Talking about ………. Some that got away

Three years is a long time in SL and we would not expect to get this far without losing some of our family members. Some like Siobhan Rhapsody left suddenly when we least expected it, others left more slowly like Nicola Micheline, Fae Howlett my subsister left because of an illness and after her return took other ways and others like my sister rabea Landar left for RL reasons and with the hope that we may one day see her again.

There are a few people that joined us for a while but out paths parted somewhat and we took different routes in SL. However we remain friends and often visit each other to keep up with our news and gossip.
Pike Mayo and I met as prison guards several times, the first time at Pandora’s box in February 2008 even before I met Goddess. Our paths crossed several times at several prisons. Then when Pike entered the scene again it was at Rivers Rock in the prison there. Pike had left her Partner Danii Szydlowska in isolation in one of the cells and Jenny rescued her and brought her to our home so that she could be with Pike. Together they served a trial and joined our family. They both have very adventurous ways. They spent a lot of time together at Pain Asylum before and I can recommend reading Danii’s blog (link in our links) about that time in their SL.

Dear friends, lovely former subs to us ... Pike and Danii
After a while Danii and Pike wanted to try different things and they wanted to take turns of controlling the other. They are partners and enjoy eachother’s company a lot and wanted their own place to share.  They are really role models regarding their partnership and their caring for each other.

We met Vero at Yasminia while Goddess had the large castle on the sim. The hotel was in the castle along with some toys. Vero joined Jenny at the bamboo bondage frame and soon later she visited us at Rivers Rock and we became friends. Vero  has a good sense of humor and a playfully cheeky nature. Her submission to me was a nice gift and she even succeeded to fulfil her trial for caged at the terrace of the castle in Yasminia.

Dear friend former sub to us ... vero Lacombe
We had some wonderful months but then vero found her love for Gor and the roleplay there and she left us as a close friend. We do see her once in a while also nowadays and it is always nice to have her with us.

Doing my 2nd year revival trial for Goddess

For my upcoming 2nd year anniversary of being collared by Goddess I asked her to lock me down for a week. That might sound strange to those who know me particularly as I have had no idea how and where she might lock me. She just said that she grants my wish.
Since Tuesday I sit in a capsule. the same capsule as during my trial. Goddess has placed a cask with a wooden dildo just in front of the capsule and when Jenny is online she rides the dildo an comes unrealistic often. She counted every 4 minutes. I have to watch how she polishes the dildo with her pussy. Do I begin to develop a fetisch for wooden pussy polished dildos?

Dio in her capsule surrounded by family and friends
Anyway as I kneel here tied tightly in my cosy capsule I have time to write.
I get a lots of visits. My family comes to me and I enjoy the attention that I get. Even my sister Yar has been here today*smiles. What a nice vist. My newest sub, vero Lacombe drops by whenever she’s online. My sister Valerie visited me a lot already. This morning I saw my only slaveboy Santana. Today also Danii, my cutie, was online. I had left her leashed and blindfolded, deaf and gagged with her armbinder on the terrace. Yar managed to move the leash pole down to my cell and cutie companied me for over an hour. She was so eager to see me but couldn’t. Later today Pike was here. She managed to escape from prison to see me. Awwww, I’m spoiled. My sister Tey who I hadn’t see for a long while was here. Goddess was here daily whenever she could. Claire was here. And many others dropped by. Tyra, who companied me during my trial spent several hours with me *muah. And of course Jenny companies me when she’s online. And yesterday Jenny and me listened to the stream of our regular Friday night party hosted by Virgo Babii. What a fun. So I can really have a good time.
My thoughts go 2 years back often. What a rare luck I had to meet Goddess and to enter this family. I feel loved … and love my family in return.

Come and visit me as long as I am here *smiles brightly