Diary 2021 (164) November 30th – A full and intense day

Tuesday, November 30th, turned out to be a very full and intense day. I began the night before. I had contacted Claven about the lag on our sim and just when I was about to log out, Claven called me. She confirmed that the performance in Second Life in general had decreased lately. But she also explained that it is not all due to the movement of Second Life to the cloud. In former times 4 homesteads shared a server and a full region one server. Nowadays 6 to 8 homesteads share a server as do 2 regions. Hence all we can do is to reduce the amount of scripts.

When I came inworld in the later morning, Mistress Jenny was present and summoned me to her. She was at Domme in Distress with Kirsten (tied cooljoke). I know Kirsten from dA. Kirsten often asked us to come by for a bondage session. We talked a bit and visited her place, where she showed us her Wall of Shame, which is round and hence particulary suited for bondage pictures. While we were together, I talked with Mistress about my conversation with Claven. We agreed that I should file a ticket to LL. Eventually they could move our sim to another server. Mistress had to leave into her RL and hence we went back home.

I rebooted our sim once again and went to Puerto Esclava. While is stood there (and looked good) I filed the ticket to LL as I had agreed with Mistress. Before I had to leave myself to tend to my RL I returned home and checked the lag by playing skipee. And the lag was gone! It might be due to the repeated reboot or LL had reacted really quickly – I don’t know, but I mustn’t know. Important is that we can enjoy home again.

I returned inworld after lunch. Sun was present and I summoned her to me to Puerto Esclava. We stayed there together for close to 30 minutes, we talked and I enjoyed getting my feet worshipped.

November 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita visiting Kirsten (tied cooljoke) at her home / Diomita and Sun at Puerto Esclava

At the time Sun had to leave Flo came inworld. I contacted her and asked her to try out the games to check whether the lag had gone. Flo aksed if I didn’t want to try together with her. Hence I returned home and played a round of Skipee with Flo – and we had no lag. YaY!
We had not yet finished our game when Mistress came inworld earlier than I had expected her. I filled her in about my activities regarding the lag. Mistress joined us and tried out the greedy and was happy.
Flo had to tend to her RL again – and as we were close to the snowman, Mistress and I tried out the different poses and had some fun in our virtual Winter world.

November 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home enjoying our Winter world

We had to warm us up and went club Domme a Domme. Mistress Jenny was in a very dominant mood and had me at her feet. Dely (Krysbia) and Goddess Katie (Katielouisse) came by just shortly after we entered the club. I spent the next our on my knees kneeling between Goddess and Mistress and I had an intense time feeling very submissive and owned. And when Dely came a bit closer and sat down, I was kneeling between 3 dommes … phewwwww.

November 30th: Mistress Jenny, Goddess Katie, Dely (krysbia) at clubd Domme a Domme with Diomita

It was rolling restart Tuesday and we all had to leave as club Domme a Domme was rebooted. Goddess went to her home and Mistress Jenny and I went to our loft skybox. And my intense afternoon continued. After this hour I was eager to please Mistress Jenny and I was lucky that I was allowed to lick her and to taste her nectar – and I got my fix. Yes, I am truely addicted to Mistress – and submitted to her.
What an afternoon!

November 30th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home

Compared to the afternoon, we had a relaxed night, just what I needed. we had a game of skipee wth Flo first, Sun and Ebony joined us a the table and watched Flo winning it. Ebony left us again and Mistress, Flo, pet and I went to Carnal Intentions for the rest of the night. I had fun shortening pet’s leash again and restricting her a bit. And when Holly came inworld I summoned her to us. We just chatted among us the whole night.

November 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and pet Sun

Diary 2018 (156) August 27th/28th Eheslut

Jenny and I spent most of Monday night, August 27th, at home with Angelique. Jenny had found an old erotic film from 1985 that plays in the early 20th century after world war I. The story is about an orphan who is sent to a boarding school, renowned for it’s strict education. Jenny, Angelique and I had watched this film and we talked about it, discussed the key scenes and the end of the story.
There’re some intriguing parallels between the characters of the orphan and Angelique. Angelique had asked for permission to change her panties before we began our conversation and when I brought up her request again one word led to the other …. and Angelique ended laying over my lap getting a nice Spanking.

August 27th: Jenny and Diomita at home with Angelique

I took Jenny to club DeLust later and had my way with her in the annex of our skybox. After all I was enjoying a green light and had to make the most of it – and I did. I left Jenny that night wearing her vixen cuff set with her keys out.

When I met my property again in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 28th, she had something to tell. On her search for trouble Jenny endcountered Kirsten (tied cooljoke) in the morning. We know Kirsten from a session we had with her several years ago and I’m connected to her in deviant Art. On deviant Art Kirsten and I had discussed to have a bondage session inworld again some day soon.
Kirsten and Jenny talked about ropes, cuffs and toys and Kirsten recommended a toy named gag pipe to Jenny and she got it. Of course Jenny had to break it in and tried it right away. Jenny had fun with it and placed two of the gag pipes in front of our house, so that we can use them when playing with our slaves.

August 28th: Diomita testing the gag pipe with her property Jenny

Jenny and I went to our house and I tried out the gag pipe with Jenny. I fixed her on it and of course I took some pictures. That really brought back memories. Jenny always had a passion for bondage. For several years she was my Ehesklavin (I’m her Ehesklavin nowadays) and I often also called her my Eheslut (my married slut).
Spontaneously I bought the set of nipple rings with the board, that we already got for slave kelly and slave Flo, and decorated my property with it for another picture, I wrote “Eheslut” on the board. Sadly we couldn’t take this little bondage session any further as our time was up for this afternoon.

Tuesday night began busy. I had a private chat with qt, aka. Maurer’s It, again who returned to SL (read here). She’s preparing her return to us and we talked about the gear she would need. When I asked her to find a black latex catsuit, I couldn’t tell her where to get it. Most shops sell clothes for meshbodies nowadays and qt uses a system body. Jenny, Angelique and I began to search. We found some places, but Jenny also found some transferable old catsuits in her inventory.
I built another pit in front of our house, now everything is prepared for qt’s return. After this surprising start into our evening, Angelique, Jenny, slave Flo and I relaxed playing skipee. We played in teams and I won together with Angelique against Jenny and slave Flo.

Augsut 28th: Diomita and her Eheslut Jenny at club Domme a Domme meeting Argi

Then I retreated with Jenny. She had to change into the outfit and gear of the afternoon again and I took my Eheslut to club Domme a Domme to proudly expose what is mine. Argi was there as well and joined us and also teased Jenny. Jenny told her that I decided to store up a lot of trouble in the bank by exposing her like this. But why should I care about tomorrow? It would have spoiled my fun that night. We left Domme a Domme and went to club DeLust for a short time, then I crowned my night in control with getting spoiled by my Eheslut’s tongue.

August 28th: Diomita and her Eheslut Jenny at club DeLust and at home in our skybox

Special celebrations weeks (May 22nd – June 5th) (3)

May 26th, Day 4: Jenny tied up and locked at “Lesbian Dominant and Mature/Young Society” ... slave Flo is visiting

May 26th, Day 4: Jenny tied up and locked at “Lesbian Dominant and Mature/Young Society” … slave Flo is visiting

Let’s go on with the celebration days. Tonight I took Jenny from Dommes in Distress to the Lesbian Dominant and Mature/Young Society (LDaMS). In case you haven’t been there, here’s the LM:
The Society had the move several times lately. Let’s hope that this place can be kept for a while. There are a lot playrooms at LDaMS but during our European prime the the place is rarely crowded. But it is worth a visit and the walls are all nicely decorated with b/w pictures. The owner, Victoria (guadalupe.ansar), does a lot to increase traffic. So watch out for events. I found a nice display cage in the cellar right between 2 erotic pictures, so Jenny is surrounded by them is (for me) the highlight. I took slave Flo with me. She is tightly restricted and I won’t tell here why. But she adds nicely to the picture. Too bad that she can’t see the lovely setting as she is blindfolded.

May 26th, Day 4: Jenny tied up and locked at “Lesbian Dominant and Mature/Young Society” with slave Flo

May 26th, Day 4: Jenny tied up and locked at “Lesbian Dominant and Mature/Young Society” with slave Flo

The next day, after I released Jenny from her Cage, we got an Invitation to a photoshooting at Dommes in Distress by Kirsten (tied.cooljoke). She has a deviantArt page and had done some Pictures of Jenny and me before. The place just behind the house was quite crowded and it is was watching Kirsten at work. The shooting was quite similar as the ones we do at Sarah’s patio. I first placed slave Flo on the wall, later I also leashed Jenny there. Very enjoyable, when others (in this case Kirsten) do the main part of the bondage work.

Photoshooting at "Dommes in Distress" with Dio, Bobbi Fishnet, Jenny, slave Flo, Kirsten, Miss Mai Trinh (maiqctrinh) and Dee Ashland (dee.cluny)

Photoshooting at “Dommes in Distress” with (from left to right) Dio, Bobbi Fishnet, Jenny, slave Flo, Kirsten, Miss Mai Trinh (maiqctrinh) and Dee Ashland (dee.cluny)

Bobbi Fishnet, Jenny, slave Flo bound at "Dommes in Distress"

Bobbi Fishnet, Jenny, slave Flo bound at “Dommes in Distress”

That was fun! Thank you, Kirsten and all attendees.

For this night, I decided to put Jenny into something tight and warm – the Harsh straight jacket. Jenny told me about the RF scolds gag, that we got from the easter egg hunt lately. She tried it secretly before. So I added this, locked it and set it to “Mannequin mode”. In this mode the sub freezes if anyone comes closer than 5 meter. So Jenny wasn’t able to run away. I added a chastity belt for safety reasons and took Jenny to Lochme. There she will have enough entertainment most probably. I was visibly content with my bondage work of tonight. I do have a real lovely tied up Ehesklavin!

May 27th, Day 5: Jenny tied up in "Mannequin mode" at Lochme - Dio inspecting her own work

May 27th, Day 5: Jenny tied up in “Mannequin mode” at Lochme – Dio inspecting her own work

May 27th, Day 5: Dio with Jenny tied up in "Mannequin mode" at Lochme

May 27th, Day 5: Dio with Jenny tied up in “Mannequin mode” at Lochme

It seems that during Day 6 Jenny had a lot of fun. I got an offline IM from our Kitty (Santana.thibedeau):

Day 6: Kitty meets Jenny d'Arc

Day 6: Kitty meets Jenny d’Arc

“Dear Mistress, Kitty went on an excursion today. Kitty saw a real castle called Lochme. It even has a cellar and what they called ‘a dungeon’ (funny name for an exhibit but well, you know those historians…) … isn’t that amazing?!? But you’re not going to believe this.: They even had a knightress in shining armor… !!!! Jenny D’Arc was the name … Kitty thinks… but who cares… What matters is that it was all on display and for Kitty to touch, hug, kiss and even tease! (no sword and she kept her arms behind her back, so no real danger… hehe!) …. what an incredible experience – these castle tours rock! As a nice little souvenir (that’s French castle-slang and means Kitty thought of you) Kitty took this picture for you. Isn’t she the cutest bundle of joy ever contained in a tin can… eh.. suit of armor?!?”
And Kitty sent a this picture of Jenny. Thank you Kitty. Obviously Jenny got a lot of attention as I even got another offline IM asking me to tie someone else just like this :-).

to be continued….