Some stats and findings about our blog (2014 in review)

The people of send me a few figures and remarks reviewing this blog for 2014: “The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.” YAY! Thank you all readers. Compared to 2013 that is one extra sold-out performance and it is motivation to continue writing.

 4 sold-out performances  in the Sydney Opera House in 2014 - Thank you!

4 sold-out performances in the Sydney Opera House in 2014 – Thank you!

Some more statisical figures: In 2014, we had more than 4,000 visitors. There were 86 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 297 posts. In 2014 we published more than 340 pictures – thats about 7 per week. Still interesting but no surprise is what attracts readers to our blog: pony play and humares, prison role play and bondage. What is more a surprise is that 4 of the 5 most clicked texts are not from 2014 :

And how to people get here? By far the most come from search engines like google or yahoo. But some come from, from and still from although this blog has sadly been closed. It is nice to notice that there’s developing a connection between our blog and my deviantArt website.

In 2014 we had visitors from 80 countries around the world. Most clicks came from The United States (3.650). Germany (1.900) & The United Kingdom (900), where Jenny and I live, counted together were not far behind. Enough about statistics. Thank you all for reading and following our blog. As the blog is first and foremost a diary to save our memories, we don’t intend to stop writing.

Have a great 2015!
Diomita and Jenny Maurer

Our ponies Dana and Kitty

our livestock Dana & Kitty

our livestock Dana & Kitty

As mentioned before Dana is back to sNr being a class III pony and Kitty just joined her and was transformed into a class IV pony. Both seem to happily come back to their pony kink again and again. Their wish was granted. Now we own 2 ponies at Stones ‘N Rubber (sNr) who are trained and used there as livestock. If you want to learn more about find more sNr and about ponies and their classification I recommend the website of sNr and there is also  the page about the rules ( Mii, Merjeni and others care a lot about the ponies and livestock. We’re happy that we know them and appreciate their help with our livestock. Mii began and Merjeni did the final settings and procedures to transform our former Kitty into a class IV livestock on August 15th and she shared this picture of her with pony Kitty. Thank you, Mii and Merjeni and all others who helped transforming both.

Merjeni with pony Kitty

Merjeni with pony Kitty

I asked Dana to share a bit about her life with us and to send a few pictures and here is what I got together with some of the snapshots on August 16th, 2014:
The week back as a class III pony has been interesting.  Mii noticed me in the pen and informed me that she would be happy to satisfy you by placing me back  in service as a class III.  She first strip me of my clothes, and that new wig I was wearing(my hair hasn’t quite grown back you know).  Throwing my lovely outfit in the trash she then pulled the bridle out.  She lowered over my bare skull then locked in it place.  Grabbing my reins she then locked the bit in place lowering it to until my tongue could not move.  She the places my feet in first the left boot binding up each buckle ever so tight.  Next she forced the right boot on binding each buckle ever so tight and careful.

pony Dana

pony Dana

Next came my arms the bound up in the harness so tight locking them securely and giving by breast a squeeze for reassurance of my place.  Lastly she push my tail in place causing me to squirm and neigh a bit.  Happy with her work she checked each buckle to make sure they were secure.  Then took me back to my stall.

pony Dana (2)

pony Dana (2)

What a pleasant visit right after I was place back as my status as a helpless class III mare.  Kitty wanders in to see me.  I guess she said the wrong thing to Mii because then next thing I knew she was in the dressing stall.  Amazing really, Kitty getting into trouble.  Mii decided that Kitty would be nice a feline ponygirl mare.  so she started trussing kitty up right infront of me.  Imagine my surprise at kitty getting into this situation. The next thing I know Kitty is in the stall right next to me. And she has her own mare hearing, what luck I get to hear her talking constantly.

pony Kitty and Mii

pony Kitty and Mii

The next morning a trainer who I do not know took all of the ponies out to a course that I had never seen before in the yard.  The obstacles were nothing like I had seen before, slalom and jumping, while we traveled the yard.  The Miss trained us for almost an hour then I was sent back to my stall to rest. Later in the week Miss Amy appeared and decided I needed slalom training.  She pushed me slowly through the course allowing no mistakes.  I had to do it over and over again achieving 17 seconds with no mistakes.  Miss Amy decided since I was not listening to the whip commands I was to be punished.  So after the completion of the slalom I was placed in my stall and hooded.  Where I have been for the last couple days.

Pony Dana Slalom training

Pony Dana Slalom training

We will see how our ponies develop during the next months and maybe longer. And hopefully we’ll even can visit them every once in a while.
Did I mention that Jill Freenote is also a Pony at sNr right now? Well she is and thus we have 3 ponies/mares there! And at my last visit I took Dana and Jill out for a ride. Here are some impressions of that visit.

Diomita with pony Dana

Diomita with pony Dana

Diomita with ponies Dana and Jill

Diomita with ponies Dana and Jill

Ponies Dana and Jill pulling the cart

Ponies Dana and Jill pulling the cart

Stay tuned.

Love from Diomita and Jenny

Expect the unexpected

During the holidays we had two really unexpected changes. To stay in chronological order the first unexpected change happened to Dana, who has been sold by us to our close friend Claven. Slavery involves being a marketable good and as such you never know. Thus Dana and her wife JennAnn (JenAnn.Dubrovna) have different owners for years now and both have been put in different stages of slavery. I heard as rumor that JennAnn is somehow happy that Dana shares her destiny. We hope that Claven is content with her new property (which is worth two with regard to weight) because as it was a deal among friends as we had to grant her a sale or return. Here’s a picture of Dana with her new owner.

20140201 Claven and Dana
On a sidenote: We will not change Dana’s status as long as there is a right of return for Claven.

20131231 Pony Kitty and her trainer Betty (bettylatexlover)The other change that happened unexpectedly occured to our Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau). She was naughty watching ponies for a while now. She freed Hu-mares at SnR (Stones and Rubber) just for fun and loitered around in the according sims like FFF (Frilly Filly Farm). Consequently she made friends over there and got drawn into the scene more and more. And although Kitty fought the thought of becoming a pony in SL ever and insisted that she went there just to watch, the unexpected happened. Let me quote from the message that we got from Kitty:
“Hello Mistress, hello Miss Jenny… the unthinkable finally happened… Kitty is trying out pony life. Kitty has been talking for several weeks now with someone from Sweden called Betty (bettylatexlover.resident). Kitty mentioned her to you before. Well, with a bit of coercion Kitty decided to embark on a brief mission into the pony world. Sometimes, if you don’t understand something, even after observing it for so long, maybe you just have to give it a try. Since Kitty understands and respects your views on pony play Kitty wants to make sure that you understand that Kitty hasn’t gone mad… Betty and Kitty started exploring sims over the last two weeks and despite the language differences have been getting along very well. After Kitty shared the fun of being Kitty with Betty and the spark caught on (she changed her riding outfits to catwoman) Kitty noticed how mischievous she started becoming. Whether it was for the latter or the lack of good English, Betty decided that the best way to answer Kitty’s questions on ponies would be to try it out. That’s where we are now and so far and – admittedly – it’s been more fun than Kitty expected. More news to follow… Kitty”

Pony Kitty and her trainers Betty and Merjeni

Pony Kitty and her trainers Betty and Merjeni

To make a longer story short: Kitty has became a pony. I quote again: “… the events of the last nights were happening too fast for Kitty to fully process what actually happened. At the end of yesterday, Kitty was placed under tight restrictions and leashed in a stall. Betty had a lot of fun explaining to Kitty in much detail the next step of how that tail plug would have to be replaced with a larger one. Kitty was given a stack of straw to sleep on. RLV-straw… grrrh.. It traps Kitty for a predetermined  time (6h) to force rest. Now, that Kitty is staring at the stall door and the walls, reality is setting in, leaving Kitty to wonder which is the lesser evil of the two: The inevitable transformation and formation of Kitty to a pony or Kitty’s mind running wild with crazy thoughts about it all?”

Thank to Jenny, who got her the perfect right gear, she’s looking close to perfect now. She has two trainers the above mentioned Betty and Merjeni (Merjeni.resident). We know already that pony Kitty is quite good in the pony exericises but of course we expect nothing than a wall full of prizes and rewards she will bring home for Betty, Merjeni and for us. Whinnies, pony Kitty!

Sydney Opera House – 2013 in review

The people of send me a few figures and remarks reviewing this blog for 2013. The review starts with a nice comparison: “The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,300 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.”

Some statisical figures: Our blog had actually more than 9,400 clicks in 2013 alone, it contains 210 posts. In 2013 we published close to 200 pictures – thats about 4 per week. Quite enlightening is what attracts readers to our blog – at least some of them search for information about:
What is an Euro Brat?
What is a humare?
Prison Role play
Pony Play
What is an Ehesklavin?
I also should do an update of the “My Viewer” page as it is often clicked, but honestly I was too lazy doing that.
In 2013 we hat visitors from 67 countries around the world. Most visitors came from The United States (2.500). Germany (1.700) & The United Kingdom (1.200) were not far behind. No surprise here if you take into account where Jenny and I live.

Enough about statistics. Thank you all for reading. Appropos reading: Via the “Living in a Modemowrld” blog of Inara Pey (see the post of last week) I found “Prim Perfect –  Style for Homes and Gardens in Virtual Worlds”. It is an online magazine with now already 50 issues and provides information about what to explore in Second Life, some stories, and it is another source for ideas. I enjoyed reading it. There’s also a blog with even more information and with the link to the magazines of course (read the last issue, winter wonderland). So I added the url of the blog to the other links section (

Last but not least: No blog without a picture. As we began the “Enjoying Bondage”- series this year, heres another one from our everyday fun. Have a great Silvester night!

Angelique, Dio, slave Flo at The Secret House club

Angelique, Dio, slave Flo at The Secret House club

Dana Maurer is turning 4 today and 2 years collared soon

Dana Maurer Dec 7th, 2012When reviewing our calendar I noticed that Dana Maurer, our Puppe, our Doll (dana.drezelan) has two anniversaries coming very soon. She’s turning 4 years in SL today. Happy Rezzday, Dana! And all of you seeing Dana in world today or within the next days – don’t miss to give her some rezzday smacks on her amazing behind. Being a black woman now she has quite a bum (hint).
Also Dana is going to be collared 2 years Dec 18th, meaning that soon she will have been our brat most of her SL. I feel proud and honoured that she’s still wearing my collar. When I collared her we were aware of the timezone problems that we would be facing and it is an issue unfortunately which reduces the time we can spend online together.

Dana Maurer Dec 7th, 2012 with Dio and JenDana is courageous enough to try out the more extreme adventures that SL has on stock for us. Like the ‘Humare’ challenge she successfully managed this summer or like the transformation into a puppy that she made. I think it is really a pity that she couldn’t do that transformation in a proper way for a longer time as you need to be with more puppies and have someone to train and care about them – and we didn’t find such a place. Just recently Dana stepped into another skin and world by becoming a black woman now and is exploring interracial play. She still looks out for transformation adventures as well as for other groups to expand her experiences. As always she keeps us up-to-date and never forgets her position as our brat.

Thank you Dana for your loyalty, your trust and your devotion as well of bringing so much fun and adventure to our family in SL!
We love you.
Diomita and Jenny Maurer

Double anniversary: Maurer’s cutie’s 1st collaring day and Angelique Maurer’s 5th Rezzday

Today it’s been a year since we recollared Danii Szydlowka as our brat. First as our fosterbrat but for several months now as our full brat.
Danii was our sub before together with Pike, but we had to release both. As Pike left SL more and more Danii came back to us and one year ago she finally was recollared.
Cutie is a very special brat. She is a very good scripter and has some evil thoughts particularly about restrictions. She’s scripting mostly for herself and to try restrictive scripts on herself *winks which provides us many opportunities having her nicely tied and locked at our feet. Cutie also likes  to roleplay. She had some longterm roleplay particularly in prison as a therapist before the time with us. We recommend to read her blog for that and for more of her adventures so far like her time being a hu-mare pony ( Just recently when she was seeking a bit of restricted time in prison again, we arranged a hunt for her. The SLBI was hunting her and we had a lot of fun until she was caught. Her stay in prison turned out not to be as exciting as planned and thus she has been released.
Right now Danii is being restricted by us again and enjoys the feeling of control. Danii always wears her glasses and she’s quite helpless without them. If you ever see her without her glasses don’t be angry that she doesn’t recognize you, she might be just not able to see clearly.
We have enjoyed owning Danii, Maurer’s cutie, this year and there will be many more to follow. Happy collaring day, cutie!

Today is also Angelique Maurer’s 5th rezz day. Angelique added another way of play to our family in SL. She’s our niece, always bratty and seeking to test her limits. And besides her love for her aunts she also loves to challenge us. We sent her to schools in SL in order to provide the education that is appropriate for a young lady like her and although there’s some progress we will certainly provide more school and academy stays for her. After several weeks of technical problems getting online, we’re happy to have our little brat back with us. If you see Angel be sure to give her 5 rezzday spanks and don’t mind her protests:-)
Happy Rezz Day, Angelique!

Danii’s back home

Last night our Danii finished her humare challenge – after 50 days, close to 2 months. She had to fight with lag, with her keyboard, with her submissiveness, with her RL that didn’t give enough opportunity to run. But her strong will succeeded. She did it! And on her last day she finally found a way how to fix her forward key which enabled her to concentrate on turns, thus she made close to 300 laps within her last day alone. By the way I’m asking myself if Dana used the same technique for running. Anway – we are very proud of Danii. Those who have done this challenge know what she did and what I’m talking about. Those who haven’t done it should read her blog for a better understanding ( ). There’s not much more that I can add but my pride of Danii and my happiness that she’s back home. Welcome back home, cutie!!

Well done, we love you Danii 🙂

Rubber Mare Danii’s reflections

“If you want to know what a huMare looks like, you can look at the pictures on the Maurer’s Blog, or you can come visit Stones’n’Rubber, where you can find some Rubber Mares most of the time.  What you can’t see from the outside however, is how it looks and feels from the inside.”

“My up key is going to be totally worn out after this adventure ….. I will have to be careful not to push it too far. Should I try to tape the key so I don’t have to push it myself? But then you hear 2 claps of the whip, meaning stop… “

These are just two little quotes of Rubber Mare. Since Feb 20th, 2012, Danii is a Rubber Mare. Although she was eager for this experience, she also was scared about it.  She will be a Rubber Mare either for 4 weeks or at least as long as it takes her to do 4,000 laps around the training court. Most probably the later will define her time as a Rubber Mare. Danii has her own blog (see also under links) and she agreed to write about her time and experiences there.
I strongly recommend to have a look at her blog. She describes lively how it feels to be a Rubber Mare. Enjoy reading and support her. We are very proud of you, Danii!

Danii becomes a Rubber Mare

Tonight our Fosterbrat Danii Syzdlowska began another experience in her SL. Danii has been a pony before and has explored games and programs aorund rlv-restrictions, so when she read about the Hu-Mare program at Stones ‘N Rubber (sNr) the desire in her was seeded. But since she watched her sister Dana becoming a Hu-Mare she was even more eager to get this experience herself. Some issues kept her from beginning but tonight she entered. And again I watched the transformation procedure with mixed feelings of loosing some control for a limited time, happiness for her wish being fulfilled and with pride as I know how hard it will become for her.
The transformation takes about one hour and starts with getting the appropriate scripts (Mare hearing) and the right pony gestures. Then the livestock-to-be is stripped and has to take off all HUD’s, scripts, gear and is even shaved bald. Danii had to change her profile indicating that she’s just livestock owned by sNr and lost her name. She’s “Rubber Mare” now. The next step is installing the scripts and gestures. Yes, and then the shape is turned into a Rubber Mare and her body is sealed into latex. Finally the head is encased into the Hu-Mare head mask…… Welcome to your new life as a Rubber Mare.

In the picture above you see the three major steps of Danii’s transformation. It was conducted by sinha. I still smile here looking at the picture as you can easily combine the date (Feb 20th, 2012) and sinha’s costume. Today was the most important day of German carnival, Rosenmontag. sinha wears the “Funkenmariechen”-costume which is quite famous over here.
Back to Rubber Mare. If you take a detailed look at it you’ll she the Danii’s tatoos under the latex. Mare will serve for 4 weeks and for 4.000 laps minmum (depending what is reached first). I don’t get tired repeating how proud I am that Danii takes the challenge exploring this extreme experience. We’ll try to see you as often as we can and I look forward cracking the whip while you’ll do your work.  Good luck, Rubber Mare.

The livestock in it's stall

Rubber Mare Dana is back home

One week ago my sub Dana was released from being a Rubber Mare. She had an intense experience being a total restricted mare for 4 weeks. I asked her to express her feelings in words. That’s seems to be difficult but she tired. Here is what Dana wrote:
“December 23 2011, Mistress decided that is was time for me to go deeper into being a slave.  I had been a little rebel lately as a ponygirl but it was decided as a Christmas gift i would become a humare at SNR.
When you first arrive at the barn, looks like any other ponygirl barn.  Nice stalls well kept with a nice excercise area. Miss Sinha was there to prep me and prepare me to be the ulitmate humare slave.  Oh let me explain, a humare is the ulitmate in transformation to ponygirl, but really not that priveleged.  They are more a latex slave that appears as a ponygirl shape.  They cannot speak, accept whinny, they cannot understand words, only humare speak and they can only see through the limited mask.  They have no ability to touch so when locked away in a stall there is no escape. The experience of the latex covering being bonded on, closing your body off to the world, the helplessness of the hooves attached.  Then the ultimate, the hood, the slid over and bonded to your head.  Two small eye holes allowing the only view.  This is all you see straight ahead and to add to that blinders block part of that view.  As the hood is sealed, you can smell the latex, and like that, you can no longer understand people.  Your hear only whinnys and other humares. 
Now you’re alone, and object for the trainers, with no control.  You now have one purpose, laps. Laps start in a square pen with fence to the outside.  You must walk those laps, 1.000 for each week as a mare.  The inside training wall teaching you to stay close to the outside wall.  With your restricted view all you can see is the fence slats going by, you are now just a transformed object with single purpose.”

Rubber Mare, aka Dana, began her time and soon was eager to end it but there would be no end before she’d fulfill her assigned time. So she logged in hoping to be taken to the court to do her laps. Her concern was that she would not be released after 4 weeks as the second condition doing 4.000 laps is much harder. And sometimes the humare ponies simply stay in their stall when no trainer takes them out. Reaching the last position on the board with about 2.000 laps finally gave her some indication about her lap count. I did watch that and smiled as I saw her name appearing the first time on the board after over 2 weeks. Her last week was the most effective having the goal so close … and she made it. Above is her lap count 4.012 laps. Congratulation Dana, ex Rubber Mare.

Finally we have her back home and you can see above the “old” Dana with me, her happy owner. Dana has become more submissive then ever and thankful for every granted little freedom. And there’s now this unspoken threat … of being sent back to do another week or more. Nonetheless Dana loves the Rubber Mare mask and would like to wear it sometimes inbetween – but if she wears it it is locked on her immediately and only a senior trainer can unlock it. We enjoy having Dana back and as she was a doll before becoming a pony, then a throroughbred pony, then a humare pony – she has been named “Puppe Maurer” (German for doll) until further notice while she enjoys her little freedom to recover.

We are so very proud of you, Puppe. I am so very proud of you.

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