Tyra made a series of interviews that she publishes now. The link to her blog and thus to all the other interviews is in our links list. We enjoyed the interview a lot and it is a fine summary about our love for SL. Thank you Tyra!

Tyralove's Blog


This Q&A session is a face to face interview with Diomita Maurer and her partner Jenny Maurer.

The first one of its type posted.

So it should keep you lot happy till next week……..I hope!! ((All excluding Pet that is *winks*))

Dio was a former sister of mine to Yasmin.

The first notable memory of us meeting was when Dio was on her trial to Yas, locked in a capsule, stirring at a blank wall, for 2 weeks plus.

Not my idea of fun but there you go.

I tried to visit her when i could to help her through this and we became close friends as a result of this, and still are.

Jenny i met through Dio.

I have images in my head of her wearing a hooped black and white latex catsuit, prisoner style….locked in Dio cage at her Stonehaven home.

If you come to Mount Everest…

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