While the mouse is away

Diomita has written many posts about her explorations while I am off line for work or other reasons.

Diomita likes to visit artistic places and she has reviewed and posted links to some lovely places. So this weekend while Diomita is away I had a chance to explore a new sim that involves a fully automated prison.

If you have been to Ralf’s Dark Paradise you will be familiar with the Teddy bear prison.

The Teddies perform all the functions that a guard would and take you on a tour of imprisonment for a couple of hours. I remember taking the tour a few times to see the different variations and when alone for a couple of hours it passed the time nicely.

Move forwards a few light years and you come up with the Dedendz Prison. There are many similarities with the intake process but here you get to confess to a crime that determines how long your sentence will be. Trespass is about 2 hours, drunk in public is about 3 and the more serious offences can be over a day so be careful what you wish for.

To enter you have to take off all RLV items that might interfere with the process but normal collars are fine (just use add for the second).  They recommend using their relay but be aware it locks on and you have to log non RLV to remove it.

Having said all that the 2 hours were very well spent. The work that has gone into scripting it all has made for a great experience. I met a girl called eve and we decided to try the punishments for not returning to our cells. Again well scripted and I won’t spoil your fun if you go there. The punishments do not add time so feel free to be bad.


I fully recommend it if you have a couple of hours to pass and you get a free trendy orange dress as a momento

Me in cell 14 just before the doors open for a social break.


Some stats and findings about our blog (2014 in review)

The people of WordPress.com send me a few figures and remarks reviewing this blog for 2014: “The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.” YAY! Thank you all readers. Compared to 2013 that is one extra sold-out performance and it is motivation to continue writing.

 4 sold-out performances  in the Sydney Opera House in 2014 - Thank you!

4 sold-out performances in the Sydney Opera House in 2014 – Thank you!

Some more statisical figures: In 2014, we had more than 4,000 visitors. There were 86 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 297 posts. In 2014 we published more than 340 pictures – thats about 7 per week. Still interesting but no surprise is what attracts readers to our blog: pony play and humares, prison role play and bondage. What is more a surprise is that 4 of the 5 most clicked texts are not from 2014 :

And how to people get here? By far the most come from search engines like google or yahoo. But some come from humanpony.tumblr.com, from diomitamaurer.deviantart.com and still from slfetishfashion.blogspot.ca although this blog has sadly been closed. It is nice to notice that there’s developing a connection between our blog and my deviantArt website.

In 2014 we had visitors from 80 countries around the world. Most clicks came from The United States (3.650). Germany (1.900) & The United Kingdom (900), where Jenny and I live, counted together were not far behind. Enough about statistics. Thank you all for reading and following our blog. As the blog is first and foremost a diary to save our memories, we don’t intend to stop writing.

Have a great 2015!
Diomita and Jenny Maurer

Sydney Opera House – 2013 in review

The people of WordPress.com send me a few figures and remarks reviewing this blog for 2013. The review starts with a nice comparison: “The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,300 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.”

Some statisical figures: Our blog had actually more than 9,400 clicks in 2013 alone, it contains 210 posts. In 2013 we published close to 200 pictures – thats about 4 per week. Quite enlightening is what attracts readers to our blog – at least some of them search for information about:
What is an Euro Brat?
What is a humare?
Prison Role play
Pony Play
What is an Ehesklavin?
I also should do an update of the “My Viewer” page as it is often clicked, but honestly I was too lazy doing that.
In 2013 we hat visitors from 67 countries around the world. Most visitors came from The United States (2.500). Germany (1.700) & The United Kingdom (1.200) were not far behind. No surprise here if you take into account where Jenny and I live.

Enough about statistics. Thank you all for reading. Appropos reading: Via the “Living in a Modemowrld” blog of Inara Pey (see the post of last week) I found “Prim Perfect –  Style for Homes and Gardens in Virtual Worlds”. It is an online magazine with now already 50 issues and provides information about what to explore in Second Life, some stories, and it is another source for ideas. I enjoyed reading it. There’s also a blog with even more information and with the link to the magazines of course (read the last issue, winter wonderland). So I added the url of the blog to the other links section (http://primperfectblog.wordpress.com/).

Last but not least: No blog without a picture. As we began the “Enjoying Bondage”- series this year, heres another one from our everyday fun. Have a great Silvester night!

Angelique, Dio, slave Flo at The Secret House club

Angelique, Dio, slave Flo at The Secret House club

Sissy sold

Our last bondage model was Sissy D. Sissy stayed with us for about 2 weeks. He tried his very best to please us, yet we weren’t satisfied. Although we sensed that he tried hard and although he begged, we finally decided to give him away. But we needed someone who would not hesitate to reveal his identity publically. Someone who will keep him securely tied and imprisoned – and someone who he has to work for in form of supporting her financially.
We visited a sim and prison area lately and met Wiltrud Piccard who works and lives there. And she already owns several sissies. So the contact was made already. I asked her about purchasing Sissy D. She denied that yet she agreed to take him on a weekly fee base that he’ll have to pay.
Last week we revealed Sissy D her new destiny. We took her over to the quite new sim of Captured Desires where Wiltrud lives and we negotiated again with her. Finally she offerd 1 L for purchasing Sissy. We thought that is way not enough for our effort preparing Sissy to become a better servant –  and consequently Sissy had to pay us for our hard work teaching her some basic manners. Deal! Sissy D is sold.
So now …. after more than 5 years, we made our first income with slavery. YAY! Cruelity can be fun.

Sissy D with his new owner Wiltrud Piccard

Sissy D with his new owner Wiltrud Piccard

Dana Maurer at Fortriss Mortice (3)

This is the last part of Dana’s report about her stay at Fortriss Mortice.

Day 4-7 of my re education

Day 4
I woke in the barn again, It was very quiet accept for the passerby.  I heard a machine outside.  When Miss Megan came and finally got me I noticed a prisoner spinning round and round on this horrible cage. It is forcing them to high step around in a circle.  The cage dragging them if they miss step.  I was taken back to the medium security area.  My thoughts of my crime starting to fade away.  I feel i have done a serious wrong but what i thought.
Day 5
I spent the day in the medium security area, the place was under serious construction.  I had contact with prisoner named Vani who had just attacked another prisoner.
Day 6
I attended a trial of Vani, Adele and another.  They each claimed being innocence.  I couldn’t  help but snicker knowing that none are innocent here and we must all pay for our crimes.
Vani was sentenced to the mental ward for stabbing a prisoner.  She recieved 14 days and was issued a new uniform.  Green for the asylum patients. Adele was trespassing and it was decided by the Preceptor Miss Fay that she would be new meat for 10 days or so, I think.  I couldn’t help making comments during the proceedings which was a  mistake i would soon pay for. The third prisoner tried to escape and was given 10 days 3 days locked securely.
After returning to the cell Preceptor decided that my mouth had run too much.  I was fitted with a collar t hat did not allow me to talk.  When i spoke i was shocked beyond belief.  I was then hooded and gagged and left for 24 hours like this.
Day 7
20130316 Visiting Dana at FM_002A visit from Mistress to check on my status as a reformed criminal. I was brought to the visitor room where Mistress and Miss Jenny visited me. Still unable to talk i tried to communicate with me eyes and gestures but they demanded me to talk and I was shocked badly. That really amused my owners.
While waiting in the last hours of my stay a few new prisoner arrive.  Two Kitty girls who were checked in and mistaken as mental patients.  I think they were severely medicated. My final humiliation in the last hours Mistress Fay lecturing me on how she believes no prisoner is reformed.  She considered that is stay longer for more treatment.
20130317 Dana's last day at FM_001

I pleaded that all thoughts of my past crime are forgotten and finally she released me. After the many days of reinforcing that my crime that i committed was so extremely bad.  I am reminded by  my shock collar not to speak out of turn and how the crazy notion of kidnapping is bad.  Miss Jenny and Mistress Dio are my great protectors and i must see that no harm comes to them.

Dana Maurer at Fortriss Mortice (2)

Dana has a mixed time at Fortriss Mortrice prison. Here’s what she reported together with some pictures she or I took:

Day 2 of my re-education

20130309 Dana at FMI woke in my cell locked in the latex prison of the previous day. One of the male guards decided i needed a firehose shower.  The water was terribly cold, i shivered as he coated me down.  After drying off i was placed in the central cell until Miss Fay came along she needed to test one of her new devious devices.  Locked away secure she stated that i would see many of these in my upcoming training.
The Mistress Fay decided my night I would not have so much comfort as the first so I was placed on display at the door for all to see. The arching hanging of my body, the pain made sleeping very disappointing when i finally woke I was greeted by Mistress and another fully on display.  My arms ache and Mistress pointed out how i deserved this.
20130310 Dana at FM prison_001

Day 3 of my re-education

20130311 Dana at FM_003I woke up in the barn i was left in last night.  I was told to do all the laundry left there, it was  a huge pile. I slaved over that pile for 4 hours my hands were almost bleeding.  My arms were so tired I almost couldn’t lift them.
Later another prisoner was brought through, I look up and to my surprise it was Lady KarenJane Walworth.  I had heard she had been locked up,  I think they finally caught her for all the things she did to torment prisoners at RR and some of her relations with some criminals that werent in the prison. Only a few more days and hopefully I can keep my spirit up. My Family came and visited me and also brought some new laundry. Mistress seems to be very content to see me suffering for my thoughts about kidnapping her.
20130311 Dana at FM_002

Dana Maurer at Fortriss Mortice (1)

As mentioned in the previous post we took a closer look at Fortriss Mortice (FM). The sim is part mansion, part asylum and part prison.  The owners use it as a cover for their criminal activites, for using their slaves as cheap labour and  amusing toys. In short FM is a new prison and slave sim.

So far we focussed on the prison. It was fun to see the owner Fay Carter (bootsieloverod) rule in her world. All inmates are called meat and consequently their uniform has the word meat written in big capitol letters across the belly. We intented to send Dana to FM. But what crime did she commit? At our first visit Dana behaved well, just that her top didn’t cover her breasts. In fact her nipples peeked out provocatively – crime enough.
I took Dana to FM and waited with her to get her in. While we waited at the entrance Dana began to talk about her fantasies. And unluckily she told me more than she should. Thus I learned about her quite elaborated plans to kidnap me, her owner! Now that’s a real crime! As Fay was around I called her and asked her to arrest Dana: “”She was trying to have me kidnapped Fay, would you be so kind to retrain her so she doesnt have those thoughts.”
Fay agreed that this crime has to be punished immediately and without any trial. Consequently she arrested Dana, who is black meat now.

The restraints at FM are harsh. Not only cuffs but also tubes that cover the whole hands. Not only a collar but also clamps for the the nose and nipples to send electric shocks through the meat’s body by a remote control. Not only cells but chains and racks to store the meat. Well I’m sure that all bad thoughts about kidnapping me will be cured very quickly. I still have her pleads in my ears “please no Mistress… ” as the door slams closed in her cell.

Dana is arrested by Fay at Fortriss Mortice

Dana is arrested by Fay at Fortriss Mortice

Dana, the black meat,  ready to be brought into her cell at FM

Dana, the black meat, ready to be brought into her cell at FM

The black meat in her cell at Fortriss Mortice

The black meat in her cell at Fortriss Mortice

Prison Role Play in Second Life

Last year I was invited to join a group “Prison Role Play”, I assume because I hang around at the SLBI as well as at prisons ever once in a while. I have been a prison guard at Pandora’s prison when I started my SL and I was prison guard in several prisons after that. Later I ran my own little private prison. Our dear friend Claven Albatros still runs her private prison quite successfully. Most of our family members have experience in prison play. Dana was and is active in RR prison, cutie has played several roles in prisons. Kitty (Santana) stayed more than a half year in my little private prison (Hotel California*winks).
Today I got a message that there are two new entries in the “Prison Role Play in Second Life” blog. This blog is for & by the members of the Prison & Law Enforcement Role Play Community in the virtual world of Second Life. Both entries are from Natascha Krokus and they deal about playing an inmate and playing a guard. For those interested in Prison Role Play I can only recommend reading these articles. Well done, Natascha!
Here’s the link: http://prisonroleplay.wordpress.com. I will also add a link to the new blog under the links section in addition.