Dear Diary

It’s about time to write a little bit about our new guests at our homesim. After our family shrunk we were open for new subs and slaves and we went out hunting. So far there is in particular Gebby (gebby.resident), who is already on trial for our collar. So she might be our second slave besides slave Flo. Gebby is a slave who is held leashed and restricted all the time. It’s better for her to know that there’s no way out and it motivates her to obey. To differentiate the two we call her sklavin and Flo is called slave. Be aware that sklavin should only speak when spoken to and we enforce that most of the time.

Diomita and sklavin Gebby at The Secret House

Diomita and sklavin Gebby at The Secret House

slave Flo, Jenny, Diomita and Sklavin Gebby at Persian Lesbian Palace

slave Flo, Jenny, Diomita and sklavin Gebby at Persian Lesbian Palace

In addition we “hired” a maid, if hiring is the right word. Her name is Spohie (justacow.resident), but the name doesn’t really mind, she’s simply the maid. The maid caught our attention by her profile text about maids that I’ll share here: “A good maid must be almost invisible. As a maid you are a useful addition but not family or a friend. You are something they need, not someone they want around. You are noticed either when you demand attention, which means you are violating the privacy of your betters, or because you don’t do your job properly, which makes you a useless burden. Serving properly as a maid is a very demanding job. All of your senses must be focused on your service, obedience must be outstanding. At the same time it can be very lonely. Even in social events, or especially during them, you will be nothing more than animated furniture. And you will do your best to be the most useful piece of furniture. You are no more than a piece of the backdrop. And how good it is depends on how you perform your duties.” We will of course help the maid to live up to her attitudes.

The maid Sophie

The maid Sophie

What else? I caught a housewife. Yes, really! I met her at HBC and she is seriously roleplaying a housewide, with husband and two kids, who got into trouble and who’s way more horny than you would suppose. Her name is Karen (karen.emms). Slave Flo calls her “mum Karen”, I tend to call her by her future position “slave”. We’ll certainly find a fitting nickname for her later, maybe “toy”. So far, we explore and test what she’s good for. And I can tell, she forgets the world around her, once she’s excited *winks*

Diomita inspecting

Diomita inspecting “housewife” Karen. What might slave Flo smell?

20150718 wasteofspace_002Last but not least we gave home to a slave that was abandoned by her owner. Slaves should be sold and not simply left alone. Anyway, we wrote to her owner that she can pick her up from us, otherwise we’ll claim her. This slave, her slave name is still Cocoo (wastofspace00.resident), is held by us in a tiny head cage. Although she’s a bit more talkative than qt was, she kind of reminds us of qt. Cocoo is our new bondage toy, kept bound and restricted permanently. So if you see the tiny head cage in front of the slideshow filled…the one inside is slave Cocoo. If we claim her, we’ll select a nicer name for her and of course we will avoid wasting too much space for her.

Diomita with Cocoo (wasteofspace00) locked into her tiny cage

Diomita with Cocoo (wasteofspace00) locked into her tiny cage

That’s about the news to be saved here in our diary blog.

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  1. Jon Weymann
    Jul 23, 2015 @ 02:45:37

    I would say you won the lottery with these four. I do have to say though that karen.emms may just be the pick of the lot, really love the the idea that she got in to “trouble” (would love to hear what that was!) When you say you “caught” her at HBC, do you mean in the sense of something like blackmail? She is a mum and wand when hubby and kids are away she goes to HBC and you “caught” her and now are holding her in blackmail, ‘OK, Karen, either do what we say or we’ll tell your hubby”. That is just so exciting.


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