Dear diary

Sarah, Angelique, Argi, Mii and Dio chitchatting Sept 4th, 2014

Sarah, Angelique, Argi, Mii and Dio chitchatting Sept 4th, 2014

The first week of September was comparably quiet, no bondage night at least. But we had fun and were busy nonetheless. We prepared a particular event but haven’t fixed a date yet nor will I reveal anything here right now, but there will be an entry announcing it here soon. Slave flo was on vacation and rona cared about the dusting during her absence.

Dusting the stairs by ronapotter

Dusting the stairs by ronapotter

Apropos slave – we host another slave. Her name is W-190 formerly known as joselyn Lavender. She came wandering around  and exploring to us the week before. It turns out that she was recently enslaved as “woman voluntarily serving (wvs)” by MzTania. I know Tania’s sim and her wvs as Dana is a parttime wvs (or at least she was) and thus i got contact to Tania. Sometimes I use “The Retreat” at Tania’s sim to …. retreat (surprise, surprise). I contacted Tania and we agreed that slave jo, as we call her, will serve us now until further notice. Slave jo is a patient, submissive being. We will guide and accompany her path slowly and see where it leads to. The slaves flo and jo began to know eachother already as documented in the picture below.

slave flo "examining" slave jo

slave flo “examining” slave jo

Did anything else happen? Oh yes, I updated the “Family overview” on the Family&Friends page of this blog. And Jenny and I had some relaxing and recovering moments – but not everything needs to be documented here in detail *grins

Love from Dio

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