Dana’s new look

Dana Maurer, our adventurous brat, did start a new experience. She had already played a bit with her shape and just a few months ago she beame more and more fat. Then she made a diet again but that diddn’t reaaly work as our doll loves candies and sweets too much. Another kink of Dana is the black/white theme, the interracial play. And her co-owner Lisa (Asfor Cooperstone) is an Afro-American woman. I don’t know what brought her initially to the idea but about 2 weeks ago Dana called me and confessed that she got a new shape and a new skin – being an African woman now. Of course she had to get my approval for something like that beforehand. But on the other hand I see Dana not often enough because of our different timezones and thus I allow her more leeway. But still a change like this without my prior approval? No way!
I have to admit that I really like her new appearance. I played myself with the interracial theme a bit. It is strange to behave like a racist for the roleplay but it can be exciting (just never take it as something else but a roleplay!). And an African slave can be a nice addition to our family. As a consequence of Dana’s failure to change without having permission we agreed that she will stay in her new shape and skin for at least one full year – if not forever. Welcome into your new live, Dana. I am sure we will have a lot of fun. We love you.

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