Art in Second Life 2023 (15) 2nis at Cloud Galleries

It’s been a while that I visited a gallery or art installation – I wasn’t in the right mood for it. Anyway on Monday, April 3rd, I accepted the invitation, that I got from Owl (Owl Dragonash) and visited an exhibition at Cloud Galleries with pictures of 2nis (2nis Sands). The official opening is today, Tuesday, April 4th at 11 AM (at 10 PM Central Europe Time) with music from Ilyra Chardin.

I have visited the Cloud Galleries end of 2022 and wrote a blogpost about it (read here). The Cloud Galleries is an area above Corsica South Coast. Nine artists have their studio galleries there, a thenth gallery is for a visiting guest artist every 2 months.
As of March 2023 the participating permanent artists are:

Elan (Ineffable Mote)
KayLy (kayly iali)
Lizzy Swordthain
Michiel Bechir
Owl Dragonash
StarZ (Starz33 Mccullough)
Stephen Venkman
Suzen Juel (Juel Resistance)
There’s a website for the Cloud Galleries where you can also find the event calendar.

2nis (2nis Sands) is the guest artist for April and May (March 23rd – May 26th). The studio of 2nis is not far from the landing point.

Impressions of 2nis (2nis Sands)’s art at Cloud Galleries (1)

Together with the invitation I got a folder that also included a short biography of 2nis and a description of his art:
My interest for computer graphics pushed me to try Second Life 16 years ago. I quickly got hooked by the magic of virtual reality. Passed the culture shock, I enjoyed so much this space of freedom and tolerance where you can do what you want and discover who you really are. I had the chance to make beautiful friendships and discover talented artists. I enjoy exploring new places and seeing what sim builders do with all the amazing content designers bring into the virtual world. It’s like diving into peoples’ minds. The creativity of Second Life residents is amazing.
I make photos to keep memories of enjoyable moments.
The text made me smile as if could be from me myself. I take pictures to keep the memories I make in this virtual world for my real life. And the creativity in Second Life excites me even after more than 15 years.

Fitting to what 2nis wrote his pictures show landscapes, impressively created places and also a few pictures from events 2nis attended. He shares a part of his Second Life with the spectator. The pictures are a well selected excerpt of his broad picture collection that is shown also at his flickr account.

Impressions of 2nis (2nis Sands)’s art at Cloud Galleries (2)

I enjoyed my visit to the Cloud Galleries. Thank you Owl for your initiave, thank you 2nis for sharing your pictures.

Landmark to Cloud Galleries @ Corsica South Coast
Cloud Galleries website
2nis Sands flickr

Art in Second Life 2022 (95) Cloud Galleries

I got an invitation from Owl Dragonash for the opening of a new multi gallery space – the Cloud Galleries  – in the skies above the NovaOwl Gallery.

Cloud Gallery – over view / Grand opening poster

The platform in the skies provides space for 10 seperate, identical gallery buildings. Each artist has one of these gallery buildings. There is a board in front of every gallery building. Most of them contain a landmark and a notecard about the artist. Owl Dragonash also provides a website with a list of the participating artists as well with information about upcoming events. Cloud Galleries are located in Novatron and are part of Corsica South Coasters.

Impressions of Cloud Galleries (1)

The participating artist are:
elan (Ineffable Mote)
Michiel Bechir
Anna Maria (Annamaria Lysette)
Prins (skylog)
Suzen Juel (Juel Resistance)
Pau (Paula Sieberi)
KayLy (kayly iali)
Jaminda Moon (jaminda)
Raisa Reimse (raisareimse)
Owl Dragonash

Impressions of Cloud Galleries (2)

There’s a lot to discover at Cloud Galleries as these 10 artists cover a broad range of art from portraits to pictures of animals, from abstract colourful pictures to pictures of landscapes in Second Life. I personally discovered several artists who are new for me.

Impressions of Cloud Galleries (3)

Corsica South Coasters is an international community on the mainland continent of Corsica. The Cloud Galleries are on Novatron, in the skies above the NovaOwl Gallery. For events at Novatrom have a look at the website Novatron. Owl (Owl Dragonash) is the general manager of the NovaOwl Gallery. and I assume also manages the the Cloud Galleries. Uli Jansma will be the dj for the opening event today at 12 PM SLT (9 PM Central Europe Time).
Thank you Owl and Uli. And many thanks to the participating artists. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Cloud Galleries
Cloud Galleries website
Landmark to NovaOwl Gallery

Art in Second Life 2021 (42) The Dream Hangover by Suzen Juel

I visited “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel.

The Dream Hangover is an installation by Suzen Juel (Juel Resistance) showcased at Second Life Endowment for The Arts – SLEA, Region 1.

It’s hard to describe what you see, my pictures tell more than I could write. The Dream Hangover is a collection of dream snippets, scenes that you might remember after an intense dream, reflections of what you experienced during the day, exaggerated, surreal, unconnected.
The Dream Hangover is (of course) in a dark environment. Don’t forget to check “Use shared environment”, so that you get the right experience. It is built on an “island”, the ground is blueish with stars and other elements embedded. Nonetheless the installation is quite colourful.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (1)

There are quite some statues, at least one is from Mistero Hifeng, others are from Suzen Juel herself. And quite many have a television instead of an head. The whole scenery is surreal, as are the single art objects.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (2)

I saw some of the elements and objects before, like the elefants with the long legs, that I saw in installations of Archtype11 Nova, or the levitating whale. And as you would expect of dream snippets, there are at least 2 clocks and some text snippets hidden.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (3)

Suzen has also added her 2D art, spread over the installation, showcased on big boards. And there is more…. a cat space ship, a colourful glowing framework, a landed space-capsule, butterflies, a windmill…
As I wrote before, it is hard to describe, you have to see it yourself and who knows, maybe some of the snippets appear in your next dream.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (4)

I came across Suzen Juel (Juel Resistance) the first time this year when I visited the Artists’ Village at Campbell Coast (read here). Suzen is in Second Life since 2005. Suzen has her own website with an event calendar and more examples of her art and her music. I was quite impressed. In the accompanying notecard, that you get at the central landing of SLEA at the TP point to The Dream Hangover, Suzen writes that she grew up in an artists family and was connected to art and music since her early youth. She has tried almost every technique. And she illustrates children books in RL.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (5)

Thank you Suzen for this installation, thank you Tansee for your hard work enabling SLEA.
The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel will stay available for a visit until June 30th. Enjoy your “dream hangover” when you visit yourself.

Second Life Endowment for The Arts – SLEA
Direct landmark to The Dream Hangover. Suzen JueL Resistance. Region1
Suzen Juel’s flickr
Suzen Juel’s website