Dear Diary – The Ropes

This post is for our diary again. Just for us to read and for saving the memories. A couple of weeks ago we discoverd a suspension rack for shibari bondage. We didn’t hesitate long and got the according ropes that can be used just as a harness or to tie someone in different poses even with some added bamboo sticks like in the picture below.

In the picture above I took Jenny with me to “Domme a Domme” in her Shibari bondage. In this picture you also see the new tapegag from Real Restraint. Another quite new toy that we love to use lately. Of course we showed the Shibari rack to our neighbour Sarah Fhang and she got it and installed it close to the patio in her house. Jenny was one of the first who was bound on it.

In the meanwhile also Deli and Arka (and I) got their ropes and we look forward to some nice bondage sessions and plays.

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