachother. Then Mistress Jenny finally unlocked and removed my belt and ordered me to unlock and remove Angelique’s chastity belt.

March 12th: Mistress Jenny “catching up” with her Ehesklavin Diomita and her niece Angelique

Mistress Jenny: “would you both agree that I have caught up?”
Angelique: “yes Auntie…”
Diomita: “more than that, Mistress Jenny”
Mistress Jenny: “and I want you to promise that you two will keep on getting on very well together”

Our night was varied and relaxed. Mistress Jenny and I went to The Secret House and talked about the afternoon, read profiles, had eye candy and even a tiny bit of main chat at the club. When slave drone Flo came inworld, Mistress proposed to have one game of Skipee. We went home and found slave Flo and Anne (AnneWanne) there. Anne got a drone suit like slave drone Flo and is eager to learn more about it. And she helped slave drone Flo with cleaning at home – good girl.
We summoned Angelique, who was dusting again at the Apostasy. She had to fight with lag there and as the scripts didn’t work properly anymore, she was punished with locking time of the duster. To get it off she has to dust – and as the lag is too hight, she can’t. She could dust our Skipee table while playing. While playing Paige (Paige Umino) joined us and watched. We played exactly one round (I won it *wide grin*), then it was time for Flo to leave for bed.

March 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the Secret House / gathering at home with slave Flo, Angelique and Anne (upper middle) / playing Skipee (upper right) / At the Apostasy – in the foreground Anne, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, (maid) Angelique and Paige (lower right)

We decided to take Angelique back to the Apostasy. Actually we wanted to watch her dusting for a bit – but we didn’t get any farer than the landing point. It was quite busy there and we had quite some entertainment and chat (the lag isn’t surprising with that many people and most of them wearing not just one restraint). Again time had flown by.

Something else? Yes, I locked Anne’s drone suit. Now she can experience it *winks*.

Dear Diary – Back in charge

It has been a bit more busy for us lately. Besides slave Flo and Sklavin, we took slave Ashley (AshleyAnnLove.resident) and will collar or sell her. So far we keep the young slave naked, she quite needs no clothes and is an eye candy. Also Paige visited us several times. During one of her visits I took the picture below of her with slave Ashley. Aren’t they cute?

Paige and slave Ashley

Paige and slave Ashley

We still consider to collar our toy (Karen.Emms). So far RL and timezone are against us and we decided to postpone her collaring but to keep her as our toy nonetheless. It is fun to tease her and to see how she struggles and squirms as we add rules and form her more and more from a respectable housewife into our toy. Her diary will be continued ….

Dio and toy

Dio and toy

As I hinted before, Mistress granted a green light to me. It’s my turn to take her slowly deep into subspace. I enjoy her submission and devotion a lot. It feels very particular having her at my feet again as my Ehesklavin, although I should be used to it after all these years.

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

20160917 My Ehesklavin and me_003Jenny got a new armbinder from Marine’s Real Restraints. It’s called highbinder and and offers quite some possibilites to adjust it and to colour it. And it looks simply great, particularly when Jenny wears it. Nothing can describe how it feels to have your Mistress bound like this. I get an idea now how it feels for her having me *winks*.

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at home cuddling at Angel Falls

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at home cuddling at Angel Falls

But even tied up and obviously controlled and owned herself, Jenny still stays superior for our brats, slaves and subs. Slave Ashley experienced it even although it is very rare that we expose eachother that obviously in front of them. She had to clean her boots (and more) and she could sense Jenny’s natural supremacy as we discussed our further plans for her.

My Ehesklavin and me and slave Ashley

My Ehesklavin and me with slave Ashley

And after all it is also very helpful to delegate surveillance and leashing to Jenny. Not only that I can tend to other things, no, it also helps her to direct her domanince to someone else but me *winks*. A real win-win-win  situation.

Janny and slave Flo and sklavin at Mesmerize Dungeon

Janny and slave Flo and sklavin

That’s it for now.


Enjoying bondage September 2015: At Roper’s playground

For this months enjoying bondage night we selected Roper’s playground. We had fun over there lately and we expected some of our slaves and sub’s dropping in. Roper’s playground was the perfect place as we could tie our vicitims next to eachother on single poles using one of the retracting platforms over there. We met Cecy (cecysumi.resident) at Roper’s as well as Zephaney. Slave Flo and sklavin completed the picture. There’s a lot going on at Roper’s so our “models” could get some eye candy while being exposed. In addition we kept them attentive with our teasing. Later Zephaney had to leave but Ashley got online and added a nice contrast being naked and looking that innocent (she isn’t). Just a short post this time but not less fun.

Enjoying bondage September 2015: slave Flo, Jenny, Cecy, Zephaney, Dio and sklavin at Roper's playground

Enjoying bondage September 2015: slave Flo, Jenny, Cecy, Zephaney, Dio and sklavin at Roper’s playground

Enjoying bondage September 2015: slave Flo, Jenny, Cecy, DIo, Ashley and sklavin at Roper's playground

Enjoying bondage September 2015: slave Flo, Jenny, Cecy, Dio, Ashley and sklavin at Roper’s playground

Ok, here’s a little bonus as this post is really short so far. Right now we keep slave Flo and sklavin as a kind of twin slaves as mentioned earlier in another post. But they are easy to differentiate as sklavin is way taller than slave Flo. And one is pink and the other red. Anway we take them out and enjoy exposing them and often we’re getting some remarks. The picture below was taken at HBC.

Dio taking slave Flo and Sklavin out to HBC

Dio taking slave Flo and Sklavin out to HBC

The other bonus picture was taken at Mesmerize Dungeon (MD). It shows again our twin slaves with Jenny and myself, this time together with Paige and slave Ashley. I do like the contrast in this picture.  Those who might take a closer look will notice who is leashed to who (Yes, I’m in control right now for a bit *winks*)

Dio, Paige, Jenny, slave Flo, slave Ashley and sklavin at MD

Dio, Paige, Jenny, slave Flo, slave Ashley and sklavin at MD

Dear Diary

It’s about time for another “Dear Diary” entry. So what is going on? First of all, Mistress Jenny took me into a longer, very intensive red light in the last week of August. She pushed me very deep into subspace. It is not easy to express in words what did happen but for sure Mistress is confirming her dominion. I am owned, I am hers and she sets the rules.

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny takes Dio into a red light

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny takes Dio into a red light

During my red light there was still a lot going around us. Mii (miisiek89.tenk) became closer to us. Mii loves bondage in particular and did appear already in the blog particularly when we had our bondage nights. This time it was more than just bondage. Mii became a submissive friend of ours. We used her and we introduced her to some basic rules. She had moments where we took advantage and others where we simply enjoyed her presence kneeling next to us. As our online times do not really match, for right now at least Mii will stay a close submissive friend of ours, following our rules when she’s around but free to follow her other activities during her online times.

Mistress Jenny and Mii in the dojo

Mistress Jenny and Mii in the dojo

We descided to keep slave Flo and Sklavin a bit like twins. First we had them in similar restraints and catsuits. The more important change for them is that we enforced their rule to speak only when spoken to. We used a nice little tool (the STFU gag from Daisy Creations) for enforcing. That worked out nicely and we were envied for the obedience of our slaves. But even harder then being forced by a tool is to be forced by a simple command. This way we taught slave Flo to use emoting for describing what you can see and not for communication. Both slaves managed the assignment pretty well and were rewarded as we allowed them to enjoy eachother  one night.

slave Flo enjoying sklavin

slave Flo enjoying Sklavin

We finished August with a family night, just chatting and that night our toy (karen.emms) did show up. It was fun having her around. We still don’t know how things will develop for and with her but right now, it is fun to tease her and to enjoy her helplessness.

A Family night August 31st: Mii, Mistress Jenny, Dio, slave Flo and toy

A Family night August 31st: Mii, Mistress Jenny, Dio, slave Flo and toy

While this was going on, Mistress Jenny kept me in deep submissiveness. And she exposed me in public when we had a quiet moment together. I could sense her pride as well as her strictness and power. As mentioned in the beginning of this post it was a very intense experience for me.

Dio at her place at Mistress Jenny's feet

Dio at her place at Mistress Jenny’s feet

We started September with a mini “Enjoying bondage” night as we took Mii and sklavin to Ropers playground and secured them nicely next to eachother. We ourselves were sitting comfortably on a couch and watched Paige (paige.umino) who danced for us on a dance pole. Paige is another submissive friend of ours who we lost contact with. She developed a lot in our opinion and we enjoyed her presence which is rare due to timezones. In the second picture you can see a young woman standing behind the couch near me. This is Ashley (AshleyAnneLove.resident). She was a stray slave, very willing and watched us quite a while. We took her home and claimed her. We might sell her or use her or simply have fun. We don’t know yet.

Sept 1st: Mii and sklavin tied up at Ropers playground

Sept 1st: Mii and sklavin tied up at Ropers playground

20150901 sklavin at Ropers (her view)_001

Sept 1st: At Ropers playground, sklavin’s view on Mistress Jenny, Dio and Paige (dancing)

By the end of the first September week Mistress Jenny released me of my red light. She intends to grant a green light to me soon but I need time to recover in order to get out of subspace. We continued to form twin slaves from slave Flo and sklavin. So one night we took sklavin to our dungeon and shaved her hair with a razor and cutted out the word “slave”. Now sklavin wears the same hair cut as slave Flo. But her hair can grow again as opposed to slave Flo’s hair that is not growing anymore because of a disease. After shaving her hair we dressed the slaves simliar but in different colours. Well you still can tell who is who but both please us as we have fun. If your take a closer look you might see that I wear my jewelery collar again :-).
20150905 Cutting sklavin's hair_003

Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and sklavin at DaD

Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and sklavin at DaD

Dio, Ashley, Jenny and sklavin at Gwen's slave storage

Dio, Ashley, Jenny and sklavin at Gwen’s slave storage

On September 6th we had a rare visit: Coco McGinnis. For us she’s still Dana (dana.drezelan), our former slave who we sold last year. Coco is still having fun exploring the more extreme sides of slavery in SL. She does look ..ehm.. extrem *winks*. I’m sure that just looking a her does scare our slaves.

Dio with Coco McGinnis (dana.drezelan)

Dio with Coco McGinnis (dana.drezelan)

I’ll end this post with a family picture that I took on Monday, September 7th. Funny but we really had our Sunday night on a Monday. Usually at a Sunday night everybody drops in and it isn’t possible to do anything else but chat. That Monday we had our Sunday night. And we enjoyed it! Jenny and I were cuddling at the decking and were surrounded by our slaves and subs and Argi added the spice and fun to our conversation not only with her very particular Argi-vocabular.

Sept. 7th: A Sunday night on a Monday. Jenny and Dio cuddling surrounded by Gero, Ashley, Flo, Paige and Argi (standing)

Sept. 7th: A Sunday night on a Monday. Jenny and Dio cuddling surrounded by Gero, Ashley, Flo, Paige and Argi (Standing)

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