Laylady Lay – collared June 5th, 2008

Today marks Jenny’s 8th collaring anniversary. It is hard to believe that our relation is still strong and exciting after all these years – and our journey goes on! What can I say? Thank you first of all for your dedication and your love. I’m very happy about what we had since we met in May 2008, and I am very happy about what is to come for us.

Thank you my love, my wife, my world

…. and here is what I wrote on the occasion of her 2nd collaring day 6 years ago. There’s just one thing to add. Today I would end with “I look forward very confidently having her as my wife, my Ehesklavin and my mistress for many years to come. I love you, Jenny.”

Diomita and Jenny Maurer's Blog

Today it has been 2 years since I collared Laylay Lay, my slave, who is now my wife and partner in second life. There have been already several posts about Jenny in this blog and I have nothing to add but a heartful thank you for 2 years under my boot and at my side.

Jenny beared my moods and tolerated my faults in true devotion to me. There’s hardly no bigger compliment that I can make. I look forward very confidently having her as my collared slave and wife for many years to come. I love you, Ehesklavin.

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  1. jennymaurer
    Jun 05, 2016 @ 20:30:09

    Thank you Mistress Diomita for your kind words.
    Wearing your collar for the past 8 years has been a big honour. Although we have changed a lot of since we met we have grown as a couple and you are still number one.
    I consider myself to be very lucky to have met you, I look forwards to us continuing to develop and hope the next 8 years are as exciting as these have been.
    I love you Diomita
    Jen xoxoxoxox


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