Danii is on the run

After a lot of scripting and being helpful for us our cutie, Danii Szydlowska, asked to start a longer, extended roleplay again and for her something about prisons is favorable. So now she’s engaged in an according roleplay, starting from the very beginning of being a fugitive and giving some SLBI (Second Life Bureau of Investigation) agents the fun of chasing and hunting her. I myself enjoy more the hunting part and became a bounty hunter for the SLBI a while ago and go on the hunt sometimes so I could help setting everything up for Danii.

So cutie began her new adventure and is on the run now for over a week. Of course I don’t share this hunt but do follow it curiously. Danii explored a lot of old and new sims during her hunt and stays in contact to us and visiting or meeting us has an exciting touch of danger for her now. We had already SLBI agents coming to our sim and observing it as they search for her. So her visits home now became shorter and we meet somewhere else for a quick hug every once in a while. Sometimes Danii gets bored running and teases the SLBI by visiting the SLBI headquarters at Zhora like in the picture above.
For those intrested in Danii’s adventure and reports about her life as a fugative i recommend to follow her blog where she began writing again. The url is http://daniiszydlowska.blogspot.de/. You can find it also under links.

Good luck, cutie (and enjoy). We love you!
Diomita & Jenny and all Eurobrats

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