Dana collared 4 years

Diomita with slave Dana

Diomita with slave Dana

Incredible how time flies by. Today marks Dana Maurer’s (dana.drezelan) 4th collaring anniversary. We’re very proud to own her and cherish her gift of submission to us. This last year Dana was quite a while a pony at Stones&Rubber together with Kitty. They do get along very well and enjoy teasing eachother no matter what they’re just doing. Seems that pony play does attract her again and again besides all her other kinks. But she’s back from being a pony and roaming SL for a new adventure. Last week I had an opportunity to be togehter with our naughty black slave Dana and I took her over to Umbral. I enjoyed using her to bring my shoes to a perfect shine.

Dio instructing slave Dana

Dio instructing slave Dana

slave Dana cleaning Dio's shoes

slave Dana cleaning Dio’s shoes

Dio adds the last finishing shine to her boots

Dio adds the last finishing shine to her boots

4 years in SL is a long time, particularly when you’re not in the same timezone and thus contact is reduced to weekends or only to short times all other days. Often Dana gets online when I am about to go to bed. Even more Dana surprised us with her dedication and true submission.
Thank you for being ours, slave Dana. We love you! Happy collaring day!
We will keep your present safe and secret until we get the opportunity to see each other inworld again.

Love from Diomita & Jenny

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