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20131008 Rona's Art - Portraits

Being at The Secret House more often we have got to know many of the regular visitors of the club. One of them is Rona (ronapotter.resident). One of the first things I noticed is that Rona is always wearing an extraordinary make up.  What attracted me more are the artful pictures in her profile, some of them being very erotic dealing with the theme old and young lesbian bdsm couples, others just are very mysterious. Soon we got into chatting and Rona offered to create some art pictures of Jenny and me. It took several sessions and was fun to do. Even more fun is the outcome. Her art is erotic, mysterious and naive. It leaves room for creating your own thoughts about it. Rona has an art gallery on ( I recommend that you have a look on her art. Well, besides the art, Rona has other kinks and passions that are worth exploring. But I won’t go into details. Or maybe at least not now yet. Here’s some of the pictures that she created for us.

Rona's Art - Long Night

Rona’s Art – Long Night

Rona's Art - dio rona

Rona’s Art – dio rona

Rona's Art - Practise

Rona’s Art – Practise

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