Kitty Maurer’s 9th collaring anniversary

Just recently we celebrated Kitty Maurer’s (aka. Santana Thibedeau) 10th rezzday (read here).  And today marks Kitty’s 9th (!) collaring day.

I was part of Yasmin’s Brat Pack and Yasmin’s collared sub and had just married my slave Jenny. On November 22nd, 2008 Jenny and I found a “present” at home. My sister Yar (Yar Telling), another brat of Yasmin (Yasmin Heartsdale), had caught Santana, had fun with him and left him in a cage in our house in Stonehaven when she was done with him. Santana was convinced that he could talk himself out of the cage and announced that he will enslave us. Actually, Santana has the particular talent to talk himself out of every miserable situation. But this one time he was wrong. We kept the boy and the more he threatened us to get out and to enslave us, the more we were motivated to prove the opposite. Santana moved with us to Rivers Rock where he was one of the first guests in our Hotel California and he spent months in his hotel room.
After that nice and comfy stay he was well conditioned and submitted to us. We both became fond of our captive and decided to make him a slave to the whole family as our time zones did not match fully. One thing shone through all this time and that was no matter when or where slaveboy always remained loyal to us and made us proud to own him (and later her) wherever (s)he went.

November 22nd, 2008 …..

November 22nd – Kitty Maurer’s 9th collaring anniversary

A lot has happened since that day. Second Life developed and changed, our family in Second Life changed, some good friends left us or decided to persue other ways in SL, Santana became Kitty Maurer, my slave wife Jenny became my Mistress – Kitty stayed with us all the time.
Thank you Kitty for your unconditional submission and dedication to your owners.
Happy collaring anniversary!

Diomita and Jenny Maurer – 5th wedding anniversary

Diomita Maurer (Dio) and Laylady Lay (jen)

Would like to invite you to witness them exchange their Wedding Vows and join together as Wife and Wife.
NEW DATE: !!!!!!!
Date: Fri 24th October  2008 3:30 pm PDT 23:30 GB time 00:30 German time Location: BRATZ new open air Dungeon
Our Special wishes: We would like this to be a themed Wedding. It will be just over 5 months that Dio and Ladlady met and in celebration of this we would like it to be a Mistress / Master  … Sub / Slave theme.
If you would like to wear a corsage please visit the garden at the Bondage playground and sit in the big flower, after the animation it will give you flower. We would like to see as many flowers as possible. To find it go look for the big fire in the main grounds.
During the ceremony we would ask that all subs and slaves sit on a floor ball during the service and all Masters and Mistresses sit in a throne or stand as you please. Please dress inaccordance with your position for the day if you switch. There will be a Party afterwards at BRATZ Disco where there will be a guest book, please write and drop us a note for our memories.
We hope you can come please RSVP to Dio or Jen (or better both)

This is the original notecard that we sent to invite for Jenny’s and my wedding. It has been a year of weddings. Yar Telling married Rayn Halfpint in July, 2008. One week later Yasmin Heartsdale married Teyonas Miklos on July 14th, 2008. And on September 12th, 2008 Ilandere Boa (aka Illy, a short time sister of mine in Yasmin’s family) married Shuggi Grunspan. It was at this wedding that Illy commented to me seeing Jenny and me dancing that she senses me being the next getting married. For me it was as if the scales fell from my eyes. Stupid me! I want her, and i want her married to me – Jenny, my slave!
I remember that I couldn’t wait to ask her. I invited her to dance at a romantic place in the clouds .. and asked her. And she hesitated a few seconds to tease me but it was a “Yes” or maybe a “Yes, Mistress”. Anyway we got engaged September 14th, 2008. From that day on, we began to plan our marriage. We became partners in SL September 30th, 2008. We had a lot to prepare. The place, the ceremony, the wedding cake, the dresses, the invitation and, and, and … We asked Yasmin to conduct the ceremony and she agreed. You may imagine that it wasn’t easy to find an appropriate date for it as we were on different timezones. But we found a date and it worked out well. We had a great wedding ceremony and party. Yasmin’s speech was touching and it will now be safed here:

Welcome dearest Family and friends,
what a precious gift we are brought here to witness and share in today. The ultimate gift of love, the gift of devotion, the gift of loyalty, and the gift of friendship.
We share in witnessing Jen’s gift of submission, her gift of friendship and of companionship. We share in witnessing Dio’s gift of Devotion, guardianship, protection, and guidance.
But this union is more precious and special because what is shared extends beyond the boundariess of Second Life, it envelopes the “hearts behind the pixels”, for there are real loving hearts behind the avatars here.
Jen’s devotion to her Mistress is the standard by which devotion should be measured. Diomita’s care and guidance is complete and without reservation.
If Jen is the standard of devoted submission, it is matched only by Dio’s loving attention and devoted ownership. Even in times of reprimand, the love that is between them fully surrounds them.
For Jen, this is an affirmation of what already exists, that Dio is her best-friend, her love, her companion and that she has done so much beyond what most in Second Life might expect in order to care for Jen, for her heart and her mind. We who surround them and know them, and especially their closest family, never tire of watching them enveloped in their own cocoon of love, respect, and complete and total trust.

We wanted no gifts, yet we got a gift – a honeymoon of one week in a private skybox which was set up by the family and the friends for us. It was a very special week. And during this week I also granted Jenny to dominate me the first time. We loved the skybox and when the week was over we asked every contributor to sell us the inventory. We got everything and kept the skybox over all these years. Yes, it has changed a bit over time, new pictures, new furniture, new plants, a dance floor roof, Jenny’s private cage, yet the general design of it is still the same as is the fireplace. We called it “Chez Maurer” and up until today it is where we retreat at night or spend time just talking and enjoying togetherness.

Today it is 5 years that I married Jenny. We both never thought that we would stay together that long. Even in RL 5 years is already quite a time to stay together. This blog is full of memories about the time that we spent together on our journey in Second Life. And these memories are part of our RL too. What is missing in our blog here so far are the pictures of our wedding. There’re dozens of pictures! I selected a few for our blog now.

Dio and Jenny at the altar during the ceremony

Dio and Jenny at the altar during the ceremony

The wedding place October 24th, 2008

The wedding place October 24th, 2008

Exchanging the rings

Exchanging the rings

The wedding party: Rayn, Yar, Yasmin, Dio,  Jen, Tyra, Nic

The wedding party: Rayn, Yar, Yasmin, Jen, Dio, Tyra, Nic

Our dance at the wedding celebration

Our dance at the wedding celebration

And today? We developed together on our journey in SL. Jenny brought out her dominant side and I began to submit to her first occasionally then more and more regularly. After my release of Yasmin’s collar it was just a matter of time and of consequence that I got collared by Jenny vice versa. So today we’re a domme couple enjoying our family and friends. We have developed rules and signs for the moment we submit to the other. And it is the mutual trust that allows us to let go fully and to enjoy from both sides of the leash. Thank you, my Ehesklavin, my wife, my slave and my owner for 5 wonderful years of married bliss.

20131024 5th anniversary blog entry picture

Dear Diary follow – up

We got some news this weekend. I wrote that Daeneriis (danii.szydlowska) had to reduce her online time due to rl. That’s true. But in addition to that something else took her attention and causes her to take a break in SL. You’ll find more about it in her blog the url is in the link section). We also will read more about her new passion there. And she promised to keep in touch. Enjoy cutie! We will miss you and look forward seeing you again. And as I said to you, I won’t release your restrictions, you will find yourself nicely bound and controlled whenever you visit or come back. We love you.

Kitty (santana.thibedeau) just sent a detailed update which i share here for our diary:
“Dear Mistress Diomita, thank you for the wonderful update on your blog. It is a delight to hear from all of you. And you are right about Kitty being gone too long. Kitty echoes your feeling and wishes nothing more than to spend some quality time with you and with Miss Jenny. Even though Kitty seeks out others to have fun, with every passing week it is getting more lonely out here because Kitty is missing you and Miss Jenny lots. Last week, Miss Jenny met Kitty and it was wonderful!! Not to mention the uplift it gave to Kitty’s spirit. 🙂 Thank you so much, Miss Jenny!
RL remains difficult and requires a strong mind and body to sustain. Being able to see this through without taking permanent damage to physical, psychological, and economic well-being is the overarching goal. As such, SL has a mitigating effect to keep Kitty sane.
Kitty goes to visit Dana (aka Cow_Slut_6868 now) whenever possible. However, she’s often afk or asleep or probably just being cow… *grins*. Over the last weeks, Kitty’s friendship to a mutual acquaintance of Jill Freenote has grown. Her name is MerJeni and she was desiring to become a Class IV mare at sNr. Kitty helped get her there. However, as things go, there were issues with her owner, lack of new owners, a new love in her life (another pony in the same stall as she), etc. and to make a long story short, after several weeks, she was freed. Kitty has been trying to be helpful along the way and in the process, Kitty has developed new friendships of those who are frequenting sNr. For reasons Kitty can’t explain, there is a tendency and natural desire by some to turn Kitty into a pony (you might recall that in the past, some folks even put money on Kitty’s head to get their wish). So far, this has never sat well with Kitty, in part because even to this day, Kitty has very limited knowledge of what all this pony play stuff is about.
As the friendships are evolving and trust builds, the conversations are giving Kitty some interesting insights and observations on those who decide to live out their kink with hooves. Some people are just  wonderful. Kitty met such a person over the last weeks. Her name is Maja. After some talk about looks, outfits, etc. Maja decided to give Kitty a lot of outfits that she no longer needed. Kitty was floored and still is trying to find a good way to show her appreciation. As for former Yasmin clan members, they are making themselves more and more rare. Jill Ormstein is around here and there and Tasha as well but there is little interaction. Kitty sees them mostly idling or stuffed away somewhere in tight bondage.
Well – that would be the news if there is any. Kitty hopes to see you sometime soon and sends you both big warm fuzzy hugs and kisses meant to keep you happy and healthy until we meet again. Kissss! :-)) your Kitty”

And dr. slave, aka. Flo, aka. Florence Riddler? She’s still with us, yet her restrictions have been screwed tighter. Here is what she wrote herself in the loneliness inside her hood:
“Denial is torture   not only that I’m trapped on a land I even don’t know the name, hard to hear from Miss Diomita that the police officers who had been called by her niece have been frinds of Miss Diomita and believed her she would announce when Dr. Flo would appear….. that was a real lie! more than 7 weeks now I’m far from my profession – be tied in different ways and without any hope of a quick release. Hours … no days I spent to think about the psychological part of my treatment. and more and more or day by day I come closer to the circumstance to …… accept my fate. my fate to become a play toy for the eurobrat family.
It’s 4 weeks since i got teased until I had a breathtaking orgasm. tree weeks since last teasing …… my temple is covered by hard steel and is burning like the fire of a vulcano I can’t give up myself – to become their slave!! and the other side…… the hope that they would be kind to me…. give me their love – sometimes I am close to think that it might become true. but price would be that high …… they force me… torture me with denial until i am cooked like a turkey … and beg for what I can’t think I would ever like…. those panties…. worn panties…. with the scent of Deli … that musk perfume… and be forced to taste in my mouth my paradise is crying for……. some care… some touch …. and they won’t give me relieve —- until….. by now I can stay calm as they put a hood on my head – isolating all my communication, make me deaf and gagged that way I’m forced to think about myself… my future and ….. my fate – what will be the day after I did beg for those panties – would they let me free?”

No post without a picture. Today’s pictures are as the post is titeled diary pictures, just snapshots I made this weekend: One when we met Paige and one when we had some fun using our brat slave subtittia.

At home: Jenny, Dio and Paige

At home: Jenny, Dio and Paige

Dio using tittia, Jenny and Flo watching

Dio using tittia, Jenny and Flo watching

Maurers’ Kitty

What a begin of 2011. Yesterday at New Year Day Jenny and I had an intense session together. I rediscovered Bronco, the horse and played a lot with Jen’s gear. We really made the most of this quiet day. Thank you, my love.

Today coming inworld I got a notice from slaveboy. He has finished the Restrained Freedom adventure. You’ll read more about it here next. Later he has been called by my sister Tasha (formerly known as Yar). She and some others gave slaveboy a mysterious drink …. that felt pretty strong and made his head spin….and…. turned him into a lovely neko kitty!

I found kitty helplessly and unable to chat at our home. She calmed in my presence and I could help her to get her ability to talk back. I am so overwhelmed by slaveboy’s change and glad to have a kitty around me now that I decided spontaneously to keep her until further notice.

These are the first and exclusively published pictures of kitty …. Maurers’ kitty

Isn’t she cute? How could I resist keeping her a while? Thank you so much, sister Tasha!! This was a real lovely New Year gift.

Doing my 2nd year revival trial for Goddess

For my upcoming 2nd year anniversary of being collared by Goddess I asked her to lock me down for a week. That might sound strange to those who know me particularly as I have had no idea how and where she might lock me. She just said that she grants my wish.
Since Tuesday I sit in a capsule. the same capsule as during my trial. Goddess has placed a cask with a wooden dildo just in front of the capsule and when Jenny is online she rides the dildo an comes unrealistic often. She counted every 4 minutes. I have to watch how she polishes the dildo with her pussy. Do I begin to develop a fetisch for wooden pussy polished dildos?

Dio in her capsule surrounded by family and friends
Anyway as I kneel here tied tightly in my cosy capsule I have time to write.
I get a lots of visits. My family comes to me and I enjoy the attention that I get. Even my sister Yar has been here today*smiles. What a nice vist. My newest sub, vero Lacombe drops by whenever she’s online. My sister Valerie visited me a lot already. This morning I saw my only slaveboy Santana. Today also Danii, my cutie, was online. I had left her leashed and blindfolded, deaf and gagged with her armbinder on the terrace. Yar managed to move the leash pole down to my cell and cutie companied me for over an hour. She was so eager to see me but couldn’t. Later today Pike was here. She managed to escape from prison to see me. Awwww, I’m spoiled. My sister Tey who I hadn’t see for a long while was here. Goddess was here daily whenever she could. Claire was here. And many others dropped by. Tyra, who companied me during my trial spent several hours with me *muah. And of course Jenny companies me when she’s online. And yesterday Jenny and me listened to the stream of our regular Friday night party hosted by Virgo Babii. What a fun. So I can really have a good time.
My thoughts go 2 years back often. What a rare luck I had to meet Goddess and to enter this family. I feel loved … and love my family in return.

Come and visit me as long as I am here *smiles brightly