Simploring 2019 (1) Ponto Cabana

For my simploring tour on Christmas I selected Ponto Cabana from SL Destinations. Ponto Cabana is owned and created by Iska (sablina) and this name did ring a bell. I visited La Virevolte in December 2017 and wrote a blogpost, that was published January 5th, 2018 – read here. And really, Ponto Cabana is built where La Virevolte was.

Ponto Cabana – overviews

Ponto Cabana is a moderate homestead. It consists of three islands, the two bigger islands are connected by a bridge. It’s a winter wonderland fantasy village and offers a lot of great views for visitors. The landing is on the frozen sea and I first walked on foot to the smallest island that has just room enough for one house. The view from there to the other two islands is just great. I also liked the ice bear family walking over the frozen sea to the North pole.

Impressions of Ponto Cabana (1)

The two bigger islands both offer a lot to explore. One island is covered with quite some buildings along one road and one unused railroad track. It is snowing there. The buildings are all furnished more or less, I just had a look into some of them. There are a lot of animals, mainly birds and squirrels. The little town looks very peaceful.

Impressions of Ponto Cabana (2)

The other island offers a long promenade along the frozen shore and a park, layed out on terraces, mainly covered with snow. On the highest terrace are two houses and their front garden is decorated nicely for the season. Again you’ll see a lot of animals there, in and outside. One of the houses is inhabited by chicken, squirrels and suricate – cute!

Impressions of Ponto Cabana (3)

Ponto Cabana is embedded into a very fitting sim sourrounding. Thus the views you get for taking pictures are just picturesque. Iska once again lures us into a wonderful snowy winterworld. Thank you for creating and sharing your world, Iska!

Landmark to Ponto Cabana

Simploring 2018 (2) La virevolte

December 29th, 2017, I went simploring in the afternoon. Once again I followed a post from Inara Pey’s Living in a modemworld blog “A photogenic twirl in Second Life“.  La virevolte is French and means turn or twist, hence the title of Inara’s post. And La virevolte is really picturesque but natural, it offers great opportunites for taking pictures.

La virevolte – overview

La virevolte is owned and created by Iska (sablina). There’s no landmark description. I looked up Iska’s profile which is quite empty except of one sentence “I love creating landscapes and dreaming inside“. For me these few words describe La virevolte perfectly. You can enjoy lovely views and you can dream and wind down there.

Impressions of La virevolte (1)

La virevolte is an island perfectly melted in a sim surround of high Mountains. The island itself has a flat part with no snow – it looks as if the wind has blown away the snow from this part of the island – and some higher rocky parts. There are a few houses spreaded on the island, also a few ruins. In the center a small natural fjord ends in a small pond. La virevolte looks really natural and I couldn’t get enough from the different views. Although it seems that there’s not much activity you can find some Christmas illuminations here and there and even around the ruins.

Impressions of La vivrevolte (2)

Impressions of La vivrevolte (3)

During my visit, Jenny came inworld and joined me there. She was not dressed for the cold. We tried some ot the places to cuddle and enjoyed the peace together. I think my pictures do show some of La virevolte‘s beauty. If you like winterly sims, don’t miss this sim and visit it before spring arrives. Well, it might be lovely in sping as well and another reason for me to return then.

Thank you Iska for sharing your dream with the public. I enjoyed my visit very much!

Landmark to La virevolte
Inara Pey’s blog entry “A photogenic twirl in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (12) L’intangible & Field of dreams

Sundays are my simploring days. Last Sunday, February 19th, I went exploring L’intangible. I came across it by following the blog of Nix Bubbles (nixi12345), Places in Secondlife with a tiny pinch of Fashion.

Feb 19th: L'intangible (in the foreground - South) & Field of dreams (in the background - North)

Feb 19th: L’intangible (in the foreground – South) & Field of dreams (in the background – North)

L’intangible & Field of dreams are two connected adjacent homestead sims, just lovely and rural. It could be somewhere in the Mediterranean, maybe in France as there are vineyards, sunflower fields and fruit trees. There’s a lot of nature and some scattered buildings. I landed at L’intangible, the southern homestead. There’s not much to see, just a farm, a house, some agricultural machines. In the Southwest is a lighthouse and from it’s top you can look not just over L’intangible but also to Fields of dreams in the north. In the Southeast is a big rock and you can walk up to it’s top for another overview. At the foot of the rock is an old abandonned house. Overall you could get a bit melancholic at L’intangible.20170219-lintangible_016Field of dreams is also dominated by agriculture. The description of Field of dreams sums it up nicely: The human work is an eternal new beginning…drought, autumn rain, the ground draining away by the runoff. It is because of these climatic and physical factors that human built this landscape to be able to create spaces suitable for crops. These gardens terraces in the broken rock, cleared of stones are named “bancels”, they punctuate the landscape from the bottom of the valleys to peaks with meadows, fruit orchards and vegetable garden.”20170219-lintangible_017

Field of dreams has some little satellite islands, one in the West and three in the North. In the middle of Field of dreams is a bigger house which looks as if the farmers could gather a bit of wealth here. I can’t describe why, but Field of dreams didn’t make me as melancholic as L’intangible did.
Both sims are built with love for the detail and you can see that they were build from one person, Iska (sablina), who writes about herself: “I love creating landscapes and dreaming inside”. A really nice work. I enjoyed my visit. The only thing I missed were a few more spots to sit and dream.

Feb 19th: At the northern end of Field of dreams

Feb 19th: At the northern end of Field of dreams

Landmark to L’intangible