Art in Second Life 2020 (26) Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery

After my blogpost about the April exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli (read here) I had contact with one of the artists who were featured in this exhibition – Etamae.

Etamae is from the UK and began taking photographs and then turning those photographs into digital art in 2018.
Her first passion was erotic art and I had come across Etamae in 2019 the first time when I visited her exhibtion “Dominance and Submission” at Elevate Femdom (see here).

Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery (1)

And more of etamae’s erotic art can be seen at Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery which is “a little edgy, somewhat sensual centered about the erotic and the BDSM lifestyle” and hence does fit to my personal passion. On Monday, April 27th, I visited Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery.

Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery (2)

etamae uses the pictures she took at Second Life and processes them to create her artwork. Some of the poses look familiar to me, yet etamae perfectionized the pictures and added more erotic touch by light and shadow and at least for some of her pictures by adding a word or a thought. Her pictures touched me and made me shiver, just at is should be with this kind of art. My pictures taken at Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery tell more than words could do.

Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery (3)

As seen at the April exibition at La Maison d’Aneli etamae’s artistic sprectrum has broadened but I suspect that she still has a passion for erotic art. Etamae has also another gallery to showcase her art, the Extempore Gallery and Lounge, another gallery I might visit soon.

Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery (4)

Thank you for your “Feed Your Fetisch Gallery“. I really enjoyed my visit there, etamae

Landmark to Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery
Landmark to Extempore Gallery and Lounge
Eta’s Flickr

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