Danii’s caught and arrested

This morning cutie published another picture of her in front of the SLBI to tease the agents. That might have been a bit too much. We saw her this afternoon and went to Kowloon together. And there …. the chief agent herself showed up. I tried to engross her into a conversation but you could see in her eyes that she wasn’t up for that. Instead she began to run through the narrow alleys …. and as I arrived at the two Ollalla Sugarbeet had already arrested her.

Later I got a secret taken copy of a group message to all agents that was released by Ollalla ….

Danii arrested Sat, Sep 29 2012 7:52:59 AM PDT
Figures, if you want something done right, and timely, you have to do it yourself.  <grin>  I arrested Danii today.  She is in holding.  Please do your best to keep her occupied (interrogate her) if possible before transfer to CWDC.  Her cuffs are disposable and will self-destruct when unlocked, so don’t unlock them and be sure to leave the keys when you are finished with her. -O

I went to the SLBI headquarter and found Danii arrested in a cell …. darn, i had no keys to free her. I couldn’t help *sighs. Thus I went home to make some phonecalls… and when I returned I just could see how cutie was taken to the Clearwater Detention Center. We will do our best to get her out of prison again.

We love you cutie!
Read more at Danii’s own blog http://daniiszydlowska.blogspot.de/

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