Enjoying bondage series – September 2013: Flo

20130830 Florence Riddler in bondage_005Again something different for the “Enjoying bondage series”. We met this cute short woman, Florence Riddler, at the Secret House, one of the clubs that we visit quite regularly. To the left, that’s Flo, lovely tied and locked and chasitied. But how did she get into this? Here’s her story, in her own words:

“All started with the new employee in hospital……sometimes I feel excited when I wear my chastity belt under the surgeon coat during work. On that day a scissor fall to the ground and Tasty bowed to pick them up. At the end of the day she told me that she had discovered my secret – the chastity belt. A long discussion that night and i have told her my private secret being addicted by chastity belts and bondage. I begged her to keep the secret ….. but she laughed.
Next day she started blackmailing me – she ordered me to follow her to such a kinky club where most have been dressed in latex or leather. She forced my arms on my back and secured my hands in kind of leather sheet – an armbinder.
She whispered in my ears – that there is no way back….you do as I like … and none would ever know the secret.
The second day in the same club…. Tasty left me tied with armbinder and I was lost until Diomita Maurer moved in and came close.
I didn’t know her and she asked what I am waiting here. When Tasty returned she told Diomita about my secret – that way there where two who knew about my secret.
My way back to hospital was blocked due the new blackmailer who ordered me to call her Miss Diomita. She took pictures and spoke about a deal! That deal …… I’m lost …. helpless…… reduced to a toy – but deep inside my soul… I felt somewhat of i never felt before….. a mixture of comfort… but I never would tell that to Miss Diomita.”

Last Friday we used Flo as a decoration for our regular party. And we had fun teasing her and dancing around her while a dildo vibrator brought her close to edge… just close…. so damned close *grins*

Enjoying bondage - Flo teased at our Friday night party

Enjoying bondage – Flo teased at our Friday night party

Sissy sold

Our last bondage model was Sissy D. Sissy stayed with us for about 2 weeks. He tried his very best to please us, yet we weren’t satisfied. Although we sensed that he tried hard and although he begged, we finally decided to give him away. But we needed someone who would not hesitate to reveal his identity publically. Someone who will keep him securely tied and imprisoned – and someone who he has to work for in form of supporting her financially.
We visited a sim and prison area lately and met Wiltrud Piccard who works and lives there. And she already owns several sissies. So the contact was made already. I asked her about purchasing Sissy D. She denied that yet she agreed to take him on a weekly fee base that he’ll have to pay.
Last week we revealed Sissy D her new destiny. We took her over to the quite new sim of Captured Desires where Wiltrud lives and we negotiated again with her. Finally she offerd 1 L for purchasing Sissy. We thought that is way not enough for our effort preparing Sissy to become a better servant –  and consequently Sissy had to pay us for our hard work teaching her some basic manners. Deal! Sissy D is sold.
So now …. after more than 5 years, we made our first income with slavery. YAY! Cruelity can be fun.

Sissy D with his new owner Wiltrud Piccard

Sissy D with his new owner Wiltrud Piccard

Enjoying bondage series – August 2013: Sissy D

For August we selected a particular bondage model. Poor Sissy D (kneeling.footman) thought he could just enjoy our presence. Well, no surprise for us, he ended in tight bondage – pinkyfied and sissyfied. All control has been taken by us. Now Sissy is going to behave and will follow every of our commands. He’s terrified that we might reveal his real name and his nightmare has just begun. Enjoy, Sissy D……

20130808 Sissy D

20130810 Sissy D