Angelique Maurer, collared 2 years

Angelique Maurer
Today we celebrate our niece’s 2nd collaring anniversary – time flies. It seems like yesterday that Angelique came to our homesim, greeted us respectfully and stood shyly a little bit aside watching and observing us. No surprise that we became curious about her. Angelique’s way to roleplay, her aspire for perfectness … combined with her.. “accidents” conquered our hearts quickly. According to our and her age we adopted her as our niece and began to support her further education. Angelique wants to become a true lady, yet she lacks manners and behavior sometimes. We sent her to the best schools, and she spoiled us with good grades. But then, all of a sudden her bratty side comes through again and all the efforts seem to be in vain again. Nonetheless, looking back at these 2 years now, there’s progress. Angelique cares for our home, she dusts, she gives tours to visitors, she serves drinks and does everything a good girl should do to help her aunts. In addition we’re spoiled by her love … and we do get particular services, of which I won’t report here.

3 views of our Angelique

3 views of our Angelique

Angelique is always caring for her appearance, her clothing and is a real beauty. Some are just smitten by looking at her and we can fully understand that. She has a weakness not just for her aunts but for any mature lady who knows good manners. That impresses her. And if someone is able to read her face and to reveal her little secrets, she will be the best girl you can imagine. Just be wary of her brattiness *winks*.

We are happy to have her around us, our gem, our niece. She enriches our Second Life. Thank you for being our sweet niece. Happy collaring day, Angelique Maurer.

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  1. Angelique
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 15:00:55

    Hello Aunties,

    Thank you for the wonderful past two years.
    You both mean the world to me.
    Love you



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