Diary 2019 (2) January 2nd – The holiday break is over

Wednesday afternoon, January 2nd, Mistress Jenny took me to club Domme a Domme for catching up with me. I knelt at her feet, my hands locked behind my back, and Mistress holding the leash connected to my collar while I reported to her about my day and in particular about the night before. I had stayed up, when Misterss left the night before and had been a club Domme a Domme, where I met a long time acquaintance, who I teased and began to play with together with another domme. I admit, I had fun and enjoyed although the acquaintance was not at all enjoying. Therefore I left before getting involved into any drama and went on a simploring tour – and I stayed up way longer than I intended.
slave Flo was inworld and couldn’t clean the house, as she had difficulties to enter the house. I had restricted her just a little bit with a chain between her ankles and she couldn’t walk up the stairs in front of the house, poor slave. When Mistress and I returned home first thing I did was building a ramp leading up to our house for disabled slaves.

January 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme / slave Gwen in her new outfit / Angelique, slave kelly, Diomita, Mistress Jenny at home / slave kelly’s box / the new ramp for disabled slaves

Mistress Jenny left and picked up slave kelly at Psi’s realm, where she had left her naked, exposed and leashed on New Year’s day. I went inside of our house and cared about slave Gwen. The holiday break for the slaves is over and slave Gwen was the next getting back into restraints and restrictions. I selected a white latex catsuit with zippers for the chest and the crotch and a fitting hood for slave Gwen. Her chastity belt stayed closed and lacked and I readded the nipple rings. Mistress and I planned to tighten her restrictions over the next coming days.
In the meanwhile Mistress had returned with slave kelly and Angelique had joined us as well. Now it was at slave kelly to settle back in after her holiday break. She had to strip and I closed and locked her chastity belt again. Then I put her into a glass box with an opening for her head and locked the box. It is the same box slave kelly had been in when I had kidnapped her over a year ago. Welcome back home, slave. Time had flown by quickly again that afternoon.
The new ramp turned out being not needed as slave Flo and the other slaves can walk over the ramp built by the timezone map to the left of the stairs if they are disabled. Hence I removed it again later. But they ned a Little ramp at the main entrance door to get over the Little step there.

January 2nd: Mistress Jenny with slave Gwen and Diomita with slave kelly at home (upper left) / Diomita with bald headed slave kelly (lower left) / Angelique, slave Gwen, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave kelly and slave Flo at home (right)

Our night was busy and fun. First we turned our attention to slave kelly in her box. She didn’t expect what happened next – I took an electric shaver and cut off her hair again, then I used razor foam and a razor blade to make her fully bald headed again. Of couse slave kelly cried, whimpers, tries to hold me back, but that didn’t help her. When I was done, she had to dress in a pink latex catsuit, opened at her chest and crotch …. her new outfit for the next days at least. slave Gwen, Angelique and slave Flo had joined us and watched what happened to slave kelly.

We went to Psi’s realm and exposed our slaves, all back from their holiday break, and slave kelly felt humiliated in particular as her new haircut was noticed because she had just spent some time at Psi’s.

January 2nd: Angelique, slave Gwen, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, slave kelly and Diomita at Psi’s realm (left and upper right) / slave kelly the cage on the porch of our house at home waiting for being (ab)used (lower right)

When we returned home, we selected the cage on our porch for slave kelly to stay overnight. As Mistress Jenny expressed it…. slave kelly had voluntarily selected a cage at Glass’n’Stone during her time off, why shouldn’t we satisfy her desire? We retreated to our skybox and I spoiled Mistress Jenny (no picture *winks*). Overall we had a kinky and varied day.

Simploring 2019 (6) 2019-XS

Ever heard about the film Blade Runner (1982). Ever seen it? Well, I have heard about it but I never saw it nor did I know that it is an scifi film. On New Years day 2019, Annie Oh (anniebrightstar), who runs my (never ending) source of potential simploring destinations scoop.it SL Destinations, sent me a message and recommended that I’d visit 2019-XS.

“Blade Runner is a science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford. The Blade Runner soundtrack is by Vangelis. The film is set in a dystopian future Los Angeles of 2019, in which synthetic humans known as replicants are bio-engineered to work on off-world colonies. When a fugitive group of replicants escapes back to Earth, burnt-out cop Rick Deckard (Ford) reluctantly agrees to hunt them down.
Blade Runner initially underperformed in North American theaters and polarized critics. It deals with the fine line between humans and robots … can robots become human? It later became an acclaimed cult film regarded as one of the all-time best science fiction movies. The film has influenced many science fiction films, video games, anime, and television series.” (excerpt mainly from wikipedia)

Impressions of 2019-XS (1) – around the landing point

2019-XS is an adult homestead created and owned by Hera (zee9). The landing is in a subway station. Once you have gone upstairs to the town, there’s a board where you can grab a notecard with some background information. Hera (zee9) writes:
Welcome to 2019-XS – Why the weird Name?
Well as all Blade Runner fans will know 2019 was the year in which the original story was set. I figured as we move into the actual year of 2019 I could not let this auspicious moment pass without acknowledging in some way the huge creative influence this movie has had on me personally since I first saw it way back in the early 1980’s. In the late 1990’s 2019-XS was my long time Domain name….

Impressions of 2019-XS (2) – town views (left) / a night club (right)

Blade Runner is set up in an urban environment, Los Angeles in 2019! The town is a confuse chaos of streets, levels and buildings, with advertisating boards and lights everywhere, hoovering vehicles, elevators and it is noisy. There are similarities between this background and Metropolis.

Impressions of 2019 (3) – the night club “Industry”

2019-XS in Second Life is exactly this – a seemingly chaotic world of streets, passages, buildings, elevators, levels, advertising boards, lights, stores, backyards, Restaurants and night clubs. And it is fun exploring it! There are several night clubs and they are not that easily to find. I might not have found all of them. You navigate between the different levels of 2019-XS with elevators. On the levels itself you walk over bridges from one building to another. Often a door just leeds to a passage to the next building. These doors are not opened by simply clicking them but by clicking the door lock keyboard. Remember it is how the creators of Blade Runner imagined in 1982 how an urban world could like like in 2019 – it doesn’t look like this, at least not everywhere, thank god *winks*.

Impressions of 2019 (4) – roaming in LA 2019

2019-XS is a sim that can be visited for it’s nigthclubs (for example the jazz club is great), for taking pictures in front of an unusal set up, just for the fun of exploring or for roleplay.
In her landmark description Hera (zee9) also refers to some other films like Altered Carbon (a Netflix television series) and Immortal (2004). According to her 2019-XS is “Cyberpunk for real”.
Cyberpunk? Again something I had to look up:
“Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a futuristic setting that tends to focus on a combination of lowlife and high tech featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order” (from wikipedia)

Impressions of 2019 (5) – Holo-Girls massage / Allege Cats Jazz Club

I’m not a sci-fi fan, nor do I really know a lot about it, but 2019-XS was really fun to explore, the research for this blog post was instructive and I saw once again another new corner of Second Life. Thank you, Hera (zee9) for creating and sharing your sim (you passion). I hope it will attract many people and also roleplayers.

Landmark to 2019-XS
Wikipedia about Blade Runner
Wikipedia about Cyberpunk


Diary 2019 (1) New Year’s day in Second Life

Mistress Jenny and I met very early on New Year’s day, actually my new year was just two hours old and Mistress’ new year one hour. We danced on the rooftop of our skybox welcoming the new year. What might it have on stock for us in RL and in SL? What a nice day to start the new year.

January 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita dancing on the rooftop of our skybox / sitting together in the afternoon

When we met in the afternoon, we first sat a bit together and caught up. Mistress had met with Kitty in the morning at Psi’s realm, just when the new year had reached Kitty. She had summoned slave kelly to her as well and left her leashed and exposed there.
Then Mistress and I changed and we met with Angelique fortwo rounds of greedy and for shopping afterwards. Finally we spent some time at Mesmerize Dungeon.

January 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita in our skybox / playing greedy with Angelique / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Angelique at Mesermize Dungeon

And slave kelly? She spent the last days of her “freedom” at Glass’n’Stone. slave kelly reported that she had a more eventful time: “A cruel man came and took issue with two girls outside the cell. He handcuffed them to it facing me, and made me suggest a punishment for them, which i suggested caning 3 strokes. He made me put my hands on their backs and hit me first, then moved on to them, and then made us take turns sucking him to avoid more punishment. After that, a furry guy came by, but he was very nice and just made us all play truth or dare with him, which was fun. I had fun, playing spin the bottle. There’s a sweet girl here, who claims she’s very innocent. I spun to her and she chose dare…

December 31st, 2018 / January 1st, 2019: slave kelly at Glass’n’Stone and at Psi’s

As announced to slave kelly, her break was due to be over by New Years day. And in fact, Mistress Jenny summoned her to Psi’s right in the first hours of slave kelly’s new year. Mistress Jenny had told me about that already. And here’s what slave kelly reported to me about it:
Late, after midnight, Mistress Jenny came for me. She whisked me off to Psi’s, and quickly bound me on the floor, legs held open by a spreader bar, neck chained to the bar as well, hands bound behind my back, and chained to the wall. The she cut off my top, and pulled off my shoes, leaving me publicly naked, exposed and helpless. “Slaves don’t wear shoes!” she said, “party’s over Kelly!”

At night Mistress Jenny and I went to club Domme a Domme and watched the scenery for a bit until slave Flo came online. We took her to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer. While Mistress cuddled with Angelique, I restricted slave Flo in a straight jacket and a head harness. The break for the slaves is definitively over now. Mistress and I went to Mesmerize Dungeon to expose slave Flo and to decorate us. A bit she does remind of Hannibal Lector .. does she?

January 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme (left) / Diomita restricting slave Flo while Mistress cuddles with Angelique (upper middle) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (lower middle) / New Year’s licking (right)

And after slave Flo went off to bed, Mistress took me to the bathroom and got her New Year licking from me …. and she provided her’s to me at our skybox. The new year started promising and kinky.

Cowboy Dance Night


Diomita is away on her annual ski trip. The weather forecast looked bad as there has been a lot of snow in the region. However I got an e mail to say Diomita arrived safely and the lower slopes are open for skiing. The bar seems to be open too and Diomita is making the most of both.

While she is away Virgo decided on a Cowboy Night for the Friday night dance. Kelly made it from our family Sarah and Vero were here earlier and Starbright’s family fill the floor, not to mention BC who always adds colour.

Here are a couple of pictures from the dance.

Cowboy Night 3.jpgSnapshot_002.jpgSnapshot_001.jpg

I hope we see you all in world soon


Jen xxx

Simploring 2019 (5) Missing Melody

For my last simploring tour in 2018 on New Year’s Eve afternoon I picked Missing Melody from scoop.it SL Destinations. There have been already several publications about this sim on various blogs. It seems to change with the season and is all winterly now. Missing Melody is a homestead, rated moderate. It is owned and created by Bambi (norahbrent).

Missing Melody Overview

Bambi writes about her sim in the landmark’s description:
Missing Melody. Chime to an old winter song. A white blanket of snow is wrapping Missing Melody in a quiet soothing and soft cool silk. A collaboration of best friends coming together to create something new. Enjoy! xx

I looked up Bambi (norahbrent)’s profile and there Bambi wrote why she named her sim Missing Melody:
What is a Missing Melody? It’s that song in your head that you can’t get out but not sure how it really goes. It’s that temptation you want to have in your life so you can fight to resist. It’s that place in your heart that is always waiting to be filled. It’s that little wicked smile when a naughty thought crosses your mind.

Impressions of Missing Melody (1) – Landing point and Fountain island

Missing Melody is another lovely sim decorcated for the season and there’s a lot to explore and discover. Missing Melody also provides spots to sit and enjoy as well as some fun activities. I went from the Landing point along the road over the big covered bridge to the fountain. Along the way is a board where you can rezz a sleigh. It works, yet a hill is missing :-). At the end of the covered bridge are snowballs that you can use for a snowball fight. Returning from the fountain I had a look at the old railroad engine which is just a museum object, but somehow these engines have something intriguing, don’t they?

Impressions of Missing Melody (2) – Grasslands with sheep/ Old Railroad engine / Farm

I explored the farm with the paddock and went over the smaller covered bridge to the ice skating and to the Christmas gazebo. At the ice skating is a board where you can get skaters. I really liked the Christmas gazebo with it’s Christmas tree. It provides some lovely animations even for one person alone. You should try it out.

Impressions of Missing Melody (3) – Ice skating and Christmas tree gazebo

Then I went to the ruins. This might be the rests of a bigger church. At the place you’d expect the altar is a piano. Some ice sculptures are rezzed to decorate the place with is a great spot to dance. Some birds like this place, hence you can also watch them.

Impressions of Missing Melody (4) – The ruins

Following the shore I came to Santa’s house. A lot of small animals have found home here in the snow and a deer is searching grass in front of the house. The chimney is smoking and the snow on the roof is about to slide down due to the warmth. Behind the house is a nice scene with 2 penguins and a dog. You can even lay down into the snow to watch the three – cute!

Impressions of Missing Melody (5) – at Santa’s house

On my way returning to the landingpoint I found a desperate Santa who had just had a crash with his sleigh. The deers were running around confused. What a scene! What a wide smile it conjured on my face! Next to the landing point is another house which is used as an atelier.

Impressions of Missing Melody (6) – Santa with his crashed sleigh / Atelier

Missing Melody is a very picturesque sim offering a lot for photgraphers like me. It also offers a lot of fun and it is a place to dream about, peaceful and romantic, a place you wanna be, idyllic world. And when I can’t get a melody out of my head, I might remember this place. Just lovely. I did enjoy my visit a lot.
Thank you Bambi (norahbrent) for providing your place with the public.

Landmark to Missing Melody

Simplo 2019 (4) Mesmeric Cove

For my simploring tour on Saturday, December 29th, 2018, I selected Mersmeric Cove from scoop.it SL Destinations as the pictures looked great. The landmark description sounded tempting as well: “Mesmeric Cove is an idyllic seaonsonal rp community sim with picturesque views,vacation & rental homes, honeymoon, restaurant,hangout, scholars hall, ballet theatre & more”

Mesmeric Cove – overview

Mesmeric Cove is a full moderate sim, it’s group owned by the group “Mesmeric” and the group itself is owned by a bot. Arriving at Mermeric Cove is an experience in itself. You get greeted nicely when you arrive at the landing point, which is at the train station:
-Mesmeric-: As you step off the train, a rush off warm steam brushes your face. You make out the faint shadows and glows of light of what looks like a quiet town, or is it? Your curiosity impels you too travel deeper. Can you unlock the history of Mesmeric Cove
The first views caused a “wow” for me. The scenery is just lovely and beautiful, the houses look cosy, the sounds do fit, it is lightly snowing. Accordingto the season there’s a Christmas tree in the center of the court. In the background you see a gondola lift leading up to a high mountain.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (1)

I began exploring and it was fun. I took the lift and went up to the mountain. On the top is a nice restaurant and a little bit below of it is a sauna, perfectly arranged as Winter sauna.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (2)

Where ever you turn your view you get leovely views and I took a lot of pictures. The town is built with great love for detail and I had fun exploring it, seeing the covered bridge that leads over a river, seeing the waterfall and the railrod, seeing some deers and the sleigh rides. Some of the houses were decorated for the season, some are small, some are huge villas. At the coast is a lighthouse, a promenade and a hot-air balloon. Unforuantely the balloon didn’t work for me, maybe because I didn’t join the group. The two bigger buildings in the town are a school and a theatre.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (3)

Mesmeric Cove is an outstanding well and thoughtfully created sim and I wanted to know more about it. The sim is owned and was created by Yosh Shi Juan (macximuss zsun) and ḋυсќïε ρøρṡ Juan (candyharlequin), a couple from the US and Europe. They love too deco and just wanted to create someting old timey feel that can change through the seasons.
There are residential homes available and some, vacation homes that are pre decorated. The sim can be used for roleplay or just to enjoy the environment. They are still building out sorority and fraternity type builds, for teen hang outs. That explains the two big buildings, the school and the theatre. Yosh and duckie finance it by their own and by the rentals and donations. The sim is changing with the seasons, which is a good reason to return for me!

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (4)

For what reason ever you visit Mesmeric Cove, be it to rent a vacation home, be it for roleplay or be it for taking pictures – it’s worth a vist. I’m already curios to see it in Spring. I enjoyed my visit. Thank you Yosh and duckie for sharing your sim.

Landmark to Mesmeric Cove

Simploring 2019 (3) Nevgilde Forest

Between the years I found some more time for simploring. On December 27th, 2018, I picked Nevgilde Forest from scoop.it SL Destinations. Nevgilde Forest is “now open to the public for people to explore, hang out, and take pics in our scenic woodland and beach sim. Events, entertainment and performances starting in January, so come join our group to keep informed.”

Nevgilde Forest Overview

The landing is in a forest next to a board with information. There I grabbed a notecard with a background story, which is quite elaborated and describes what you can discover here:
If you walk through the forest a little bit towards the west you’ll find a small trail. If you follow that trail and how it winds this way and that for about 30 minutes (Remark: it just takes a few seconds in Second Life) you’ll start to smell the sea and hear the seagulls, and if you continue, the sound of the waves breaking will follow. Along your path is evidence of others having walked the same road long ago and now you see light through the trees ahead and you can finally make out the ocean.
The forest opens up to reveal a field and a couple of buildings. Up on a little hill is a small house and to your left is an old barn looking run down, but still standing and even further down is a beach. Grass and dry leaves crunch under your feet as you explore and find little treasures scattered all around, old furniture, forgotten bikes and vehicles. At first it all looked to be completely abandoned, but you soon realize that there are several signs of people having been here recently.
Someone left their coffee by the campfire, a cigarette is still smoking in the ashtray, in the barn a pot of tea is still hot and a makeshift stage is set up on the beach with drinks on ice. Suddenly this old place has come to life yet again with music, laughter, love and friendship.
This farm has a lot of stories to tell and even more to make, please join us and breathe life into the Nevgilde Forest.

Nevgilde Forest – campfire and atelier

Right next to the landing point is the above mentioned campfire place and the wreck of an old tractor. Walking out of the forest to your right is one of the two buildings of Nevgilde Forest, I called it the atelier. It is cosy inside and the glass front offers a nice view over the land and the sea.

Nevgilde Forest – exploring

The main part of Nevgilde Forest is grassland and there you find objects scattered around, bikes, furniture and hand barrows. I sat down on the tractor there, that offers some sitting poses.

Nevgilde Forest – the old barn

The main buliding is a barn, or better the rests of a barn. It looks abandonned on the first glance. Two walls are missing and and old car and other garbage is laying around. But inside you can see that it is inhabited. There’s even an upper floor with a bed and a tv, but no ladder to get there. It is fun to explore the little details there.

Walking further I came to the dance area and public beach. Outstanding is a row of 5 chairs from where you have a nice view over the beach. The two flagpoles behind the chairs have flags from the US and Norway.

Nevgilde Forest – dancing area and beach

Nevgilde Forest is owned by Sarge Red (sargered) and Neaira Rose Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze). Sarge is from the US, Nearia is from Norway – that explains the flagpoles. Sarge contacted me during my visit and welcomed me. He gave me some background information and later he also gave me a tour.
Sarge makes buildings and things like that, most of which are farm and country related. Neaira is specialized in landscaping in Northern European nature and style. Neaira is also blogging, here’s the link to her blog. On a platform above Nevgilde Forest is a store area for their joint venture store SRI (Sarge Red Insustries) and for Neaira’s store (she makes more than just landscaping). As mentioned above both own Nevgilde Forest, which covers a quarter sim. The store area is already accessible but not opened officially.

Nevgilde Forest – store area, Fernwood Gardens and private area

Sarge showed me what I didn’t see before. Nevgilde Forest isn’t just the corner of the sim, that I explored before. Actually is expands over a 1/4 of a full sim. There’s a passage through the rocks that separates the corner from the rest of the sim. And behind it is a nice public park – Fernwood Gardens. Sarge is designing if for photographers. The big brick house next to the park is his private home, hence not public. He gave me a tour to it nonetheless.

Nevgilde Forest and the store are still developing. As mentioned in the landmark’s description, there’re events, entertainment and performances planned that shall start in January.

Nevgilde Forest has been visited by Inara Pey already and she took some great pictures. Her simploring report is elaborated as usual (read Nevgilde Forest in Second Life in her blog). I enjoyed my visit to Nevgilde Forest. It offers a lot of opportunities for taking pictures and to just hang around and chill. Thank you Sarge Red (sargered) and Neaira Rose Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze) for sharing your place with the public and thank you Sarge for the tour and all the information.

Landmark to Nevgilde Forest
Landmark to the store area
Neaira Rose Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze) blog
Inara Pey’s blog post – Nevgilde Forest in Second Life

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