Dana Maurer at Fortriss Mortice (2)

Dana has a mixed time at Fortriss Mortrice prison. Here’s what she reported together with some pictures she or I took:

Day 2 of my re-education

20130309 Dana at FMI woke in my cell locked in the latex prison of the previous day. One of the male guards decided i needed a firehose shower.  The water was terribly cold, i shivered as he coated me down.  After drying off i was placed in the central cell until Miss Fay came along she needed to test one of her new devious devices.  Locked away secure she stated that i would see many of these in my upcoming training.
The Mistress Fay decided my night I would not have so much comfort as the first so I was placed on display at the door for all to see. The arching hanging of my body, the pain made sleeping very disappointing when i finally woke I was greeted by Mistress and another fully on display.  My arms ache and Mistress pointed out how i deserved this.
20130310 Dana at FM prison_001

Day 3 of my re-education

20130311 Dana at FM_003I woke up in the barn i was left in last night.  I was told to do all the laundry left there, it was  a huge pile. I slaved over that pile for 4 hours my hands were almost bleeding.  My arms were so tired I almost couldn’t lift them.
Later another prisoner was brought through, I look up and to my surprise it was Lady KarenJane Walworth.  I had heard she had been locked up,  I think they finally caught her for all the things she did to torment prisoners at RR and some of her relations with some criminals that werent in the prison. Only a few more days and hopefully I can keep my spirit up. My Family came and visited me and also brought some new laundry. Mistress seems to be very content to see me suffering for my thoughts about kidnapping her.
20130311 Dana at FM_002

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