Angelique 3rd collaring anniversary

Happy anniversary, Angelique

Happy anniversary, Angelique

Today marks Angelique Maurer’s 3rd collaring day. Jenny and I are very happy to have Angelique around us and in our family. Angelique might be one of the most patient persons who I know. More than 3 years ago she came into our Second Life. She watched, she stood close by and listened, she never interfered unasked, she waited for us to have time to talk with her, she roleplayed. Roleplaying is Angelique’s strength. She does is that well, that I sometimes can’t differentiate between her roleplay and her real emotions. Her roleplay might aim for being punished, for getting what she secretly wants but doesn’t dare to say openly or it might be that she really doesn’t like something. It really took time to get as close to her as we are today. We are her aunts, her protectors, her base for her SL. And we get love and loyality of our niece in return – and the fun of roleplaying with her every once in a while. Up until today, Angelique is patient. She waits for us to have time when she wants to talk about something. She never claims priority. She is our angel. We do hope to have her around us for many years to come and we wish that she is rewarded with good roleplays, that she meets people who understand how she is: a brat, a kinky person, a cute young woman, a good observer, a wonderful friend and our angel.

Don't forget your anniversary spanks, our niece!

Don’t forget your anniversary spanks, our niece!

Thank you for being you, Angelique!

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  1. Angelique Maurer
    Feb 21, 2015 @ 20:15:19

    Thank you for this lovely blog Auntie Diomita.
    And how nice to experience your mind doesn’t play up this time *winks*
    It is an unbelievable fine though indescribable feeling to have the chance being part of the Maurer family.
    You asked me several times if I wished something for my anniversary, and there is just one thing I can think off.
    An other wonderful year with you and Auntie J and all the other family members in good health and pleasure together.
    I love you Aunties xoxoxox

    Angelique Maurer


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