Dana Maurer at Fortriss Mortice (3)

This is the last part of Dana’s report about her stay at Fortriss Mortice.

Day 4-7 of my re education

Day 4
I woke in the barn again, It was very quiet accept for the passerby.  I heard a machine outside.  When Miss Megan came and finally got me I noticed a prisoner spinning round and round on this horrible cage. It is forcing them to high step around in a circle.  The cage dragging them if they miss step.  I was taken back to the medium security area.  My thoughts of my crime starting to fade away.  I feel i have done a serious wrong but what i thought.
Day 5
I spent the day in the medium security area, the place was under serious construction.  I had contact with prisoner named Vani who had just attacked another prisoner.
Day 6
I attended a trial of Vani, Adele and another.  They each claimed being innocence.  I couldn’t  help but snicker knowing that none are innocent here and we must all pay for our crimes.
Vani was sentenced to the mental ward for stabbing a prisoner.  She recieved 14 days and was issued a new uniform.  Green for the asylum patients. Adele was trespassing and it was decided by the Preceptor Miss Fay that she would be new meat for 10 days or so, I think.  I couldn’t help making comments during the proceedings which was a  mistake i would soon pay for. The third prisoner tried to escape and was given 10 days 3 days locked securely.
After returning to the cell Preceptor decided that my mouth had run too much.  I was fitted with a collar t hat did not allow me to talk.  When i spoke i was shocked beyond belief.  I was then hooded and gagged and left for 24 hours like this.
Day 7
20130316 Visiting Dana at FM_002A visit from Mistress to check on my status as a reformed criminal. I was brought to the visitor room where Mistress and Miss Jenny visited me. Still unable to talk i tried to communicate with me eyes and gestures but they demanded me to talk and I was shocked badly. That really amused my owners.
While waiting in the last hours of my stay a few new prisoner arrive.  Two Kitty girls who were checked in and mistaken as mental patients.  I think they were severely medicated. My final humiliation in the last hours Mistress Fay lecturing me on how she believes no prisoner is reformed.  She considered that is stay longer for more treatment.
20130317 Dana's last day at FM_001

I pleaded that all thoughts of my past crime are forgotten and finally she released me. After the many days of reinforcing that my crime that i committed was so extremely bad.  I am reminded by  my shock collar not to speak out of turn and how the crazy notion of kidnapping is bad.  Miss Jenny and Mistress Dio are my great protectors and i must see that no harm comes to them.

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