Our Friday night parties and other stuff

Our Friday night parties are a fixed date in our weekly calendar. We had them since 2009 when Sam (samatha.congrejo), who left SL long ago, provided a sim for Yasmin and the brat pack – Rivers Rock. There she erected a store and a club – the BRATZ club. And Virgo played the tunes every Friday night. Suddently Rivers Rock was gone when Sam left SL but we kept the Friday night parties and always found a place for it. The party is a real tradition that we don’t want to miss. Sometimes Tyra sets up a theme, sometimes Virgo just picks what comes to her mind. And Virgo is for sure the best dj in whole SL (I’m biased but i can be biased). The party is always nice and the music is great but it is even better when we have many guests. Then we have some nice banters and chat while dancing and not just everyone being in IM. So this blog entry is also sort of an advertisement for the party. Last night we had quite a crowd and that was pure fun until early morning.
So come and join the fun. The party is every Friday at 9 PM (GMT) / 1 PM (SL time).

The Friday night party - every Friday at 9 PM GMT

The Friday night party – every Friday at 9 PM GMT

Today my niece Angelique and I had a short conversation and she really said “I’m the most innocent family member”. For me that is the joke of the day that I wanted to share here. Ok, I admit in the picture below she really looks quite innocent, just her skirt is a bit short for her innocence.

Aunt and niece

Aunt and niece

One last thing: Jenny and I were looking for some trouble and fun outside of our family. We do that rarely and it is not that easy to find a someone for it. I don’t know yet how it will develop. But as the blog is still also our diary, it should be mentioned here. I won’t reveal any details but this picture is of last Thursday and i cut out our kidnapper. We’re still having fun inworld.

Jenny and Dio in trouble

Jenny and Dio in trouble

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