Diary 2022 (103) July 25th/26th Missing Mistress Jenny (2)

Monday, July 25th, I was inworld several times throughout the day. I roamed around aimlessly, from one place to the other, looking for distraction. I spoke with a domme at club DeLust .. not that I like her .. but probably I needed it. At Heavy Bondage Club slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) apporached me and decorated me shortly … and at night after dinner I even had a play with a “cute” domme. She was nice, took me to her home, tied me up and fucked me with her strapon. I really tried hard to distract me and to have fun. I hoped, that I was just silly, that Mistress would return and that my worries were all without any reason.

July 25th: Diomita with another domme at club DeLust / at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Lily / with a “cute” domme at club DeLust

After the play with the cute Domme, I detached my slappers and the cuffs and added a thigh whip. Time to head the family and to be strong.
slave Alessi was at home and sitting at Mistress’ favourite spot on our sim, a trunk with a sitting animation. You have a view on the house and on the sea from there. slave Holly came inworld soon after. I made a picture of us. I think we all were worried about Mistress now.
We played a skipee first. That distracted me well.

After the game we went to Carnal Intentions and watched the world go by for a while. We talked about the August outfit, Mistress and I had a twin look for Holly and Alessi in mind. Therefore we needed to get Holly’s hair for Alessi. We left the club and got all we needed for that, then we returned to Carnal Intentions. It was almost bedtime when we moved on to club DeLust for a bit. A sub, who I had seen before during the last days roaming around joined us at DeLust. Let us call her A for right now *winks*.
We had a nice chat with A, then we returned as it was time for bed.

July 25th: Diomita at home with slave Holly and slave Alessi / at Carnal Intentions and at club Delust with A

Monday, July 26th, I spent some time alone in the afternoon. I was at club Domme a Domme most of the time. I had a few chats there, one was promising for an adventure for Mistress Jenny and me. But first Mistress Jenny had to return. I still had no sign of life from her and of course I was worrying. Second Life was kind of strange without Jenny for me. But I tried hard to have some fun nonetheless. Finally I went on a simploring tour and visited Blackwood Dreams (read here). As it is an adult sim, I even found places for some kinky fun pictures there.

July 26th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme and simploring Blackwood Dreams

At night I was running late as writing the simploring post took a bit longer than I expected. Flo was present and playing skipee and slave Sakura was at home. I played a round of skipee with Flo and slave Sakura watched us kneeling obediently at my side. slave Holly came also inworld while we played.
After the game I took Flo, slave Holly and slave Sakura out to club DeLust where we spent the rest of the night. I had quite some IMs, not only with Flo and Holly and everybody was asking me about Mistress Jenny and where she was. And it caused a lump in my throat when I told what happened and that I don’t know. I tried my best to keep on as if nothing happened but more and more I began to struggle with it.
Nonetheless we had a comparably relaxed night at club Delust. After Flo left I sat down in a chair and had slave Holly at my feet and watched slave sakura dancing. It was way after bedtime when we returned home to go to bed.

July 26th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo, slave Holly and slave Sakura

Simploring 2022 (16) Blackwood Dreams

I post the pictures of this blog also on deviantArt (see here). The pictures of my simploring tours are also published on my flickr page. On deviantArt I got a comment from elenasg0 (thats the dA account name), who recommened a visit to “Blackwood Dreams“.

Blackwood Dreams is built on a full region, it has 2 full neighbour sim. My simploring tour was restricted to Blackwood Dreams. Blackwood Dreams is an adult sim (for good reasons).

The landmark description reads as follows:
Family farm built with love for you to come tour and relax.
One of three linked regions.
Carting Cosy Couples Cuddle Dairy KDC shop LGBT+ LoveBridge Lovense Milk Pony Ponygirl Puppy Scenic Shibari Steeplechase Views XXX

I zoomed out first to get an overview. The landing point is close to the boarder between Blackwood Dreams and the neigbour sim “Isla de Novella”.

Blackwood Dreams – bird eye view and overview map

Blackwood Dreams is owned by the Blackwood Dreams group. The group was founded by Kira Blackwood. Monica Blackwood, her partner, is also listed as an owner. But there are more people involved. The further names I could gather are Yelena McKay (yelena vanlager) and Katerina McKay (katmckay) and someone named Sika (I don’t found the SL username).

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (1) – Around the landing point and walking through the village (look at the “Wanted” poster in the lower right, that’s me!)

If you enter the building where you land you can grab a folder with some gifts and 2 notecards with more information about Blackwood Dreams and about what to expect. The gift giving statue is a first hint that you are on an adult sim – although it is also just a lovely, somehow Southern Europe place with a lot of nature and beautiful views.

Hello dear visitor! Welcome to Blackwood Dreams
So what is this place? Blackwood Dreams a family home, and also an open place to share with visitors. We are very LGBTQA+ friendly; abuse is not tolerated .
Here you will find a lovingly crafted relaxing environment with many quiet cuddle spots and other things to find. To the south of Blackwood Dreams itself you will find 2 sims that are our friends and neighbors – happy exploring!
We also have Pony and Dairy themes here for you to enjoy, if those are of interest.
Pony and Dairy play are something that we enjoy on a casual fun basis, and so we wanted to bring those elements out here. Please feel free to explore and enjoy these themes on a casual basis here.
We hope you enjoy your time here.
Katerina McKay (katmckay), Yelena McKay (yelena vanlager), Sika
The McKay’s

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (2) – Around the village and Farm – art show (lower left), KDC Shop (pony tack and gear) (upper right)

I strolled through the village visted the barn (obvioulsy for pony play), I visited the art show in one of the buildings and I had a look at the KDC shop. Then I followed the many paths to further explore the sim.
It is a lovely, picturesque sim that offers a lot of great views for taking pictures as well as many cosy places. I loved in particular the “Decor tube” along the way with which blooming flowers were planted – funny!

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (3) – The Decor tube (upper left), the vegetables farm (lower left), a residential building (upper right) and the pony parcours (lower right)

Along the way I saw a vegetables farm, a residential building and a huge pony parcours. There’s a board with the top ranked ponies. Obvioulsy they have events and training here.
You can enjoy the beautiful landscape, visit a small harbour, sit down and watch the world go by at the lighthouse or enjoy cuddling at the cosy corner or walk along the shore and visit the waterfalls. All these places are just lovely and very well built.

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (4) – Waterfalls, Lighthouse, Harbour and Cosy Corner

The paths lead you around the sim – and there are many paths. You walk through forests (there’s also chapel in the forest), you can walk up steep rocks (from where you have a great view over the sim) and the paths lead you also to the wind mill, that is a real landmark of Blackwood Dreams. Inside the wind mill is a Shibari Studio and of course I couldn’t refrain from trying it out, although I was not properly dressed (naked) nor did I have enough rope with me .. and I had no helping hand *winks*. Near the mill is also a Zen garden – and another Shibari gate. I hadn’t expected this kind of fun in the wind mill!

Impressions of Blackwood Dreams (5) – Wind Mill, Shibari area, and Zen garden

I doubt that I found all kinky areas of Blackwood Dreams. But I got an overview. Blackwood Dreams is a place for photograpehrs as well as for those who are into pony play or dairy play … or Shibari .. or .. just want to have kinky fun. I bet that the owners and the other involved people will be helpful if you have any questions.

Thank you Kira Blackwood, Monica Blackwood, Yelena McKay (yelena vanlager), Katerina McKay (katmckay) and Sika for creating Blackwood Dreams. I could sense that it is project you realized with a lot of love and passion. And thank you for sharing your place with the public.

landmark to Blackwood Dreams