Rubber Mare

Last Friday, December 23rd 2011, Dana has been transformed from a Thorough Bred Pony-girl into a Hu-Mare black latex mare. The transformation took place at of Stones N Rubber (sNr) at Kinky Magic. There’s an artcile about the Hu-Mares at Second Life Fetish Fashion (see link under blogroll) or directly here

Coming back to Dana … or more precisely to “Rubber Mare”. From sNr I got the following definition for a Hu-Mare:
“In sNr we are practicing what many will surely call “ponyplay”. However, we are doing something really different from the rest of the ponyplay scene in SL, hence a new name: Hu-Mares. A Hu-Mare is first and foremost a slave. An adult woman whose owner chooses to train and use like an animal, more precisely a mare. Why not ponygirl? If someone visits the ponygirl places all over SL, it is easy to understand why. There are plenty of ponygirls who just dress sexy and like to play around, or others obsessed with sports who end up having an ego much larger than the allegiance to their owners.
Moreover, the word “pony” has some childish implications, and, well, girl means girl. Hu-mares are developed women, not little girls. Developed as they are, they are sexually mature. And they can have sexual needs indeed. Needs that maybe won’t be fulfilled. That said, the word “mare” describes such a creature much more faithfully than “pony”. To differentiate further from the “standard” ponyplay practiced in SL, we focus on the slavery aspect of it. The mares are broken and trained for obedience to their owners, and it doesn’t work as a D/s relationship in which an owner tries to fullfill the needs of a sub. Well, if a mare wants and needs to live this life, it will surely be great for her. But it might well turn out to be a hard lifestyle, maybe not pleasant at all. It doesn’t matter. This is a key point. Ponygirls usually do it for fun. Humares have the sole purpose of obeying, even when they might not enjoy it at all. Being a humare is a life, not a part-time role to have fun now and then. Humares live as humares in SL, and although they are obviosly women, they are treated and trained like animals.”

Now Dana has become a Hu-Mare. I attended her transformation. This means that she lives as a stable animal from now on. She’s a woman, of course, but has lost all her human rights to be used now like an animal. Sometimes she will be trained to exhaustion, used for transportation and races, whatever happens is the sole decision of the trainers. There is no social interaction between the mares or the trainers, save an occasional nuzzle, whinnys, etc. IMs are banned and the trainers at sNr assume that the livestock cannot understand them anyway, except maybe recognize certain words just like a dog would. The trainers’ goal is to create a herd of obedient livestock ready to be used. They don’t care about the pleasure or the fun of the livestock. Livestock is trained to become obedient animals, and the trainers work very hard on the dehumanization aspects. Moreover there are no options in the regime.

Rubber Mare is fully restricted and has just pet hearing (no chat or IM). Her communication is reduced to mare gestures. She exists as a mare. She has to exercise – 1000 laps runing in mouselook every week. She depends on the trainers at sNr … and on me. Because of the holidays I was able to visit her regardless of the timezone. And I could watch and observe her training and could conduct it myself. I admit I enjoyed that. Cracking the whip to make her stop or turn, to make her run, to keep her attention up, while I myself could relax, chat a bit here and there, observe the mare for distraction inbetween – just enjoybale. That’s how life of a domme has to be. She’s going to be nothing else but be a mare, to obey to the whip, to exercise, pull carts … and to exist – that’s what lays ahead for the Rubber Mare.

And I am very proud of the Rubber Mare!! :-).

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