Yasminia has been sort of our home for close to 3 years. We saw it developing, we saw it changing, and we do have tons of pictures and a lot more memories from it. The sim will stay in our mind always. Thank you for the time and the passion with which it has been built – and thanks everyone who provided the good time we spent there.

At our first visit at Yasmina - March 2009

First visit at Yasmina - March 2009

I remember when Yasminia was created. it was spring 2009. Yasmin had left Rivers Rock and she and her left-over family were looking for a place. We tried several … then all of a sudden somone close (you know who you are!) provided the sim and gave it to Yasmin as a present. Yasminia was born. First Yas built a large house and provided room for every brat. Thus I also had a room there. And the sim grew further with nice cosy areas, with a landing area and a patio on the deck.

On the first deck - November 2009

The deck at Yasmina - a place to gather and play

The first big remodeling was when Yasmin built an even larger house, a castle, Caer Heartsdale. There the patio was on the upper level of the castle. The Eurobrats were already born and again we (the Eurobrats and myself) had a room for ourself. It was on the 1st floor and the entrance hall had a big sign of the Eurobrats as well. And the hotel (Hotel California, some would call it prison) which was provided by us was in the cellar. And below the cellar was Yasmin’s mean pit.

The roof terrace of Cear Heartsdale - May 2010

The roof terrace of Cear Heartsdale

The 3rd big remodeling was the change to a Caribean island. I admit this layout is the one that I will keep in my memories as my favorite. The modern house, the pool with the patio, the pixies, the new small hotel, the lighthouse, small islands, some skyboxes, the game room. That sim was really my beloved 2nd home. And it was the last Yasminia where I was as Yasmin’s brat. I will keep Yasminia in my memories exactly in this layout.

Overlooking Yasmina in November 2010

Overlooking Yasminia

Yasmin and Diomita at the pool

Yasmin and Diomita relaxing at the pool - Yasminia September 2011

When Yasmin moved the sim from Mozingo Straits she built a swamp, the swamp of despair, and a cart track and some other levels. That was not “our” Yasminia to stay honest. The last and if I count right the 5th big remodeling turned Yasminia back into a Caribean island. Although we didn’t spent a lot of time there and although I even don’t know all of its skyboxes as I wasn’t allowed anymore to go everywhere, it felt like a 2nd home again. The sand, the lighthouse, the hut of the games rooms, the 2 kidnap huts (we really loved playing in Yas’ Shack) gave a bit of an impression of my favorite layout. And lately Yasmin even built a patio again, unfortuantely we never used it.

A view in Yasminia - February 2012

Yasminia in February 2012

Yasmin announced that the sim will be closed soon. So now it is time to say goodbye to another good old friend of ours – to Yasminia. The sim may vanish soon – our memories and those of a lot others will never vanish as long as we live.

P.S.: As for right now (Feb 10th, 2012) Yasminia will stay online for at least several months 🙂

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