Diary 2022 (114) August 16th-18th In terrible grief for Jenny

Tuesday, August 16th, I spent some time inworld in the afternoon. I met Lily (Lily Bloodrose) at club Domme a Domme. I met Faye at Jenny’s memorial. I made some slight changes at Jenny’s memorial monument .. and I revised the orientation map at the landing point of our sim by adding the memoiral. Other that that, I had a few chats with friends …
At night I played a skipee with slave Lily and Angelique. Then we went to club DeLust where I stayed the rest of the night. Flo joined us there shortly before Angelique left to bed.

August 16th: Diomita and slave Lily at club Domme a Domme / Diomita at home at Jenny’s memorial / Diomita and slave Lily at the landing point / Diomita at club DeLust with Angelique, Flo and slave Lily

Later slave Alessi also joined us and after Flo had left as well to get some sleep, Argi came by.

August 16th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Lily, slave Alessi and Argi

That day was not really a good one for me, though I had less crying attacks missing the love of my Second Life. I missed Jenny badly and was not the best company. Nonetheless Flo and later also Argi succeeded to make me smile. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 17th, I went on a simploring tour in the later morning and early afternoon. I visited Florence, a lovely sim with lots of great views to take pictures and with countless places to sit and watch the world and time flow by (read more about it here).
I spent the rest of my free time in the afternoon quite aimlessly again. I hopped over sims, checked landmarks, I sorted my inventory, I picked up useless prims at home, I met Dely (krysbia) and slave Luci (Luci Glendale) at club Domme a Domme, and finally I spent some time sitting at Jenny’s tree trunk and looking at her memorial. I was still in a turmoil of emotions.

August 17th: Diomita simploring Florence / Diomita at club Domme a Domme with slave Luci / Diomita at home

There’s not much to report about my night. I ran late due to my RL. Flo was inworld and playing skipee. Flo had left a candle at Jenny’s memorial. Thank you, Flo. It breaks my heart to see the pain that our family is going through.
slave Alessi came by, We played a round of skipee, then Flo had to leave for bed. I took slave Alessi to club DeLust for some time, then I returned home with her. I had in mind to visit a gallery, but it was not ready installed yet. I met Dely (krybia) at club Domme a Domme. She comforted me. And I had a longer IM with Yasmin Heartsdale, who also tried to comfort me in my grief …. no pictures of that night.

I knew I was not easy to handle these days, my grief was still too intense and my crying attacks became worse again.

Thursday, August 18th, I roamed over places again quite a lot. I had IMs and chats, I saw Ebony and Dely (krybia) and I re-visited “New Day” by Bamboo Barnes (read here) as there were 3D art objects by Kerupa Flow added to the exhibition. I revised and finished the blogpost.

At night I first played two round of skipee, one with Angelique and Flo, and one as a team with Angelique against Flo and slave Alessi. slave Sakura (sakuramatsumoto) joined us and watched.
We went to club DeLust but didn’t stay long there. Flo couldn’t enter as it was too full. Hence we moved to Carnal Intentions. Later, Angelique was already off to bed, Argi joined us – and she was quite entertaining again. A good distraction!

August 18th: Diomita at club DeLust and at Carnal Intentions with Angelique, Flo, Argi, slave Alessi and slave Sakura

I knew that time heals wounds and that some day I would remember the good times Jenny and I had together without crying but with a smile. But I was far from that point although I cried less. My family supported me, they tried hard to make me smile (and succeeded a few times). I was there for them. When I was alone …. Second Life felt empty for me. I missed Jenny terribly.

Simploring 2022 (20) Big Sky Over Florence

For my simploring tour on August 17th I picked “Big Sky Over Florence” fom scoop.it SL Destinations. My last visit to Florence was in February 2020 (read here)

Florence is a moderate homestead owned by Gnaaah Xeltentat and Tomaso Franizzi. The sim was designed by Elvira Kytori. Some of the islands and home decoration on the sim is from Ines Lauria (Ines Shelby).

Impressions of “Big Sky Over Florence (1)

Where you land you can grab a notecard with a well fitting description of what to expect when you visit Florence:
Thank you for visiting Big Sky Over Florence. It’s a much smaller and very different version then I’ve shown previously on game. I wanted Big Sky to have a “simpler” feel with an emphasis on relaxation, exploring, and taking photographs (if so inclined). I hope you’ll enjoy…
There is a lot of water, and small islands interspersed with beaches and homes you can spend time/relax in. All houses are for public use. Feel free to wander inside them all.. There is a boat rezzer at the main landing area for traveling about (Easier perhaps as there are no paths connecting islands!) Of course, flying is always an option.
Not a huge sim, but one where hopefully you’ll find a quiet spot to enjoy a bit of SL nature with friends, or by yourself.

“Smell the sea and feel the sky, Let your soul and spirit fly.” – Van Morrison
Warmest Regards! Gnaaah 🙂

Impressions of “Big Sky Over Florence (2)

There’s not much to add to Gnaaah’s text. Florence in it’s newest Summer 2022 iteration is once again a lovely place, that invites to explore, take pictures and to sit down and watch the world and the time go by. And that is what I did. I made no orientation map this time as it would just read “island, beach, lovely spot, outlook, house, lovely spot, island”.

Impressions of “Big Sky Over Florence (3)

I tried a lot of the lovely spots, had the music on (chill-out music channel is preset at Florence) and just enjoyed and calmed. So this report is short and just provides some pictures of this lovely sim.

There’s a flickr page for Florence here.

Impressions of “Big Sky Over Florence (4)

Thank you Elvira Kytori for the sim design, thank you Gnaaah and Tomaso for sharing your place publicly including all houses.
I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Florence or “Big Sky Over Florence”
Flickr page for Florence