Rubber Mare Dana is back home

One week ago my sub Dana was released from being a Rubber Mare. She had an intense experience being a total restricted mare for 4 weeks. I asked her to express her feelings in words. That’s seems to be difficult but she tired. Here is what Dana wrote:
“December 23 2011, Mistress decided that is was time for me to go deeper into being a slave.  I had been a little rebel lately as a ponygirl but it was decided as a Christmas gift i would become a humare at SNR.
When you first arrive at the barn, looks like any other ponygirl barn.  Nice stalls well kept with a nice excercise area. Miss Sinha was there to prep me and prepare me to be the ulitmate humare slave.  Oh let me explain, a humare is the ulitmate in transformation to ponygirl, but really not that priveleged.  They are more a latex slave that appears as a ponygirl shape.  They cannot speak, accept whinny, they cannot understand words, only humare speak and they can only see through the limited mask.  They have no ability to touch so when locked away in a stall there is no escape. The experience of the latex covering being bonded on, closing your body off to the world, the helplessness of the hooves attached.  Then the ultimate, the hood, the slid over and bonded to your head.  Two small eye holes allowing the only view.  This is all you see straight ahead and to add to that blinders block part of that view.  As the hood is sealed, you can smell the latex, and like that, you can no longer understand people.  Your hear only whinnys and other humares. 
Now you’re alone, and object for the trainers, with no control.  You now have one purpose, laps. Laps start in a square pen with fence to the outside.  You must walk those laps, 1.000 for each week as a mare.  The inside training wall teaching you to stay close to the outside wall.  With your restricted view all you can see is the fence slats going by, you are now just a transformed object with single purpose.”

Rubber Mare, aka Dana, began her time and soon was eager to end it but there would be no end before she’d fulfill her assigned time. So she logged in hoping to be taken to the court to do her laps. Her concern was that she would not be released after 4 weeks as the second condition doing 4.000 laps is much harder. And sometimes the humare ponies simply stay in their stall when no trainer takes them out. Reaching the last position on the board with about 2.000 laps finally gave her some indication about her lap count. I did watch that and smiled as I saw her name appearing the first time on the board after over 2 weeks. Her last week was the most effective having the goal so close … and she made it. Above is her lap count 4.012 laps. Congratulation Dana, ex Rubber Mare.

Finally we have her back home and you can see above the “old” Dana with me, her happy owner. Dana has become more submissive then ever and thankful for every granted little freedom. And there’s now this unspoken threat … of being sent back to do another week or more. Nonetheless Dana loves the Rubber Mare mask and would like to wear it sometimes inbetween – but if she wears it it is locked on her immediately and only a senior trainer can unlock it. We enjoy having Dana back and as she was a doll before becoming a pony, then a throroughbred pony, then a humare pony – she has been named “Puppe Maurer” (German for doll) until further notice while she enjoys her little freedom to recover.

We are so very proud of you, Puppe. I am so very proud of you.

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  1. jennymaurer
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 20:11:03

    Congratulations again Dana,, all we need to do now is to find the pink Humare head for your enjoyment.


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