Summer slump ?

Is there a summer slump in SL? No. Is there a summer slump for us Eurobrats? Well, to some extent.
Some of us enjoy vacations, some of us go outside in the evening and enjoy the warmth or even sun (not very often unfortunately). As not too much is going on right now, at least not much to report or to save here right now it could be the summer slump. During the last week Jenny had a quite dominant phase and she took advantage of me and my sub side a few times. So here are some pictures for our diary or for our readers to enjoy.We also began to explore our new ruins and – as it is summer – we enjoyed nudity. This picture was taken after the fun 🙂And I got a new bike which I had to test on our island. The passenger option is the real extra of this bike. A great possibility to take your “catch of the day” home.
Enjoy the summer!

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