Backflash August 2019 – SL variety (August 26th, 2014)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
Five years ago I wrote a blog post about the variety of kinks and passions we, our family and friends are persuing. That hasn’t changed much! What changed is that some of the people mentioned in that post from 5 years ago have left Second Life (ronapotter, Queen Takacs) or that we have lost closer contact to them (Fae Howlett, Jill Freenote). Enjoy reading:

SL variety

Today’s post is about several things that happened the last days. I choosed the headline “SL variety” as I think it matches best and this post deals with several aspects of our SL within the Eurobrats right now. Dana and Kitty, both are at Stones ‘N Rubber (sNr) being ponies. Although ponyplay is not my major kink, I got drawn into it by our brats again and again. And I admit, it has “something”. First of all the restriction part of it is exciting. A pony really depends on the trainers and their moods. There might be play or not, they can’t influence it at all and their communication and abilities are very limited. Secondly also the training part is fun as the ponies have to learn and exercise, they have to be passionate. And thirdly, for the domme the total control is the kink and that is a kink I really share and enjoy.
As already mentioned before, our ponies Dana and Kitty are both at sNr right now and so is also my former sister Jill Freenote. When Kitty started her pony life, one of her trainers and friends was Merjeni (mer7maids8 resident) and Merjeni is still caring about Kitty’s pony life and her progresses to become just perfect. Today I got a message from Merjeni and 3 pictures that I’m going to share here:
The first photo is of Kitty standing in front of the cart track score board, I decided to train her over at Wildfire stables cart track, I am also a Wildfire trainer as well.

pony Kitty at Wildfire Stables


The cart track can be tricky but no difficult, require some skill to get the best score as possible.  Kitty actually did very well as you can by the score board, we were there for quite awhile.  I had also taken Kitty to Wild Ponygirls for the 24 hour slalom event to compete, these 24 hour ponygirl events are great for ponies who have different time zones, so it was perfect for kitty.  While Kitty did not place, she did put her pony heart into it, showing true spirit.  Later on I did bring FreeHoof (remark: this is my ex-sister Jill Freenote) to the Wild Ponygirls 24 hour slalom event that same night, she did place!  6th place to be exact after the event was entirely over.
I also included a favourite photo of me and kitty hanging out in the stall.

Merjeni and pony Kitty at sNr


Today I took Kitty and FreeHoof for some training on Wildfire’s race track, Kitty did so well, she is now on top of the scoreboard!”

ponies Kitty and Jill at Wildfire Stables


Ok, these are the news of our ponies. Mii, who I know from deviant Art, is also a trainer at sNr and she also helps to train our ponies there. Mii herself has several kinks and there’re not just about ponies – she also enjoys tight bondage and restrictions. Just a couple of days ago she called me being excited of her newest gear: an inflatable latex bag. While she looks funny in it, it might not be that funny being locked into the bag. Of course it is very restricting and can be locked up to total helplessness including taking away any way of communication. So don’t think, that it is only funny. Well, we fulfilled her wish and locked her into the bag and restricted her. Mii loves it, maybe because it is warmer inside than our European summer? Maybe. But I can also quote her: “Miss Diomita, I would like say something more .. I just love that suit so much as I wouldn’t like get out of it.” And as it looks funny, for example when she crawls over the ground like a worm, Mii (or “Maurer’s Toy” right now) gives reason for banter and chitchat. Just last night I took this picture as the family gathered and it really documents the variety of kinks we have within our family.

Various Kinks(1) from left to right: rona, Dio, Sarah, qt, Fae, Mii and slave

Various Kinks(2) from left to right: Dio, qt, Fae and Mii

And also last night I took this snapshot of slave and rona when Jenny joined. I like this picture and it demonstrates passionate dedication and submission without strong or restrictive bondage, thus another kink.

Various Kinks (3) Mistress Jenny with rona and slave

Last but not least this leads to rona and to her art. Rona is developing her own style of art, mixing different elements of SL as well as some RL and putting it together into pictures that tell a story or are simply just exciting. These 2 pictures are new and not yet published on deviant Art (but will be published there too very soon). Thank you rona!

cage room by ronapotter

latex reflection by ronapotter

That’s it for right now from our varied SL.
Love from Diomita
And here’s the link to the original post:

Diary 2017 (154) Sept 14th – Green Day

Thursday afternoon, September 14th, I picked my wife up at Lochme and brought her outside into the fresh air. I exposed my property to the public and enjoyed the view on her. We had quite a lot to catch up. Next stop on our afternoon tour was Domme a Domme, where I removed her cloak and the armbinder and fitted the the yoke and the spreader bar on her. Finally I took my very owned Mistress to Psi’s realm where I stored her.

September 14th: Diomita with her property Jenny at Lochme

September 14th: Diomita with her property Jenny at Domme a Domme and at Psi’s realm

When I returned online at night, I found slave Flo at home and Mii, who was trapped by one of the nets that are at our home to tease visitors. We hadn’t seen Mii for quite a while. slave Flo immediately remarked that she fained quite some weight. For me her news were that she partnered with Bianca Lamplugh aka. Rubbertoy, who we had with us in July for a short time. We chatted with Mii for a while also about her CC drone suit which she enjoys wearing.

September 14th: Diomita with slave Flo at home receiving a visit from Mii

Then I took slave Flo to Mirage again to explore and test some equipment there. I found an interesting cupboard and slave Flo enjoyed being fucked by her owner. Anything else? Yes I gave a tour over our island to someone, who I met recently… but that’s it for this diary entry.

September 14th: Diomita playing with slave Flo at Mirage

Enjoying bondage January 2015: The bondage frame

End of December 2014 we had a small spontaneous bondage night that began with wrapping up our slave Flo into a bondage mummy. At the same time, we discovered how cute and balletic our niece walks with her ankles tied taut (thank you Marine Kelley for this lovely animation). Time to roll slave Flo over to Sarah’s patio and to watch Angelique’s walk over there. When we arrived, Mii also came over and was quickly encased in her inflatable mummy bag (we begin to call her our michilin mummy).

Enjoying bondage: Jenny inspects slave Flo, Angelique and Mii

Enjoying bondage: Mistress Jenny enframed by slave Flo, Angelique & Mii

Enjoying bondage: Mistress Jenny inspects slave Flo, Angelique and Mii

Enjoying bondage: Mistress Jenny inspects slave Flo, Angelique & Mii

What you can’t see are some issues that were caused by the bondage. Well, slave Flo’s bondage wrapping is not proof and after some hours it began to leak. Mii’s inflatable bag is proof and we don’t know if she began to swim inside. And Angelique with her weak bladder grumbled as she was worried, she couldn’t reach any toilet in time with her ankles tied. The little chain between her ankles made her walking like a ballet princess, so cute! Anyway, we had our fun.

Angelique however didn’t like her balletic walking at all. As opposed to us, she didn’t find it cute but embarrassing. And those who know our niece do have an idea about her rebellion and bratty behavior when she’s feeling uncomfortable. On New Year Day I asked Angelique to walk for us again as I just wanted to enjoy the view. She refused it and even threats couldn’t bring her to terms. As a good aunt I had to insist getting my fun with her. And I did get it. I put Angelique in a bondage rack and secured her safely. Slave Flo who I put her in a latex bag in the meanwhile as her wrapping was soaking wet and stinky, had to watch. The latex bag is at least pee proof and doesn’t smell.

Diomita getting her New Year fun with Angelique. Slave Flo watching.

Diomita getting her New Year fun with Angelique. Slave Flo watching.

First I only used my crop delivering a nice spanking on all of Angelique’s exposed parts to remind her not to deny pleasure for me again. She took it bravely but still rebellious. But then I remembered that I have a drawer full of nice little mean toys in my office and grabbed a nose hook, a vibrator butt plug and a dildo vibrator. The dildo vibrator was added to the rack and so was the butt plug to my niece’s ass and the nose hook to her nose of course. Time to enjoy her misery and excitement for aunt Diomita.

Angelique providing New Year fun for aunt Diomita

Angelique providing New Year fun for aunt Diomita (1)

No bondage is complete without a gag. So I added a ringgag that prevented Angelique’s talking back, started the two vibrators and just enjoyed. Do I need to mention that there was pee puddle already? Anyway, Angelique added other fluids to it. Oh, and if she denies again a little favour for me or Jenny – I made up my mind already for the next pleasure that I will simply force her to provide *winks*.


Angelique providing New Year fun for aunt Diomita (2)

Enjoying bondage December: Merry Christmas

All preparations for christmas are done in our real lifes. And also in Second Life it becomes more quiet as many are offline for the holidays. The preparations for christmas are done in SL as well and we already exchanged some presents. So it’s time to take a break. Jenny and I spend a lovely and relaxing time online on christmas eve.  We went shopping to spoil eachother. And we took advantage of one present we got – Mii (miisiek89.oh). She offered herself as a present. We put her in her latex bag. Mistress Jenny secured it safely and I locked her into a cage. This way she can enjoy christmas safe and sound and warm and cosy.

Enjoying bondage on christmas: Mii (hosted by Jenny and Diomita Maurer)

Enjoying bondage on christmas: Mii (hosted by Jenny & Diomita)

Just when we were done with Mii our slave Flo showed up. And as we were just in the right mood we took her to the dojo and used some chains to tie her up. It is important to use the chains every once in a while to ensure that they don’t rust. Well, seems as if they still work fine.

Enjoying bondage on christmas: slave Flo

Enjoying bondage on christmas: “Chains” – Diomita, slave Flo, Jenny

We wish everybody a joyful christmas.
Love from Diomita and Jenny Maurer

Enjoying bondage: The event September 21st, 2014

20140921 Enjoying Bondage September 2014 Board

This time we planned doing something different for our bondage night. We put out some bondage frames and racks in front of our house and planned to get a row filled with our subs and random victims for this night. It began quite busy. I had caught Ashe (ashelia.difference), an old friend of ours who i didn’t see for years, in the morning – thus the first victim. Jenny caught another slave a few days before who we expected for the night (but she didn’t appear). At lunch time the set up was done, the court in front of the main house was filled with the frames and racks. When I got online at night Mii showed up and of course she was the first to get locked up. Then Ashe came, then rona, then slave flo – I was busy working to get all tied up nice and securely. Sarah was also around and she took the position of supervising.

Enjoying Bondage: Ashe (ashelia.differnce)

Enjoying Bondage: Ashe (ashelia.differnce)

Enjoying Bondage: Ashe and Mii

Enjoying Bondage: Ashe and Mii

Enjoying Bondage: rona and slave Flo

Enjoying Bondage: rona and slave Flo

Quite no surprise, when they all were tied up and when I was ready to enjoy the work I did, Ashe was the first who left for RL, then Mii followed soon after. In the meanwhile Jenny came online and she asked in a group of bondage loving women (The Bondagettes – also a group on deviantArt, look it up there) for models to join in the fun – and she was successful: Amykins Aristocrat and BrittanyAnne Writer joined and were tied up quickly. You could sense their eagerness, they brought enough rope with them and helped themselfs to get tied (good girls!). Thank you BittanyAnne and Amykins. We took some (a lot!) pictures and to complete it Jenny and I joined ourselfs. I will add most of the pictures that I took to this post as some of them became really good.

Enjoying Bondage: BrittanyAnne Writer

Enjoying Bondage: BrittanyAnne Writer

Enjoying Bondage: Amykins Aristocrat

Enjoying Bondage: Amykins Aristocrat

Enjoying Bondage: Jenny Maurer

Enjoying Bondage: Jenny Maurer

Enjoying Bondage: Jenny and Diomita Maurer

Enjoying Bondage: Jenny and Diomita Maurer

20140921 Enjoying Bondage_013

Enjoying bondage: The event September 21st, 2014

This was the first but most probably not the last event of this kind. We will need a bit more time for planning and preparation for the next one. And usually the bondage nights are a spontaneous event. But to sum it up: It was great fun!
Enjoy all the pictures!

Dear diary

Sarah, Angelique, Argi, Mii and Dio chitchatting Sept 4th, 2014

Sarah, Angelique, Argi, Mii and Dio chitchatting Sept 4th, 2014

The first week of September was comparably quiet, no bondage night at least. But we had fun and were busy nonetheless. We prepared a particular event but haven’t fixed a date yet nor will I reveal anything here right now, but there will be an entry announcing it here soon. Slave flo was on vacation and rona cared about the dusting during her absence.

Dusting the stairs by ronapotter

Dusting the stairs by ronapotter

Apropos slave – we host another slave. Her name is W-190 formerly known as joselyn Lavender. She came wandering around  and exploring to us the week before. It turns out that she was recently enslaved as “woman voluntarily serving (wvs)” by MzTania. I know Tania’s sim and her wvs as Dana is a parttime wvs (or at least she was) and thus i got contact to Tania. Sometimes I use “The Retreat” at Tania’s sim to …. retreat (surprise, surprise). I contacted Tania and we agreed that slave jo, as we call her, will serve us now until further notice. Slave jo is a patient, submissive being. We will guide and accompany her path slowly and see where it leads to. The slaves flo and jo began to know eachother already as documented in the picture below.

slave flo "examining" slave jo

slave flo “examining” slave jo

Did anything else happen? Oh yes, I updated the “Family overview” on the Family&Friends page of this blog. And Jenny and I had some relaxing and recovering moments – but not everything needs to be documented here in detail *grins

Love from Dio

Enjoying bondage series – August 2014: Hoods

Missed the monthly “enjoying bondage” post? Here it is:

I hinted before on our blog that we have found a new bondage toy: The RF Hood (Restrained Freedom). Actually what you saw in slave flo’s chapter 13 (the previous post), is a RF Hood. It can be adjusted in a wide range of colours and materials, it can be worn full covering the face or leaving the face itself free. It can have a hair tail or kitten ears and it offers a wide range of restrictions from mumbling to tight gagging to total silence including no emoting. There are earmuffs to restrict hearing and a blindfold to restrict seeing up to total silence. This is a great toy for bondage loving dommes as well as for subs and slaves who enjoy tight bondage.

Not did our slave get it, we also bought one for rona, and we will get more for sure!
On August, 4th we had a real family gathering up at home.  And while all talked at the same time, I took a quiet moment and took a picture…

Gathering (from left to right) Argi, Angelique (yes with the red pony tail), Mii Oh, Jenny, slave, rona, Diomita

Gathering (from left to right) Argi, Angelique (yes with the red pony tail), Mii, Jenny, slave, rona, Diomita

What do you go in for with such a varied crowd? Yes of course, you start a spontaneous bondage night! And so we did. Mii joined the already hooded and tied slave and rona and then we went to Tormenting Heights. Tormenting Heights is the homesim of my former sister Jill Ormstein and I admit that we visit there way to rarely. I remembered that there’s a nice patio to sit and enjoy. So, we went there to take a few pictures of our hooded Girls.

Enjoying bondage August 2014 (from left to right) Diomits, Mii, slave, rona, Jenny, Argi and Angelique

Enjoying bondage August 2014 (from left to right) Diomita, Mii, slave, rona, Jenny, Argi and Angelique

Enjoying bondage August 2014 (from left to right) Mii, Diomita, Jenny, slave and rona

Enjoying bondage August 2014 (from left to right) Mii, Diomita, Jenny, slave and rona

Enjoying bondage August 2014: slave and rona with her owners Diomita and Jenny

Enjoying bondage August 2014: slave and rona with her owners Diomita and Jenny

That was another enjoyable bondage night!

More to follow  🙂
Love from Diomita and Jenny Maurer

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