Diary 2022 (104) July 27th/28th Missing Mistress Jenny (3)

Wednesday, July 27th, I was inworld a few times during the day, but not for long. I checked messages, grabbed a group gift at XO, I visited a gallery and wrote the report … without Jenny my SL is quite different and I am very worried about what might have happened in RL. The uncertainty eats me up. One moment I see Jenny with me again and everything is fine again, the next moment I think about what if she doesn’t return. My family in SL, my friends, are very supportive and do their best to keep me busy – and yes they worry also about me. They know I’m not myself anymore. It is for them as well as for distracting myself and to avoid getting too much depressed that I go inworld and try to keep going. Now RL distracts me from SL. There is no second life, just one and SL is part of my real life, a joyful different world where we socialize and interact with people from around the world, where we live out our fantasies and dreams, no war, no climate change. And now? Without Jenny? Without knowing what happened? Without knowing if she’s doing well? I really don’t know!

July 27th: Missing Mistress Jenny (Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust Thursday, July 21st)

As mentioned above RL distracts me from SL now. I had a night out with friends and came inworld a bit later than usual. Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Sakura (SakuraMatsumoto) were present. We chatted a bit, then began playing skipee as teams, slave Sakura watched silently kneeling leashed next to me. slave Holly and I were following the womens football game between Germany and France at the same time. Germany won and we looked forward to the final of the European Women Football Championships England vs Germany. YAY. We played two rounds and it ended literally tied up as each team won once by the same amount. It was already way after Flo’s bedtime when we finished playing. I took slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Sakura to Carnal Intentions where we spent the rest of the night. The sub who I met a few days ago at DeLust and who I introduced with “A” into this blog showed up there too and knelt by my feet as well. slave Holly made me smile as she remarked, that by the time Jenny returns there might be a larger family. In my first years in Second Life, when Jenny was my married slave, Jenny used to ask about new sisters when she was not present due to RL work or other obligations. Sweet memories.

July 27th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly, slave Alessi, slave Sakura and “A”

Thursday, July 28th, I was inworld again several times during the day. I was at club Domme a Domme for maybe 20 minutes. But I couldn’t get my mind free and sadness overwhelmed me. In the later afternoon I changed into my simploring clothes and visited Endless: Birdlings Flat (read here). That was a welcomed distraction and writing about it brought me to other thoughts.

July 28th: Diomita simploring Endless: Birdlings Flat

When I came inworld at night, none of the family was present yet. I went to club DeLust and after I finally had rezzed there and had sat down in one of the chairs, Flo came inworld. I decided to let her have a game of skipee alone first and to watch the world go by at the club for a few minutes before I returned home. slave Holly had come inworld as well just in time, so that we could play a game with three. While we played I prepared a theme for the upcoming Friday night party the next day and was just about to finish it when Virgo came inworld and told me that she wouldn’t make it to the party. We decided to postpone the party to Saturday instead.

After the game I took Flo and slave Holly to club DeLust where we stayed about half an hour and chatted amoung us while we watched the silent crowd. Flo left at her usual time and I stayed at the club with slave Holly.

July 28th: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Holly

I returned home with slave Holly. slave Sakura was there and I grabbed her leash and took her with us to the toilet box. slave Holly got her treat. She was eager for it as she hadn’t had one for a while. slave Sakura also got a little treat as I stuffed her mouth with my used panties. I was up to get spoiled myself and allowed slave Holly not only to clean me but also to lick me to an orgasm.
After this little session we chilled for 15 minutes at Carnal Intentions before we went to bed.

July 28th: Diomita at home at at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Sakura

I miss Mistress Jenny terribly! Ending my night without her is just horrible. I can’t really put in words my worries and thoughts.

Simploring 2022 (17) Endless: Birdlings Flat

Following Inara Pey’s blog I cam across “Endless: Birdlings Flat” (read her post: An Endless: Birdlings Flat in Second Life).
Endless: Birdlings Flat” is the newest visual story from Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx). She had other “Endless” sims/stories before. I visited Endless 58-58N (read here) and Endless 58-58N “YES” (read here) in 2020.

The landing is on a seperate sky-platform with a few sheeps. There are two sign, each works as a notecard giver and teleporter. To visit “Endless: Birdlings Flat” you have to choose the according board of course.
The other board leads to “Forest” by Jackson Cruyff”. I visited this part as well. “Forest consists of trees, grasses, a few flowers, and other plants, a meadow, some animals here and there, and few signs of human visitation or habitation.” Jackson made Forest “to escape, and to find refuge.” But this post is about “Endless: Birdlings Flat“.

Endless: Birdlings Flat – bird eye view and orientation map

I grabbed a notecard written by Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx) at the board, then entered the sim.
This world is inspired by the small coastal settlement of Birdlings Flat, located in the South Island of New Zealand. The area was named for the first European family to begin farming the land there, and is now home to approximately 200 people who have chosen to enjoy the quiet lifestyle and wild, natural beauty of their isolated and sometimes hostile, sometimes beautiful, surroundings.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (1) – landing platform / landing point at the sim at the crossing of the the street to Christchurch and to Birdlings Flat / at the end of the roat to Christcurch.

The landing is at a crossing where a street leads to Birdlings Flat. I decided to walk into the direction of Christchurch first. Where the road ends I walked down to the shore, which is quite full of rocks yet beautiful and very realistic.

The beach is well known for the semi-precious agates constantly being washed up onto the pebble shore (along with chunks of driftwood and occasional pieces of marine debris). It is equally well known for its savage winter winds, and for being a treacherous spot with strong currents and a severe undertow responsible for a number of drowning deaths over the years.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (2) – CUSTAR Observation container / beach / sheeps

I walked up again and came to a container with a weather data station, a power generator and a jeep.

Designed as a means of studying the behaviour of atmospheric winds, and other phenomena, occurring between 3km and 15km in altitude, the Canterbury University Stratosphere Troposphere Radar (CUSTAR) was actively maintained as a research tool for several years … The system was decommissioned circa 2009.

From there I walked over the sim .. and saw sheeps and sheeps .. and well, sheeps.
I returned the the landing point and went into the other direction and up the hill at the end of the road. There is a landmark. A robot made of scrap parts. It seemingly guards the sim and seems to be a good fellow. From the hill you see down to a wooden path and there’s a cosy spot to watch the fish and seagulls.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (3) – Outlook and robot

Between the outlook and the village is a lake, I named it “Eel pond” as at one end are wooden frameworks to dry eel. Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx) wrote: Lake Forsyth (Wairewa) has had a troubled past, with toxic cyanobacteria blooms regularly posing a health risk to both humans and animals. The primary cause of these blooms is the area’s high-phosphorus volcanic soil; contributing factors also include agricultural run-off, years when low rainfall causes the water level to drop to a point where plant matter cannot grow and clean the waters and contamination by farm stock. These issues are all being addressed now, and the quality of the lake’s water is improving.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (4) – Eel pond / Lake Forsyth

Ngai Tahu, the local iwi (nation, extended kinship group), has sole title over the use of Lake Forsyth for fishing. Traditionally, eels were harvested in autumn – caught with poles, killed, hung on racks, dried and smoked – to provide a source of food throughout the following year. This custom continues today.

Finally I walked to the village. It is full of details, details of a life in this environment, poor but not unhappy at all. You can sense that people like to live here.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (5)

I ended my visit at the beach again sitting at a spot to fish.
Endless: Birdlings Flat” provides an impression of living in such an environment. For sure a place I might never visit in real life and I had never heard about before. In Second Life we can visit such places and get at least an impression thanks to people like Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx). So thank you Sombre for creating it and making it available publicly. Sombre wrote in her notecard that Jon Thorson (jonthorsson) helped her in custom-building the pieces that have helped give this virtual representation of of Birdlings Flat its unique character. “Endless: Birdlings Flat” tells a visual story!
Many thanks also to Jackson Cruyff, who is the land owner and a dear friend of Sombre and provided the space and the ressources for “Endless: Birdlings Flat”.

Impressions of Endless: Birdlings Flat (6) The villagem the sheep and the beach

I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Endless: Birdlings Flat
Bridlings Flat flickr group
Inara Pey’s blogpost: An Endless: Birdlings Flat in Second Life