Diary 2017 (169) October 7th/8th – The Weekend (part 1)

Saturdays are often quiet in Second Life, it’s the time I often go simploring. This Saturday in visited Deadman’s Island  (read here). Later in the afternoon I met with Mistress Jenny who came inworld again during her vacation. We spent most of the time in our skybox and caught up, then we visited Domme a Domme and The Secret House.

October 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita enjoying togetherness

At night I met with our niece Angelique. We went shopping and visited FitMesh Designers Expose October Round. There wasn’t much that we really liked, just at one board I dound something for me that I can wear potentially for my wedding anniversary with Mistress Jenny. Angelique found something for herself at the same board. When we got home, we tried on what we bought and to my surprise Angelique had bought the same dress like me. So once again we do look quite alike – just like aunt and niece.

October 7th: Diomita and Angelique shopping

When Angelique had left for bed, I decided to wind down a bit at club DeLust. I was not very surprised when slave slut cecy came inworld just when I was about to leave for bed myself, as I did expect her to get online. At least we could talk a bit and slve slut was happy to see me.

October 7th: Diomita and slave slut cecy

Sunday morning I met Kitty. She was at Zhora, the sim that was fomerly owned by Marine Kelley and was the headquarter of the SLBI. Most parts of the sim didn’t change but it is owned now by Tom Wyoming (zerotsm). Kitty introduced me to OrahMalkaFromSomePlaceInSpace (orahmalka), or shorter Orah. Orah told us about the bane program she’s running at Zhora. I wonder if Kitty is interested in becoming a bane now. The bane processing center is at Zhora, right next to the prison museum and I think I saw it before there. Orah continued telling Kitty and me about the bane program. The just keep them for 4 hours, which doesn’t sound long but can be very long due to punishments that add to the time. Banes have to go to the center every hour to be hooked up to tubes to eliminate waste and give nutrients. If they don’t show up in time, 1 hour is added, for every second they don’t move one minute is added, hence the bane time can rapidily raise. The only downside is that the banes have to remove everything including a collar in order to be processed. Anyway, Mistress Jenny and I can consider it for having a time-out and keep the slaves busy in a particular way.

October 8th: Diomita and Kitty at Zhora and at Adara Kattun’s silent place

Back home, Kitty told me another news. Adara Kattun has rebuild her silent island, not as an island (her last place wasn’t an island anymore too) but with the main features we know. I quickly went over there with Kitty. For sure I’m going to explore it soon more detailed.

If I think of it, weekends aren’t that quiet….

Double anniversary: Maurer’s cutie’s 1st collaring day and Angelique Maurer’s 5th Rezzday

Today it’s been a year since we recollared Danii Szydlowka as our brat. First as our fosterbrat but for several months now as our full brat.
Danii was our sub before together with Pike, but we had to release both. As Pike left SL more and more Danii came back to us and one year ago she finally was recollared.
Cutie is a very special brat. She is a very good scripter and has some evil thoughts particularly about restrictions. She’s scripting mostly for herself and to try restrictive scripts on herself *winks which provides us many opportunities having her nicely tied and locked at our feet. Cutie also likes  to roleplay. She had some longterm roleplay particularly in prison as a therapist before the time with us. We recommend to read her blog for that and for more of her adventures so far like her time being a hu-mare pony (daniiszydlowska.blogspot.com). Just recently when she was seeking a bit of restricted time in prison again, we arranged a hunt for her. The SLBI was hunting her and we had a lot of fun until she was caught. Her stay in prison turned out not to be as exciting as planned and thus she has been released.
Right now Danii is being restricted by us again and enjoys the feeling of control. Danii always wears her glasses and she’s quite helpless without them. If you ever see her without her glasses don’t be angry that she doesn’t recognize you, she might be just not able to see clearly.
We have enjoyed owning Danii, Maurer’s cutie, this year and there will be many more to follow. Happy collaring day, cutie!

Today is also Angelique Maurer’s 5th rezz day. Angelique added another way of play to our family in SL. She’s our niece, always bratty and seeking to test her limits. And besides her love for her aunts she also loves to challenge us. We sent her to schools in SL in order to provide the education that is appropriate for a young lady like her and although there’s some progress we will certainly provide more school and academy stays for her. After several weeks of technical problems getting online, we’re happy to have our little brat back with us. If you see Angel be sure to give her 5 rezzday spanks and don’t mind her protests:-)
Happy Rezz Day, Angelique!

Danii’s caught and arrested

This morning cutie published another picture of her in front of the SLBI to tease the agents. That might have been a bit too much. We saw her this afternoon and went to Kowloon together. And there …. the chief agent herself showed up. I tried to engross her into a conversation but you could see in her eyes that she wasn’t up for that. Instead she began to run through the narrow alleys …. and as I arrived at the two Ollalla Sugarbeet had already arrested her.

Later I got a secret taken copy of a group message to all agents that was released by Ollalla ….

Danii arrested Sat, Sep 29 2012 7:52:59 AM PDT
Figures, if you want something done right, and timely, you have to do it yourself.  <grin>  I arrested Danii today.  She is in holding.  Please do your best to keep her occupied (interrogate her) if possible before transfer to CWDC.  Her cuffs are disposable and will self-destruct when unlocked, so don’t unlock them and be sure to leave the keys when you are finished with her. -O

I went to the SLBI headquarter and found Danii arrested in a cell …. darn, i had no keys to free her. I couldn’t help *sighs. Thus I went home to make some phonecalls… and when I returned I just could see how cutie was taken to the Clearwater Detention Center. We will do our best to get her out of prison again.

We love you cutie!
Read more at Danii’s own blog http://daniiszydlowska.blogspot.de/

Danii is on the run

After a lot of scripting and being helpful for us our cutie, Danii Szydlowska, asked to start a longer, extended roleplay again and for her something about prisons is favorable. So now she’s engaged in an according roleplay, starting from the very beginning of being a fugitive and giving some SLBI (Second Life Bureau of Investigation) agents the fun of chasing and hunting her. I myself enjoy more the hunting part and became a bounty hunter for the SLBI a while ago and go on the hunt sometimes so I could help setting everything up for Danii.

So cutie began her new adventure and is on the run now for over a week. Of course I don’t share this hunt but do follow it curiously. Danii explored a lot of old and new sims during her hunt and stays in contact to us and visiting or meeting us has an exciting touch of danger for her now. We had already SLBI agents coming to our sim and observing it as they search for her. So her visits home now became shorter and we meet somewhere else for a quick hug every once in a while. Sometimes Danii gets bored running and teases the SLBI by visiting the SLBI headquarters at Zhora like in the picture above.
For those intrested in Danii’s adventure and reports about her life as a fugative i recommend to follow her blog where she began writing again. The url is http://daniiszydlowska.blogspot.de/. You can find it also under links.

Good luck, cutie (and enjoy). We love you!
Diomita & Jenny and all Eurobrats